The Iraq War–Legally & Morally Right Then & Now

March 31, 2007 at 5:07 pm (POLITICS)


  1. Dave H said,

    I found this page from your post at the Rocky Mountain News.
    I agree with you.

    Here’s a point to ponder : when our troops finally did engage in Iraq, we stopped some tractor-trailers headed for Syria. These trucks were loaded with gold and US currency. Considering that CNN had posted long-range telephotos of these kind of trucks headed into Syria and Iran in the weeks leading up to the war, ask yourself, what would Sadam send out first — portable WMDs or gold and currency? I think the portable WMDs were the first to go. They were already “platformized”, as the UNSCOM folks like to point out, and designed to move from facility to facility at a moment’s notice.

    Just a thought.

  2. Patrick Henry said,

    “Based on these facts alone, a preemptive strike
    is justified.”

    America supported Saddam Hussein, has supported many other tyrants for decades, and continues to do so today throughout the world. Does that justify a preemptive strike against America? We also have tons of WMD, are the only nation to have ever used them in war, and also have a long history of testing them on people without their permission (including our own civilians and troops). Our government has some dirty, dirty, dirty hands. By the standard you set forth as justifying our attacking Iraq many other nations would be qualified to preemptively strike America.

    Can you use your logical reasoning to see that?

    “President Bush has been called a liar. We are told that he lied so we
    could go to war. That is a very serious charge, & I am a firm believer that
    if someone is going to bring a charge on another human being’s integrity,
    that charge must be substantiated.”

    Just as a leftist can’t see the truth about guns, you can’t see the truth about Bush or the war. You’ve fallen ill, just a different form of the same problem they suffer from.

    Bush and the government have and continue to engage in many acts of war and crime across the entire world.

    “Thank you Mr. President. Thank you for making the world a better place to
    live. May God bless you, your family, the men & women in our military, their
    families, & free people everywhere. May God bless the USA.”

    No offense – but you are naive and have placed your trust in people as scummy as any on the earth.

    “1) Some people oppose ALL WAR. Singing Kumbaya does not work when people
    want to kill you. As Tommy Franks said a couple weeks ago “WAR IS BAD…BUT

    War is hell. Not going to war is… peace! No, peace is not worse than war.

    Some people oppose all force. They are pacifists. Pacifism is immoral as it arms the immoral. All war however is wrong. I am not saying we should not have a military or not defend ourselves using guns and bombs (and knives and hatchets if need be) – I am saying we shouldn’t use these weapons to commit offensive acts of war. Pacifists say all force, even against the guilty is wrong. You say force, even against the innocent, is right when you say so. Some Muslims and Arabs, i.e. Saddam and Osama, believe that force, even against innocents, is right when they say so.

    You are all wrong. Force is only right in self defense. As soon as a single hair on a single uninvolved person is touched then you have committed assault, and you have ceased to act in self defense.

    “When the history books are written, long after we are all gone, I will go to
    my grave knowing that President Bush did the right thing. The war was just,
    decent & morally right on every level of humanity.”

    You are wrong. It is wrong to kill people. It is wrong to bomb them. It is wrong to shoot them. It is wrong to invade their land. The fact that other people are doing it too doesn’t make it okay, right, or moral. There are men, women, and children no longer alive because of what you claim is just – tens of thousands of them. Many more have lost limbs, or are badly maimed for life. Upon what level of humanity is it right to make a 13 year old girl lose her face and gain a lifetime of living as a scar tissue burn victim freak? Why is it just for you and America to bomb a toddler to death?

    “10) My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones. I cannot
    begin to imagine their pain. I have a cousin who was separated from his
    family for over a year due to his HONORABLE SERVICE IN THE NATIONAL GUARD.
    He just came back home . The men & women in our military are heroes, and
    they deserve to be treated as such. HOWEVER, SERVICE IN THE MILITARY IS

    And being born in Iraq or anyone of the dozens of countries occupied by the American military? Is that voluntary?

    “I choose not to serve in the
    military out of selfishness. Having said that, I am at least decent enough
    to thank the people who serve voluntarily so I can live my self-indulgent
    American kick-back life.”

    As a former Marine infantryman, I have no respect for you. How dare you advocate publicly for the death and destruction of our military, our nation, and our world, yet lack the balls to even join the Army National Guard?

    Damn right you are selfish – you are gladly willing to sacrifice any amount of money and human life and liberty to feed your naive beliefs and world view.

  3. God Bless Major Andrew Olmsted « THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS said,

  4. AL said,

    I am heading to Fort Riley for pre-deployment training and on to Iraq to head up a Brigade level MiTT. Your comments are on target. Having been in Iraq and “behind the vault”, I know about the role the Russians, Syrians, Saddam, and others had in developing and hiding WMD. The press has found demogoguery the favored tool over yellow journalism, and conventional wisdom suggests that since most people no longer “feel” or “believe” there were WMD, or the threats thereof, then they don’t need to be confused with facts. The locals point out Chemical Ali’s chemical weapon manufacturing plant in Taji and don’t call it a candy factory. This is the first I’ve really checked out the blogging scene… someone sent me a note about MAJ Olmstead, and I was drawn to the different comments… I don’t agree with his reasoning but I admire his integrity. Keep up the good fight, and I’ll check out some more of your writings. Fracker

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