Eva Longoria and other reasons I am not a social conservative

May 22, 2007 at 1:06 am (POLITICS, Uncategorized, WOMEN)

I am so tired of being told that I should be an optimistic happy conservative in the mold of Ronald Reagan. I am not a happy conservative. On some days, I am an angry ticked off conservative. So what is the cause for this? Not abortion. Not illegal immigration. Not the War on Terror.  No, the one issue that still sticks in my craw…Eva Longoria.




  1. Greg said,

    I agree 100%

    Social conservatives are at their best when they are pro-family.
    They are at their worst when they ignore the power of the male sexual drive.

    Have you listened to / read what Dennis Prager has to say about all of this?

  2. GenXDad said,

    Right on! Well said.

    I’ve got your web page on my blogroll. If you think my blog’s up to your standards, please add ine to your blogroll.

    Keep blogging. This is great stuff.

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