Run For President, Lose Your Soul

May 26, 2007 at 4:40 pm (POLITICS)

What is it about running for President that turns normally brave people into lily-livered cowards?



  1. wil said,

    Good post. And very good comment on how tone and demeanor in disagreement matters. That has been the hardest thing on the immigration issue, it is all taken so personally, that no matter what side you come down on, the discussion gets very nasty and disrespectful. If we aren’t careful, this is an issue that could rip the party apart. Just like the war has so nearly ripped the country apart.

  2. Kid Neutron said,

    Nice post. I’m dissapointed it took me 4 months to find it. I disagree with McCain often – but I’ve always respected him. There is something about the “Career” in career politician that we could all do with less of. And I also agree that Immigration, Race, and the War on Terror will continue to be topics that need careful attention to tone, demeanor, and tact or the challenges will turn even more challenging.

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