Ideological Bigotry Part IV–The Cancer Eating Away at Liberal Jewish Souls

May 27, 2007 at 10:36 pm (POLITICS)

Once again, the Jewish community has decided to cannibalize itself. The people that have been the victim of the worst evil known to humankind have to decided to turn their fire inward. A conversation with a liberal Jewish woman was pleasant until she mentioned the big sign in her life that said “republicans need not apply.” She is not an aberration. Her vitriol is now mainstream in the Jewish community.



  1. Gayle said,

    I think you do excellent work here, Eric, and would be proud to add you to my links.

    “Republicans are human beings.” Yes, I am a human being to be sure, and most people consider me a pretty good one. This is a rather interesting coincidence, because I just came from another post where the administrator asks ” why is it that liberals insist that everyone have rights except for conservatives and Christians?” I believe the answer is pretty simple and it is because they are bigots when it comes to conservatives and Christians, and especially when it comes to conservative Christians! One of the largest myths out there is that liberals are more tolerant than conservatives. Hogwash! Not only are they bigoted against us, Eric, they are far more rude and violent in expressing their bigotry. I’ve had to enable comment moderation because of liberals using foul language and even leaving links to porn on my website. It is unfortunate that so many of them can not argue their case rationally, so the only conclusion that I can reach is that it is because their position is irrational to begin with.

    When I first began blogging I didn’t realize that there were so many liberal Jews. I stand up for Israel and support it 1000% and am presently quite angry with our government for not backing Israel to the hilt! We can not expect Israel to sit still and be targets for terrorists. Israel gave up the Gaza strip and the Palestinians trashed it and targeted Israel from there. They cannot be reasoned with, They constantly sign agreements and then break them. My sympathy and support goes to Israel.

    Thank you for standing up for folks like myself. 🙂

  2. ARRA Editor said,


    You visited our blog and requested to be linked via a comment through “Global Blog.” We reviewed your blog and would be please to link to your blog. But first you must place a link on your blog to the Arkansas Republican Assemblies [or you may use the abbreviation ARRA]

    Then drop a reply. If you are going to set up a lot of links, suggest that you consider using the feature at to maintain and update your links. The service is free – the even dropped their charge for the advanced services.

    I will revisit your blog in a couple days.
    ARRA Editor

  3. Tushar D said,

    I came here by following your link at Ace of Spades. Excellent post!
    I am from India, and living in US for last 8 years. My father is a Judeophile (I hope that is a real word) and he introduced me to the history of Jewish people. He has pen-friends in Israel. I too am dismayed by Liberal Jewish people who are so virulently anti-Republican and anti-Bush.
    I guess the difference between Conservatives and Liberals is that Conservatives think Liberals are retards and need a pat on the head. Liberals believe that Conservatives are evil and need a bullet in the head.

  4. BB-Idaho said,

    After pondering the Jewish tendency to the liberal side, I wonder if it’s a cultural phenomena. Given
    their long history of persecution, they naturally stick up for the downtrodden, the exploited, the underdog.
    ‘bleeding hearts’ is the conservative term, I believe.
    As a group they tend to be very highly educated, another area in which liberalism tends to thrive. Just
    guesses by an outsider, but there must be root cause for so many Jewish liberals.

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