Kerry & Edwards Revisited–The scam, the scum, the scrum and the Shrum.

May 31, 2007 at 2:11 pm (POLITICS)

Slash and burn political consultant Bob Shrum has written a tell all book where he builds up John Kerry and lambastes John Edwards. Given that Bob Shrum is the politics of personal destruction, in addition to being an 0-8 loser in presidential races, it is no surprising that he would do what anyone who has repeatedly failed on a spectacular level would do…write a tell all book. Having said that, he does indirectly give clear insight into John Kerry and John Edwards, although not necessarily as he intended.



  1. Rue-Mur said,

    For what it’s worth: When you post one of your pieces over at RealClearPolitics.Com (in the ReaderArticles section) use the space they give you to give the voters some hint –other that the title and your blog address– about what you’ve written. Many give the first 2 or three sentences, some give their conclusion, some give a mini scetch of the piece. You’re not getting many votes because you’re not “attracting” readers with anything other than the title. (PS: You shouldn’t post more than one piece an hour, voters usually ignore folks who clog the page with more than one an hour.) As I said: ‘for what it’s worth’ – keep up the good work, let’s roll!

  2. Custom Lapel Pins said,

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