Liberal Jews need cranial-glutial extraction surgery

May 31, 2007 at 10:29 pm (POLITICS)

One of the questions often asked about the Jewish people is “Why are Jews so incredibly liberal?” The answer is that they need cranial-glutial extraction surgery. In plain English, many liberal Jews simply have their heads up their hides.



  1. Cappy said,

    I’m a Jew, and don’t understand this myself. Anyway, after a lot of people I know went nuts after the Iraq war started I stopped talking to many of them. Just too much self hating BS to handle.

    Also, very dismayed at the stupidity of many of them.

  2. Alexandra said,

    The most serious problem with the Democrats and the political Left as a whole in the US at the present time is that they have become intellectually hollow on domestic social issues, on national security, and issues pertaining to international relations. “If you believe in nothing you will fall for anything” would be a fitting epitaph to what was once a serious political party.

    As you may or may not have gathered whilst browsing my blog, I am pro-Israel, and fiercely pro-Jewish. Having been called a bellicose Christian as a result of my stand against Islamofascism, and other more prolific names as a result of my stand with the Jews on some important issues recently, I was particularly interested in this post.

    I think that the Jews’ culture to ‘question everything ‘, inherently always have their own interpretation at the ready, and as a result of upbringing start the dialogue (even a monologue) by asking: “who says it is so?”, somehow brings them to what they think traditionally should be the so called ‘liberal’ stance. However, the ‘Democrat’ of of old has not been in existence since the Kennedy reign, and the party name in itself as we all know, is a very deceiving one. Therefore looking more closely at how the Republicans handle the so called ‘Jewish’ issues would indeed bring them closer to where they should actually be: Jewish first….and well….right now, certainly Republican second.

    A very interesting post indeed Eric, and yes, your blog is now on my roll, which believe it or not consists only of blogs I actually read.

    My only advice for all it may be worth, is to link more to other bloggers’ posts, tracking them back. It will get you noticed, and enrich your text, giving other perspectives a chance to embellish your own. Go to for ideas on who is blogging on the hot issues you are covering. If you can, fill in your ‘About’ page, readers are always interested in who you are, or even more importantly what makes you tick as a person.

    Good luck with your blog Eric, you have a great writing style, keeping your reader interested to the finish.

  3. Darfur–Will liberal Jews ever learn? « THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS said,

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