Liberals and Sopranos–a buildup to nothingness

June 11, 2007 at 1:23 pm (POLITICS)

Bada boom. Bada Bing. Bada who the hell cares. There. I just summed up an entire series on television.



  1. nytexan said,

    I really enjoy your style of writing. Yes I have put you on my blog roll, even though you touch on areas that are not completely political, but very refreshing.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and making yourself know. Good luck and keep up the great job. If you feel my blog would fit your blog roll please add mine.

  2. Stout Republicans said,

    Vegan’s are cute…though they smell funny, and look pale.

    I’m wishing a meat eater could do to them what they do to us. Imagine, going into a store and seeing “broccoli, and carrots” but it turns out it’s really processed flavored beef!

    Take that as revenge for Tofurkey and Garden burgers! Fool me once, same on me, fool me twice…EAT THE FLESH OF A MAMMAL!!!!

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