I’ll have Gaza Strip and eggs for breakfast please, sunny side down and burnt to a crisp

June 14, 2007 at 12:35 pm (POLITICS)

The Gaza Strip is burning. I do love dinner theatre. That reminds me, I do need to stop at the grocery store and pick up some Doctor Brown’s Black Cherry Soda and Nacho Cheese Doritos. Normally when the guys come over to watch sports, my cabinet and refrigerator are stocked, but between the NBA and NHL playoffs, I forgot that Gaza’s version of the Olympic games was taking place this week.




  1. Gayle said,

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Eric. While they are intent on killing each other they aren’t killing Jews.

    They don’t get any sympathy from this quarter either.

    Enjoy the games!

  2. Blue Collar Muse said,

    Eric –

    Good stuff here. I always enjoy reading your posts.

    Got you added to my blogroll a while back. Hope you get some traffic.

    I also thought you might enjoy a couple of posts I’ve put up at my place.

    Check out Pinpointing Palestinian Problems and

    Muslim Stress Eased by a Quick Trip West

    One final thought – it’s important so listen up – Redheads! Jewish Republican Redheads!! Although The Much Younger Trophy Wife (who is neither Jewish nor redheaded) will likely have a thought or three on the matter. If I don’t post for a while after this, you may assume one or more of my fingers were broken while I slept.


    Blue Collar Muse

  3. spree said,

    Did you HAVE to mention soda and Doritos? I am on my once a year, 2 week, atkins diet and neither item is on my list for 1 and 4 more days.


    Great post!!!

  4. snooper said,

    Eric! Good job…again!

    I have migrated from Townhall to WORDPRESS but I will still maintain the Townhall blog.

    I got your message on the Hillary blog I write for and indeed added you to the blogroll.


    I also added you to the new place:


    Keep up the GREAT work.

  5. BrianR said,

    Funny essay.

    Actually, I’m going tlo liunk a couple of my essays, because I do believe they’re on-topic.

    My Name is Hassan: http://viewfromtheisland.townhall.com/g/bedb25c3-c69d-4993-b666-60afa2491bff

    Who “Owns” Israel?: http://viewfromtheisland.townhall.com/g/68e69cd7-f518-49d2-9a18-0d05ad4f494d

    Isreal – A Moral Imperative: http://viewfromtheisland.townhall.com/g/cdcbfe51-e0a6-459c-ba3a-f3d09cdae3f4

    Can there really be an Arab democracy?: http://viewfromtheisland.townhall.com/g/2f2870f8-f673-4c16-9027-cab5feaf51b7

    I’m sorry to be so presumptive, but they really are germane, and I think you’ll enjoy them.

  6. Will Moyer said,

    great post.

    i wrote something similar (but very short) back in October — during the last big tuff between the Palestinians.


  7. The modern day Amalekites « Constitution Club said,

    […] The modern day Amalekites Filed under: The Global War on Islamic Jihadists, Idiots — Dave the Infidel Sage @ 8:59 pm I’ll have Gaza Strip and eggs for breakfast please, sunny side down and burnt to a crisp […]

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