The troops should support congress by sending them home

June 20, 2007 at 11:13 pm (POLITICS)

They may not know anything about war or the military (or much else for that matter), but give congress credit. They are second to none when it comes to spouting nonsensical gibberish.


  1. Jhondie said,

    Nice blog. We are like minds, except for the whole disbanding congress thing. I have to tell you though, I don’t think that Abu Ghraib thing is gonna fly over too well with Iraqis. Its a very sencitive subject. These people are big on honor and revenge. Even people in the military are ashamed of what happened there. We have many new rules because of that incident. We ( the troops) do want to go home, but only after our job is done, it actually is discouraging to think that the people back home would have us abandon the Iraqis.

    check out this site:
    my favorite blogs would have to be Days of my life, 24 steps to liberty, and you already found chikitatita’s blog.

  2. deaconblue said,

    If only it were so. The problem here is that just like “experts,” you can find someone who will spout off exactly what you want them to. Our service men and women are not immune to this phenomena. If only we could get the thoughts and opinions of those not ideologically or politically motivated out there, I think that they would sway a lot of public opinion about the war. They could tell of all the non-horrific things that have been done in Iraq since the ousting of So-damn Insane. The problem here is that so much of it is intangible. How do you make a good 30 second sound byte about giving people control of their own lives? Or how do you show people learning a whole new political system in a single image? You don’t, so it never appears on TV or in print, because it won;t grab your attention, it won’t draw in viewers or readers.

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  4. David M said,

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  6. FIAR said,

    Great post!

    OUTSTANDING headline.

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