21 more questions CNN should ask the democrats

June 24, 2007 at 12:51 am (POLITICS)



  1. Peewee said,

    “why are you against gay marriage?”

    That question seems a bit hypocritical, since 1) Almost all people who are NOT against gay marriage are Democrats; and 2) using your logic anyone who isn’t in favor of gay marriage cannot claim to be in favor of equal rights without being a hypocrite.

  2. Skul said,

    And their reply to any……*crickets chirping*

  3. Bald-Headed Geek said,

    I posted this on your initial blog entry, but then realized belatedly that you may night see this if you don’t check your archives (a crime of which I am admittedly guilty!). I found your blog through your posting on Solomonia’s website, and liked it a great deal! So, I have added you to my blogroll, and would be honoured if you would do me the return favour of stopping by mine if/when you get the chance!


  4. Greg said,

    More to the point, what gives Democrats the right to bang on about global warming unless they support nuclear power?

    Otherwise they are just engaging in luddite politics, or the politics of negationism.

    -> Here’s a problem. Now stop flushing your toilet, and put on a woolly jumper.

    God give me strength!

  5. Daniel K said,

    Item #10 – You say the cigarettes cause cancer, yet some scientists disagree. While it’s true they work for the tobacco industry, they ARE scientists. Why can’t we put up the Marlboro vending machine in my school?

    Item #8 – so you’re NOT for equal rights?

    Item #15 – no, we aren’t. The other questions are therefore baseless.

    Item #1 – you can’t really “implicitly state” something.

    Item #2 – what is it with you guys and the fairness doctrine? You keep whining that the media has a liberal bias, and a solution is right there within your grasp! Don’t be shy!

    Item #4 – Abstinence programs for teens have a far worse success rate, and we’re pouring billions into them.

  6. micky said,

    I cant answer #8 because it would clash with the statements I’m about to make on your upcoming “faith and politics” special.

  7. Bud said,

    21 mostly dumb questions, mostly- while you are at, why don’t you ask the Jews to “get over” the holocaust? God, I don’t even know why I still read the tripe and substandard writing on this blog.

  8. Bud said,

    By the way, the “killing fields” was not in Vietnam. At least get your facts straight!

  9. Skul said,

    Hey Bud. Go read the post again. He did not say the fields were in Nam. He said the killing fields started when we LEFT Nam. He just did not specify Cambodia as the location. Have a nice day.

  10. Next Stop Lauderdale said,

    Another Great List!………………steve

  11. Victor Charlie Romeo said,

    So he thinks the killing fields in Cambodia are a direct consequence of the US disengaging a direct enemy of those who carried out the killing fields atrocities (and who eventually put an end to it themselves, once they had recovered from our invasion)?

    I’m glad that’s sorted.

    P.S. Which Governments supported the Khmer Rouge, the perpetrators of the killing fields, even after they were forced from power by the Vietnamese? Which country conducted bombing campaigns in Cambodia in order to help the Khmer Rouge come to power?

    You, sir, are a moran of the highest order.

  12. Skul said,

    VCR, you Sir are an idiot. Please by all means, offer some proof to you’re statements.
    “So he thinks the killing fields in Cambodia are a direct consequence of the US disengaging” .. Yes, that is true.

    You “P.S. is equaly misleading and false. Prove it.

    Your lack of intelect and reasoning is astounding.

    Now, have a nice day troll.

  13. Skul said,

    It appears VCR doesn’t want to play. Must be a “bad track”. You lose big time VCR. Stinking, lying, troll.

  14. Al Sharpton said,

    I read that the majority of women favor hilary.

  15. Brian Harris said,

    This list of questions is exactly the reason Democrats made what I think is a terrible decision not to debate on Fox. Nonetheless, you want to know why and this is why. These questions aren’t evenhanded. They’re not even close. They’re questions asked from a conservative perspective. If your point is that CNN asks liberally-biased questions, then point taken. If this is a genuine suggestion, then you’re as bad as the “liberal media” you excoriate.

  16. Gerry Anetrini said,

    I would really like to know why democrats aren’t even considering the impeachment of President Bush. Does he have some sort of well kept secret? The mayor of Salt Lake City recently expressed his desire for impeachment, but every time this issue is mentioned it peters out like a deflating balloon. There is certainly more than enough ammunition against him, I’ve watched numerous “experts” on TV say that there are certainly grounds for impeachment proceedings, so can someone please tell me why it isn’t being pursued? Thanks.

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