How can we worry about Al Queda when PHTV is the only news?

June 25, 2007 at 11:13 pm (POLITICS)

Welcome to Paris Hilton Television, aka PHTV. It is all PH, all the time, and out of pure disgust, I will not mention her insignificant name ever again.



  1. mdvp said,

    I completely agree. It’s ridiculous.

  2. lewwaters said,

    I was still up last night after midnight, when they released her from jail. Sorry, but she does not merit a “Breaking News Alert” nor a live view of her being driven home.

    It is utterly ridiculous that her misdeed garners such reporting.

  3. micky said,

    I agree mostly that the media dictates to us what we think is important., And it is frustrating when you want to find out whats going on in Gaza and you get these other stories that just take up 90% of the air waves. The death of a 9 month pregnant mother by murder is absolutly horrible. But do we need it driiled into our heads 23/7 ?

  4. AmeriDan said,

    “I completely agree. It’s ridiculous.” -mdvp

    My thoughts too.

    Thanks to TYGRRR for writing it so well.

  5. Stout Republican said,

    But…but…Paris is in jail Didn’t you catch that…she’s IN JAIL! How can anyone sleep, how can we as a civilization move on with such events. I mean, come on, this is an incident for the ages. Years from now, with your grandson on your knee, you’ll be able to wow him by telling him you were there, every day, glued to Fox and CNN…and you saw it all unfold. Can you imagine?!! Look out moon landing, look out Berlin wall.

    The chutzpah of Eric…sigh.


  6. Next Stop Lauderdale said,

    Wow, I better be on guard, maybe my wife will give me the Credit Card bill around the time Paris is released……….. 🙂 ………..steve

  7. Jay said,

    Here in LA the morning news is replete with Paris, who did what on American Idol, and who got kicked off Survivor. My wife didn’t believe this phenomenon until she joined me here. Tonight, Larry King is having Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, and Yoko Ono on the show (reportedly!) but they have been eclipsed by one empty-headed crack whore with $800M and a Bentley.

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