The Washington Post, aka the Jayson Blair Times’s ugly kid sister

June 28, 2007 at 5:34 pm (POLITICS)


One would think that given the collapse of the Jayson Blair times,, their ugly kid sister the Washington Post would learn to develop intellectual honesty. Then again, the fact that one would think at all is reason enough not to use this rag for anything other than that…a rag.



  1. micky2 said,

    Tony deserves even more credit for also enduring the heat his own country gave him.

  2. Ivo Vegter said,

    Agreed he deserves credit for his principled foreign policy. I’m not convinced he deserves a place alongside Reagan, Thatcher and Churchill, however. He remains a Labour Party leader, however, and economically, he did his country few favours. He increased bureaucracy, expanded the state, played cosy with unions, environmentalists and other anti-market lobbies, and sidled closer to Europe. The only reason the UK has outperformed the more socialist welfare states on the continent is because he failed to undo many of the Thatcherite policies that rescued Britain from its 1970s malaise. Perhaps we should thank the fact that he was spending most of his political capital on being “Bush’s poodle” for that too, come to think of it.

  3. karridine said,

    Hey, Kiddo…
    I’ll get to linking you at later, but you’re already blogrolled at: , a place for NewsJunkies and Rottweiler Rejects who want more of a say in their analysis of current events!

    Also you can get the latest Keith Oldermann parodies there, as well as Walter Konkrite and Dan Wraither… all downloadable at no cost.

    So, we won today (defeated the Unfairness Doctrine AND the Shamnesty Travesty) and won BIG with the SCOTUS ruling on Race-Based ‘Affirmative Action’…

  4. Tom HAUSER said,

    I deeply admire Tony Blair for what he stood and stands for. A serious and reliable man. As well as Mr. Bush. Being popular is much easier. Doing the right thing and fight the enemy – very difficult. Few people have such courage but Mr. Blair.

    Tom Hauser, Ulm, Germany.

  5. William Hampton said,

    Amen !!! Another fabulous blog that reeks with the truth !!!!

  6. Bald-Headed Geek said,

    On an unrelated note, I just “tagged” you in my blog!



  7. mRed said,

    When I was growing up my parents referred to the NYTs and the WP as the Uptown Daily Worker and the Downtown Daily Worker.

    Still works for me.

    Excellent post.

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