Until San Francisco gets bombed, they will not understand anything

June 30, 2007 at 7:47 pm (POLITICS)

Glasgow has been burned. Londonistan almost joined them…again. Bali has been leveled, Madrid sent adrift, and the Holy City of New York has its version of the Acropolis, against the wishes of 3000 innocent victims. As for Israel, what New York calls 9/11, Israel refers to as Tuesday…and Wednesday…and Thursday.




  1. mullah cimoc said,

    mullah cimoc say each day more ameriki google: mighty wurlitzer +cia learning usa not free press. this why society destroy, the abortion kill of baby and woman take LBT (low back tattoo) full slut.

    to google: robert maxwell +mossad

    then ameriki become the free and destroy all israeli intel op in usa and the punish all spy.

    especially investigation william kristol and weekly standard own by him rupert murodch

  2. opit said,

    Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats alike know that blindly rushing into a situation without looking things over and planning likely results of actions is a good way to create more problems than are solved. Did you never wonder why Rumsfeld hid the 1999 War Game for Iraq from the military planners and public ?
    http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB207/index.htm is educational.

  3. Next Stop Lauderdale said,


    “I pray for world peace, but am prepared for all out war. World War III is happening now. We did not ask for it, but we can only make it go away by winning. If we lose, we all die. I pray that San Francisco liberals eventually find a way to love their own city more than they hate conservative republicans.”

    I agree wit your comment above. We are in a long term protracted WWIII. I am sorry that the left will only recognize it when there is a quantum increase in death and destruction in the USA such as Daniel Pipes says…………steve

  4. micky2 said,

    When I first had the pleasure of speaking to you I mentioned how frustrated I was with some freinds I was debating on a liberal blog. Since then I’ve come to beleive that liberal views are almost as dangerous as terrorism itself. I appreciate that these guys are all about making sure everyone in the world is happy. The thought that they actually beleive that this happiness should be extended to anyone no matter what or who they are is driving me away.
    The moonbats { as you call them} and I have got some cool things going on for sick kids and couple small charities. And I would hate to distance myself from them only because I really want to see these charitable projects take off. But some of the authors articles on this site are starting to freak me out. Its gotten to the point now where I feel pretty much feel like you.
    These guys just dont get it. And you were right in saying you dont waste your time on people that are entrenched. These guys are not persuadable.
    I think my breaking point was when they started defending and glamorizing Che Guevarra and Hugo Chavez. Is this kind of crap just a cry for attention? Or is it really stylish to go against any sliver of common sense? Trying to find some common ground on the war and immigration has proven useless.
    These guys could have a Katusha rocket up there ass and they would be worried about the moral implications of pulling it out and what it would do the enviroment.
    Great piece, made my day.

  5. lewwaters said,

    So much for Edwards’s “Bumper Sticker Slogan.”

    Once the suicide bombers start in America again, the left will just blame it on Bush, while figuring out a way to apologize and wave their white flags.

  6. opit said,

    The bombers from Amerika are all over the Middle East. WTF makes you think the results are of going all over the planet with military forces are going to be ? It makes targets of American servicepeople and incites a desperate rage to strike back – which is mostly frustrated. But not all the time.

  7. micky2 said,

    Whats up with Opit and Mullah ?
    Can these guys be traced ?
    These guys are freaking me out.

  8. deaconblue said,

    *claps enthusiastically*

    I find it’s like trying to explain why we have such tense relations with Iran to those who didn’t live through the Hostage Crisis. You just have to have the experience to fully understand.

  9. Soap said,

    What the heck? That was a spambot I assume? WordPress does allow you to see the IPs of posters, but he could be on a proxy.

    Anyway, no argument with the main point of this entry I guess. You really talked to Daniel Pipes?

  10. Bald-Headed Geek said,

    Eric, even a a bombing in the City by the Bay will not change the mindset there. If anything, it will crystalize their naive and delusional belief that WE are the cause of all the misfortune that may befall us. If San Francisco gets attacked, you can be sure that it will be blamed on the nazi/fascist/totalitarian/fascist/imperialist George W. Bush. He could cure cancer and the headline in the San Francisco the next day would be “Bush deliberately puts thousands of cancer researchers out of work!!”

  11. dcthornton.com » Blog Archive » Terror Attacks in UK said,

    […] of The Tygrrrr Express has penned a strong essay on our appeasers at home, and pulls no punches. That is your required […]

  12. Alexis said,

    I agree and have said before that until something big happens on our shores this was will not be recognized as agression on freedom. Terrorist (radical muslim, mainly) want to attack, as their dogma dictates, us infidales till we are exterminated.

    Alexis -onlyinamerica.wordpress.com

  13. Craig said,

    Step AWAY from the drugs.

    And your cute little affectation of America with a ‘k’ was big in Russia when the Bolsheviks came to town.

    It looks like you stepped away from the VERBS. Subject and verb is as important to us as a checkered keffiyeh is to you.

  14. opit said,

    Just no kool aid.
    I spend my time looking at news – but occasionally I’ll see a comment I feel so asinine it begs rebuttal.
    9/11 was the message to the U.S. if the tale of bin Laden is to be believed : there are enough contrary stories it gets as bad as ufology trying to get at the truth.
    Quick and dirty. The U.S. spends more money all by itself on military than everybody else on the planet combined. It’s a shitty sales program unless your idea of making friends and influencing people is to scare the hell out of them – in which case it’s a big planet.
    Contrary to accepted U.S. opinion. the rest of the world does not see why armed forces should be deployed God-knows-where-or-when in a grand shoot-em-up because of whatever pretext is sold the U.S. public as flavour of the day. Some getting pissed off enough by this abuse to send a ‘cease-and-desist’ notice where it will in fact get some attention is pretty much inevitable.
    Any modern country has a lot of infrastructure and chemicals that are made to order to be fucked up. At the same time the idea of a trading nation requires openness to implement – a requirement contrary to lockdown.
    Security seems to think it can MsGyver itself into a safety solution. The results of this attitude aren’t likely to be pretty.

  15. Emily said,

    “The U.S. spends more money all by itself on military than everybody else on the planet combined. ”

    Even if that were true (source please?), that’s only because everybody else on the planet combined expects the US to come in and save their asses when the shit hits the fan.

  16. micky2 said,

    Thanks Emily.

  17. opit said,

    You’d think that was an odd statement which wasn’t credible. I didn’t look hard to find this – it was posted just today

  18. Craig said,

    After reading your so-called evidence, I’m still waiting for proof supporting your statement:

    “The U.S. spends more money all by itself on military than everybody else on the planet combined.”

    You referenced a BLOG, so what! I also went to the hyperlink within the blog, there was nothing straightforward there either.

    So puddin’head, let me help you:

    Don’t let the facts get in your way.

  19. opit said,

    Did you happen to notice the timeline for that report ?

  20. Craig said,

    Yes I did.

    Did you notice how POOR AT MATH you are? We struck Baghdad on March 20, 2003. For the entire year of 2003, we spent 3.7% of GDP.

    Here is a more recent chart (#1): http://www.heritage.org/Research/features/issues/issuearea/Defense.cfm

    By 2005, it had increased to a RIDICULOUSLY LOW 3.9% of GDP. As I said before, step away from the meds.

    I spend most of my life correcting people like you- people who are absolutely clueless. If you are an anencephalic, then I’ve been a bit harsh- and I do apologize.

  21. Boy Named Sous said,

    The bombers from Amerika are all over the Middle East. WTF makes you think the results are of going all over the planet with military forces are going to be ? It makes targets of American servicepeople and incites a desperate rage to strike back – which is mostly frustrated. But not all the time.

    As opposed to the way things were BEFORE we invaded Iraq, when noone raged against us.

    Except, of course, the U.S.S. Cole.

    And the embassy bombings.

    And WTC 1.

    and 9/11

    America’s easy to hate because we’re so visible. Even when we try to play nice, people still hate us.

    Oderint dum metuant.

  22. opit said,

    Since you’re so clever with figures – which I can’t be bothered with at the moment as I’m busy – maybe you’ve a snappy rejoinder for this observation: when you put armed forces in lands far from home and send them out to play with ordnance, is there a greater or lesser chance of them getting hurt ? It’s nice to have a plan when doing this. The usual is hit and run for the simple reason that there is no particular reason to make a target of oneself.

  23. Support Terrorism–Buy the Los Angeles Times « THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS said,

  24. Joe said,

    obviously you know nothing about the 3/11 madrid attacks.

    24 of the 29 alleged prepetrators were informers and/or controlled by the Spanish Police, Civil Guard and C.N.I. (“National Center of Intelligence”) before the attacks.

    This is FACT. Pretty much undisputed in Spain. Even, or especially, the conservative factions in Spain believe that it was perpetrated by the Spanish government.

    And if 3/11 is admittedly so, what about 9/11?

  25. calypao catteraugus said,

    you people are such mindless nation-builders. your suburban american version of the world is superior to all others, without question. you probably buy the whole “they hate us for our freedoms” line.

    no, they hate us for our meddling and imperialistic policies that ram the “american version” of the world down their throats. a cornered cat will always fight. take a look in the mirror.

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