The Senate Slumber Party Epilogue–The good, the bad and the ugly

July 18, 2007 at 12:37 pm (POLITICS)



  1. blandly said,

    “Apparently Osama Bin Laden does not need Harry Reid’s approval…” No he doesn’t but he sure appreciates the weak willed that fit his description of the West.

    “….Brazil flight. Apparently this is only a minor story …” minor because it wasn’t an American flight crashing here…that may have taken the wind out of blankets on the cots.

    “…until Ted Kennedy is removed from the Senate.” which will probably be in a casket

    “The surge is continuing to work,…” Wait, I thought it had failed?

    “….pro-life, at least when it comes to preserving their own.” HA, HA, HA…GOOD ONE!!!

    “….Seinfeld of government…” No, no, no Seinfeld was successful

    Good stuff, thanks for the return, though not necessary

  2. micky2 said,

    I only watch one football game a year, and that would be the Superbowl.
    And no I’m not gay
    I ‘ve heard of Vicks from time to time. And I’m well aware of his financial status.
    Just goes to show that money doesnt bring class.
    We have the same problem in Hawaii with Pit bull breading and fighting.
    When I see these morons with their dogs I can help but notice that most of them are mentally and maybe physically deficiant . And the dog is just over compensation for their shortcomings.
    I see the dogs with there scars and war wounds and quickly realize why I shouldnt pack in public.
    You can be for animals rights and still enjoy a good Rib eye.

  3. snooper said,

    AMEN! I live-blogged this for Spree at her blog last night and this morning.

    I used SO many air bullets it isn’t even funny.

    I pawed thru the kids OLD toy box and found some nerf arrows with suction cups and the gun even worked.


  4. Braden said,

    Good post. Let’s do that link exchange. I’ll put you on my blogroll.

  5. Kate said,

    I’m real disappointed there were no pictures of Runnin’ Reid in his footie jammies!

  6. starbunk said,

    Nice blog…Obama also wants to teach sex-ed to kindergarten kids. I immediately put that on my blog since I look for the obscure and rediculous. I’ll keep checking your blog…good work.

  7. micky2 said,

    Starbunk, got a link ?

  8. Pentagon SLAPS Down On Hillary! « Hot Rodham Blog said,

    […] The Tygrrrr Express shows us some of the good, the bad and the ugly. […]

  9. spree said,

    I linked to this post earlier today. Right on target.

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