My Interview with Amanda Carpenter

July 25, 2007 at 12:34 pm (POLITICS)


I had the pleasure of interviewing political reporter Amanda Carpenter of Townhall recently.



  1. Donald Douglas said,

    She’s determined, tenacious, and beautiful!

    Her comments on Hillary Clinton’s likely nomination, and no GOP frontrunner, are right on target!

  2. Ron Holland said,

    The Free Market is always superior to top down government and political actions.
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    The categories will include the following:

    1. Academic economists
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    5. Think tanks

    A select group of economists and other free-market supporters will make the final decision and vote on upcoming Hall of Fame members.

    For more information on the Free Market Hall of Fame go to
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    Ron Holland, Editor
    FreedomFest News
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  3. Stout Republicans said,

    How do you get these interviews?

    I can’t even get arrange a screener DVD for a conservative documentary without it taking 6 months, phone tag, forgetting the name of my web site, and ultimately “it’s in the mail”…that was back in 2006…my mail must be really delayed.

    Great interview though.

  4. Skul said,

    Nicely done Ty. That young lady has a knack for common sense.

  5. arclightzero said,

    You’re a lucky lucky man. I am a rabid Amanda Carpenter fan, and am crazy-jealous of you now, Eric!

    Either way, great interview. As always, a great contribution to the blogosphere.

  6. the Grit said,

    Hi Eric,

    You managed to utter coherent sentences in her presence? I am impressed!

    the Grit

  7. Lord Nazh© said,

    Ok, I’ll be honest….

    I didn’t read a bit of this post and I loved it 🙂

    She’s good-looking (hot) and a conservative… I want one 😦

  8. Putting Mary Katharine Ham (THE ISSUE!) To Bed « THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS said,

  9. mpakakieleweke said,

    amanda is a capitalist who does not know the meaning of other human beings who are suffering elsewhere in the world.
    you should be ashamed to mention GOD because GOD is the almighty who doesnt care about being conservatives.
    may the blood of Jesus come upon you and wake up your senses so that you can find a way to righteousness.

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