President Bush, Please Tell Charles Schumer to Bring It On

July 28, 2007 at 12:13 pm (POLITICS)


  1. micky2 said,

    Hillary already got busted for lying over her exchange with the pentagon in reference to troop withdrawls. In a statement she made on the youtube debates, she said; that the letter said she was unpatriotic. This was a flat out lie on national T.V. in front of millions.
    Why is this fact not being put upfront and center by the right ?
    Why have I not seen anyone confront her on this ?
    This and Charles Schumer are just the beggining of the ” make up the rules as you go along tactics”
    Say anything and do anything, and then leave it up to everyone else to prove them wrong or false. Instead having anything to back up their crap from the get go.
    This creates a gauntlet of unecessary maneuvering and wrangling and wastes time and money which seems to be the only half backed plan liberals can come up with.
    It’s called throwing a wrench in the works as a stall tactic, untill they can actually come up with an intelligent plan. You know… something constructive !
    This intelligent plan rarely if ever happens. So what we are stuck with is this perpetuating cycle of non-productive spin.
    It’s a paradox, and someone is going to have to get hurt real bad before it stops. And it will probably be you and I.

  2. micky2 said,

    The above neede to be corrected

    only half ” backed ” plan liberals can come up with.
    Should read ” half baked”

  3. Gayle said,

    I disagree that this is the “beginning of make up the rules as you go along tactics”. They’ve been doing that for years!

    Excellent post, Eric. I think you should send it to the President. He needs a wake up call.

  4. micky2 said,

    Gayle, I stand corrected.
    you have a good point , but it seems as though its been brought up to a whole new level. Just when you thought it couldnt get any worse.
    They know no limits.

  5. Skul said,

    This is typical of left-ard thought. Chucky dear boy, Alito was confirmedby a MAJORITY.
    What part doesn’t he undersatnd? The Supreme Court is in place to PRESERVE the constitution, not amend it. Chucky didn’t get his way, and now he throws a tantrum. Typical lib-tard.

  6. snooper said,

    Eric…thanks for being on The Show!!

  7. mRed said,

    “New York Senator Charles Schumer, a man who discovers the true meaning of love every time he listens to his own voice…”

    This statement is a thing of beauty. One can almost see Chuckie start to swoon when he believes he has given himself more gravitas with a certain statement or thought.

    I wish Bush would face these hacks down. If, a big if, he did, the press would have to cover their righteous indignation at being caught in yet another lie as they lie about it not being a lie. Or something like that…

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