My interview with Shira Lazar

August 15, 2007 at 12:13 pm (POLITICS)




  1. Carole said,

    Interesting technique for meeting beautiful eligible brunettes…the interview technique. Clever, g…clever.

  2. micky2 said,

    Is it gonna be Mary K or Shira ?
    I,ve only been reading your blog for a couple months now ,but I have feeling I know what you want for your birthday.
    I saw Mary K on fox yesterday and immediatly thought of you. And then I come here today and, BOOM ! Theres this photo of another foxy brunette. Have you givin up on Mary K ?

    { by the way , Carole, I hope you saw my apology for that remark on the gay issue}

  3. Bald-Headed Geek said,

    Eric, i wish you luck in your Quixotic quest for Ms. Lazar’s attention and affection. Zeigazint!


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