Raiders Recap–Preseason Week 3

August 25, 2007 at 7:04 pm (SPORTS)

The Raiders played the Rams in the third preseason game. Given that the teams were going to be leaving their starters in through some of the third quarter, this would be a better gauge of where the Raiders are.

Below is a pure vanilla recap of the game.



  1. Carole said,



  2. Bob Agard said,

    I’m with Carole. I cannot believe I am actually reading and enjoying a blog written by a seemingly sane member of the Raider Nation. I am a Bronco fan, but have not even got a subscription to satellite or cable t.v., so I guess I am not as rabid as I once was. I would rather blog and read blogs, then read about the Broncos in the newspapers. I hope your Raiders enjoy as much success as they did last year.

  3. Jersey McJones said,

    J-E-T-S!!! JETS! JETS! JETS!!!

    Good luck to the Raiders, though. Gotta love ol’ crazy Al Davis! Were would the NFL be without him?

    πŸ˜‰ JMJ

  4. Smokin Joe said,

    Gooo Patriots.

    Adalius Thomas, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Asante is back…

    Heck, even Brady’s a new daddy!


  5. Jersey McJones said,

    I can’t believe that Pats got Moss! The Pats are pure evil, I say! EEEEVILLLLL!!! πŸ˜‰


  6. Thomas Hagen said,

    I’m liking this blog, but I have to say I am with Bob on the subject of football.


  7. Blue Collar Muse said,

    After almost 25 years as a Raiders fan, my town finally got an NFL franchise so I’m a Titans fan! Vince and the boys are looking good this year so far as well.

    But once a Raiders fan, always a Raiders fan and I’m a sucker for the Silver and Black.

    Thanks for the recap, E …

    It made my day!


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