Liberals and women never resign or surrender

August 28, 2007 at 1:23 pm (POLITICS, WOMEN)

When a politician is caught engaging in bad behavior, they must resign…provided they are republican, male, or both.



  1. jersey McJones said,

    What’s got everyones craw about Craig was his hypocrisy, more than anything else. Most “liberals” couldn’t care less what he does, as long as it’s mutually consentual and hamrless. Sex in public places isn’t very nice, though, and now even his own party is calling for an investigation to determine if Craig tried to use his senate creds to get off the hook with the cops during the initial arrest. Moral equivilency isn’t going to help the cons on this one. It never does. So you may as well take it for what it is. Craig made a bad mistake – maybe two.


  2. jersey McJones said,

    OMG! Did you all just see that press conference??? This guy’s insane! He said “I’m not gay” four times! He opened up by saying, “Thank you everyone for coming out”!!! LOL!!! He blamed everything on the Boise Statesman – a paper famous for being a stickler for fact checking! He’s out of his mind!


  3. Smokin Joe said,

    Who accused him in the first place, of being Gay?

    I mean, hey, he could be bi.

    Joking aside-

    I don’t care if he was Democrat or Republican, if it’s against the law, it’s against the law. And always remains up with the individual if they want to resign. I mean, Bush and Cheney haven’t resigned, sorry to bring up old and tired characters, but they have been under a lot of fire and scrutiny. Although there has been no impeachment, they have been attacked for quite a number of things.

    I really want to get rid of all these lying idiots out of Congress, I dont care what their party affiliation is.

  4. micky2 said,

    I think the impression that they dont have to resign is influenced by the entitlement mindset that is a main feature of most liberals.

  5. Sanity102 said,

    Eric…you had the answer in the second paragraph…”By the time Michelle Malkin is done skewering him, he will be shish kabob.”

    The reason why the Democrats don’t resign is because they don’t “eat” their own.

    Kerry insulted the military and the entire Liberal media backed his “joke”. Lott made a toast to an old man on his birthday and the first ones standing in line to crucify him not for what he actually said, but for “what they think he meant” was the so called “conservative” media.

    There’s no “double” standard…just two ways of handling a mess. The Left close ranks…the Right takes out ads to make certain that everyone sees their dirty laundry.

  6. Aurora said,

    Hey Black Tygrrr, Great post. The reason why it’s always Republicans’ resignations being demanded is that the Left is the squeakiest wheel. They’ve perfected the art of making more noise than they actually represent in numbers. And the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
    By the way, I’m a woman and I’m so not a Democrat!!

  7. bataween said,

    Hi Eric
    Thanks for leaving a comment on ‘Point of no return’. Have linked to your site, please link to mine

  8. jersey McJones said,

    Ya’ know, I was thinking – the reason, I think, why women don’t get into these sorts of trouble is because they aren’t horny all the time like men. Just a thought.


  9. Norm said,

    Great commentary….Obviously on the same page…was going to write on the subject of ‘resignation’ but I hereby resign…ya beat me to da punch!

  10. micky2 said,

    I’m curious, since Bill is a convicted felon, has he lost his right to vote ?
    I am a convicted felon , it wasnt theft and it wasnt violent , and I lost my right to vote and own a gun.
    That would be astounding if an ex president couldn’t vote any more

  11. David M said,

    Trackbacked by The Thunder Run – Web Reconnaissance for 08/29/2007
    A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

  12. Jersey McJones said,

    Is Bill Clinton a “convicted felon”? I don’t recall that.


  13. Smokin Joe said,

    Good point Micky2! Dunno, but worth some investigation.

    And personally – I find it sad that Felons lose their right to vote, you are all American Citizens and I would hate to think that EXAMPLE INCOMING:

    You are convicted of a Felony, spend 10 years in Prison. Upon leaving, you are a newly reformed person – you have a desire to be a contributing member of society. You become meagerly successful, raise a family, and once you begin to settle down, you revisit your experience in Prison. If you had a strong opinion the prison system is run wrongly – I would have to find your opinion extremely influential given the personal experience, however that same person would have no opportunity to make changes in a system that has become a business.

    I think that’s wrong, even prisoners deserve their rights – perhaps not while in Prison, but if this country truly believes that Prison = Rehabilitation (not the right word i’m looking for…), then give that individual the right to at least vote.

    And Micky2, while I would think that sometime in the past, a Pres or VP lost their vote due to scandal/felony – but who knows, maybe it’s Pres. Tradition to pardon Presidents in order to maintain that very prestigious Fraternity feel.

    And JMJ… I have to feel that our testosterone and some innate properties do tend to get Men in trouble – especially since, if you look at the grand timeline of history, Women are just barely eeking their way into positions of power and authority. I’m sure, given 100 years, women will make mistakes due to some of their innate tendencies. I mean, regardless of what you got ‘down there’ we are all human beings – and we all make mistakes.

    Well, accept me.

  14. Smokin Joe said,

    After a quick search, I dont believe Billy is a felon, however I came upon Scooter Libby, apparently he is a felon, I didn’t know that. The list that, I’m sure is large, would be the list of Congressmen and women (Reps and Sens) that are felons – that’d be quite the sight I bet.

    Oh, and I hope you all caught my little joke there.

    (accept for except?)



  15. micky2 said,

    In my 20s I was no angel. I was dealing a lot of coke and the feds spent years trying unsuccessfuly to nail me. I was standing in front of my shop, downtown San Diego and bought a nickel bag of weed from some guy I’d seen around before. Immediatly the vice squad came down on me like a swarm. They told the court that I was trying to sell weed to minor. It’s obvious that this was the only way they could nail me. They were talking about giving me five years , so I split back to Hawaii. I made the mistake of coming back 2 months before the statuate of limitations ran out. They got me back in court and the cop and witness were not around anymore, but I still had a felony failure to appear, even though the first felony could not be proven. I did 3 months and lost the rights I mentioned.
    My blogging is a way to make up for the loss of that priveledge.
    I’m curious as to how mant this has happened to.
    And if it happened to Bildo, will it stick ?
    I agree with the testosterone thing, but make no mistake. Women and their goodys have always played a major role in getting what they want.
    Mostly because they are well aware that guys tend to wear their genitals on their foreheads.

  16. Smokin Joe said,

    you know what they say:

    Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.


    Sad to hear man – I think it’s totally unfair someone who participates in understanding the Political System would lose their right to vote.

  17. micky2 said,

    My wife said she would vote for me, in one way that was sweet. But there’s something about actually taking her offer that would bug me, actually a couple things.
    She loses her vote and I will feel cheap for some reason.

  18. Jersey McJones said,

    Yeah, sorry to hear that too Micky. I too got into a lot of trouble when I was kid. Same kinda stuff as you but in the NYC area back in bad ol’ days of the 80’s when NY was a hellhole. The state came after me, but I had inside contacts, so I found out when they were coming for me and I made a run for it, but they caught me. I was very, very lucky to have come from an extended family that could afford good legal representation for me. But the standing felony indictment is still on my record. I also agree with Joe in that I find it abhorant that we deny felons, who’ve done their time and paid their due to society, the right to vote. I can understand the gun ban, but for violent criminals though. Not non-violent and victimless criminals. Really, I find the drcaonian sanctions on victimless crime, like drug dealing, offensive and counter-productive. When will Americans realize that the main reason violence and drugs converge is the very illegality of drug dealing?

    Like you, I imagine, I did put all that behind me many years ago and am happy and married and well-adjusted now. Good for you, Micky.


  19. Jersey McJones said,

    Oh, and Joe, I don’t think women will ever catch up with men when it comes to thst sort of behavior. I think evolution has programmed them otherwise. Yet another reason the misogyny of the Bible is so wrong. But insecure men rule the world, so whatcha gonna do?


  20. micky2 said,

    Cool, its nice when people feel sorry for me. Not really.
    But I’m glad people understand. I live the white picket fence dream now, own a house,married with kids etc…
    Having kids really makes you want to be effective all of a sudden.
    I should (and the others) be able to make that investment in my kids future.
    It’s just one vote, but it would do wonders for my pride as a citizen if I could make that one vote. It would be good feeling.
    Hammering moonbats feels pretty good though.

  21. Smokin Joe said,

    Well, just so it’s not totally lost then – I didn’t mean to pity or feel sorry for you literally, you don’t seem like the type of person that really needs/wants it (barring certain circumstances, of course) – I meant it more generally because while I did remember in the back of my mind about a Felony costing someone their vote, I’ve never given it the thought regarding contributing members of society.

    And a great point about our collective future. I’m 24, but sometimes I’m uncertain as to the future of some industries and policies, what they might lead to, or what type of hinderances are going to surface, whether we’re going to have a economic boom or depression..

    Sometimes I feel our present situation is mortgaging the future for some unreachable goal today. While I understand that my father’s generation had to live through some pretty scary stuff (Just watched a special that touched on those certain 13 days during JFK’s administration), I still feel worse for the even younger generations.

  22. micky2 said,

    Humor doesnt always come across well in print, no biggy Joe. That s not how I meant it.
    I was watching TV when Kennedy was asssasinated. I remember everyone around the house being all upset. .I also remember hiding under my desk.
    Nuke against desk, Hmmm.

  23. Arm Jerker J. said,

    “Democrats and women are obsessed with warm fuzzy things like animals, trees, and playing nice. ”

    A bit generalized and sexist…don’t you think?

  24. Arm Jerker J. said,

    I don’t flipping play nice yet I like warm fuzzy things. Very broad stroke you just painted.

  25. The “F” word… « a writer dodging bullets. said,

    […] WAS I JUST CENSORED!!?? […]

  26. illa morales said,

    All I know, is I’m as sick of the democrats as well as the republicans. But what are your ideas about the middle ground? Do independents irritate you as much as women and democrats?

  27. illa morales said,

    P.S. I’ll tell you a secret, I learned long ago. Help a woman around the house and they consider that foreplay. No kidding, I think every man should know women are just as horny, if they feel that the man in their lives respects their thoughts and doesn’t treat them like slaves. Trust me, your hand around a vacuum means much more to her!! By the way please send a nickel for every time it works to….

  28. illa morales said,

    By the way Eric,

    “I am a republican male, and I will not surrender. When I am wrong I will admit it, but I would rather not let the woman win the argument jsut to shut her up. It is sexist. If I am right, I need to stick to my guns, regardless of her wrath,”

    wow, you better be good with your Eureka then!! you know otherwise, I predict a long long dry spell. I’ll pray for some rain for you…or a better ball game than the wrath raining down upon you.

    Sometimes being happy(sex), overides being right, it just takes too long to learn that. Hopefully I’ve brought you a lifetime of happiness!!

  29. Burn in Hell Eliot Spitzer « THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS said,

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