No column…hit publish by mistake

August 30, 2007 at 9:15 pm (SPORTS)



  1. jporchanian said,

    Hey eric, I would be happy to do a link exchange. i just don’t exactally know what that means (new to blogging).

    Let me know and we can make it happen. And I hope you keep reading and commenting on my blog.

  2. jporchanian said,

    Actually, I’ve changed my mind…sorry.

    It’s not your substance, but your style. I take a firm stand against devisiveness and demonizing the other side, no matter what the side is. You, clearly, do not.

  3. Ivo Vegter said,

    Very Zen. Love it.

  4. micky2 said,

    It’s a vast right wing conspiracy ! I know you’re up to something !

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