2007 NFL Predictions

September 4, 2007 at 12:54 pm (SPORTS)



  1. jackman said,

    Come on Eric. The Vikes will dominate the NFC North. Brad Johnson is playing for the hapless Cowboys!

  2. Jersey McJones said,

    The Vikes???

    Oh, the Pats. The evil, evil Pats. Can anyone stop them this year? I don’t know. This year it’s time for Mangini to prove his nickname “Mangenius.” The 3-4 defense concerns me. The O-Line without Kendall concerns me. We shall see. I’m about to start playing my Madden ’08 season this weekend. Madden seems to be a great predictor of things to come.


  3. Stormwarning said,

    Well, Eric, I first have to think that you’ve underrated my NY Giants (this has to be the year that Eli shows his pedigree). Pegging both the Giants and Cowboys as 500 teams I think may be a hopeful miscalculation. At the same time, I suspect that you’ve overestimated the “Igles.” I’ll go “on the record” FWIW, and say that the NFC Championship will be NYG vs the Saints (Reggie Bush goes big this year)

    As for the AFC, I just can’t get too excited, but I think you’ve got a good shot at being right on the Divisions, except you might have underestimated the Jets, despite Pennington. But I also think that the Colts have a chanc eto come back, especially since the Pats are another year older.

  4. Craig said,

    Did you even look at the schedules?? Do these records even add up?? Or did you just say the 49ers are a .500 team, so they’re gonna go 8-8. With all that the Colts loss they’re going to be 14-2?? They couldn’t do that with Tarik Glenn, but with a rookie, and a harder division, no problem.?.Whaaat?? You say all this good stuff about the Raiders and put them at 3-13, but you have nothing about the Falcons but “they’re done,” yet you have them at 5-11. Cowboys 8-8.? Again you said good stuff, but no excuse outside of Wade Phillips for labeling probably the only team with the least amount of question-marks .500. Patriots and Panthers, bet that took a lot of hard thinking..
    To steal a portion of a great quote, Every reader is more stupid for have’n read your predictions. “I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.” Just a little joke, just like this list.

  5. Smokin Joe said,

    You predict the Patriots winning it all?

    You are awesome.

    Maybe all Conservative Republicans aren’t all bad hehe.

    Joe – I love your rundown, very well said and a lot more informative than the usual crap I see spewed by biased fanboys about each team.

  6. Superbowl XLII Recap « THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS said,

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