NFL 2007–Week 3 Recap

September 23, 2007 at 6:41 pm (SPORTS)



  1. Dave the Infidel Sage said,

    Eric, Very nice recap for those (like me) who aren’t quite up to speed but would like to be. The fans of Chicago better be careful what they wish for. We Bronco fans had Griese for a few years and we wouldn’t wish him on anyone. Grossman has a great arm, he just needs some common sense and more experience.

  2. Lord Nazh© said,

    “On 3rd down and 11 and the clock ticking, he spiked the ball, creating fourth down at midfield with six seconds remaining. The idea of a punt was dangerous with Devon Hester on the field, so the Cowboys tried a hail mary. Even though it was fourth down, the clock would run out. Instead, Grossman was sacked,”

    Hester doesn’t return for the Cowboys 🙂 The Bears tried a hail mary, not the cowboys.

    Other than that, good recap

  3. Patrick Sperry said,

    Blame the Donco’s loss on me, as I chose to not only listen, but also watched the game. 🙂
    In any case, Denver as a team is still jelling. Next year perhaps..?

  4. Nancy said,

    nice recap.way to go

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