Putting Mary Katharine Ham (THE ISSUE!) To Bed

September 29, 2007 at 4:21 pm (POLITICS)




  1. micky2 said,

    Take it from me, you are not alone in your struggle.
    I am constanly battling with composure and the will to cut loose. At times I get too serious for my own good, and at other times I’ve been called a big teeny bopper.
    But when I mix the two or try to reach a compromise between the two I find I look worse than if I just functioned on one standard alone

  2. Dave Thul said,

    I hope you end up with Ms Ham for truly selfish reasons (not related to the aforementioned Chasidic adult videos). The offspring of her beauty and your wit could be a future President. So before you give up on stalking, consider your duty to your country.

  3. GunnyG said,


    I saw her first!

    She is one FINE and SMART Conservative woman. And single.

    WHY do our women look so HOT and the LEFT has hags like Susan Estrich (Ol Screechy), Maureen Dowd (Ol Pegboard), Rosie, Babs, and the lovely Helen Thomas! Oh, can’t forget the pinup girl of the left, Lynne “Ol Swamy” Stewart.

    Eric, your taste in Mary is commendable, give her a call brother.

  4. micky2 said,

    Actually I find most of the hot chicks these days to be liberal, but then I cant help but notice how incredibly stupid they are.
    Sorry, I’ll probably get blasted to hell and back for that one.
    Maybe its because the conservative ones got past the mirror.
    Its easier to stay pretty and dumb, than it is to be attractive on two fronts.

    When you dont have much more than your looks going for you , its a lot easier to take the route that requires less complex thinking, and so you join the borg.
    Although I must say, Jeri Ryan makes the inside of my thighs twitch.

  5. Hueguenot said,

    “I am not angst ridden in the way that many stereotypical liberal Jews tend to be, but I do worry about whether or not I am enhancing or detracting from society.”

    It’s OK, Eric, it’s a symptom of being a grownup. Consideration for others, and a concept of something larger than ourselves. More of us ought to try it.

    AND, more of us ought to try not taking ourselves so seriously. No worries for you there, mate.

    Ecclesiastes 3:1,2 (paraphrased): To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven: a time to be sophomoric and a time to be serious…

    Time to go snuggle up to my Very Own Hot Conservative Woman.

  6. Hollywood » Putting Mary Katharine Ham (THE ISSUE!) To Bed said,

    […] admin wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptDo I want to be like Sean Hannity or Howard Stern? Howard Stern is brilliant, but that is not the first word people think of when his name comes up. Sean Hannity has his detractors, but he is a respected professional. … […]

  7. GunnyG said,


    Hey, I dated a hot lib chick for awhile when I was stationed at Camp Pendleton. The trouble WAS, that the effort to rewire her brain and show her how life really IS, not how she’d LIKE it to be simply wasn’t worth it. She was HOT, had a great bod, but was numb from the neck up.

  8. micky2 said,

    Gunny , just look at hollywood.
    Every female entertainer with a boob job that cant read is a liberal. It just breaks my heart when these gorgeous women open their mouths.
    Since I was a kid I always liked Sally Fields. Not for being super hot or anything. I just always thought she was nice and wholesome. Untill a couple weeks ago when the image I had of her went to hell in a handbasket.
    I guess she forgot about all the democrats who are mothers that voted for the war.

  9. onemorecup said,

    onemorecup said,
    July 5, 2007 at 2:52 pm (PLEASE LOOK AT THIS DATE!)

    Hey TYGRRRR’s,

    Something really strange happened to me today, July 5, 2007, I actually saw MKH on television. And ever-so-very-humbly, I ask that you accept my apology.

    You see, at first reading I thought you were talking about a completely different person. As a quasi-friend and fellow blogger, I implore you NOT to entertain a date with this MKH person. Why you ask?

    This is no “My Date with Drew” meaning of course, if you’re going to pursue something or someone, even for a friendly mixer, good gaud man, make sure she’s at least a little attractive!

    The MKH that I saw was undeniably, well, I don’t want to say ugly, so I’ll say unattractive. You can do better; you deserve better.


    PS Check your email!

  10. GunnyG said,


    WC Fields said:

    Show me a good actor, and I’ll show you a lousy father. Show me a good actress and you’ve seen the devil!”

    Hollywood simply sucks.

  11. infidel308 said,

    Good to see Dave Thul started a website. I guess as a fellow Minnesotan, it’s not like our deployments will keep us from watching the Vikes in the super bowl.
    Eric, you seriously need to go to jdate.com
    I almost signed up and I’m not even Jewish.

  12. micky2 said,

    I have a feeling that Eric gets more action than he would lead us all to believe.
    Its just not his style to brag about the line up.
    But no matter how good the getting has been in my life there was always that one supposedly unobtainable babe at the end of the rainbow.
    I married her.

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