Rupaul and Tancredo must go

October 12, 2007 at 11:26 am (POLITICS)

Rupaul (Ron Paul) and Tancredo must go.



  1. micky2 said,

    Ron Paul looked like he needed to be carried off the stage in straight jacket after his first little hissy fit with Brownback on the FOX debates.
    Any man that cant keep composure in the face of a simple question in a presidential candiates debate should be asked to discontinue and step away immediatly.
    My 12 year old boy is more composed when he’s not understood or recieved well.

  2. mike volpe said,

    I have to respectfully disagree. I think the primary season is for exactly this. I believe almost always the party the bloodies itself the most during the primaries is the one that comes out the best come general election time.

    First, I want to draw a metaphor to my business, sales. The best client is the one that is the most difficult to get. The reason being is once you have closed them all of their objections have been aired out and dealt with. They aren’t holding any other objections from you.

    The same thing is happening here. Everyone is attacking everyone else including Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo, however everyone should be given their stage for as long as they choose to hold it. There need not be a rule that we shouldn’t treat each other with kid gloves. Let the candidates attack each other including Ron Paul. Everytime he is on stage he expouses the lunacy of the Dem foreign policy position better than the Dems themselves. Remember when the Dems do it they all agree with each other. When he does it, he is challenged and made to look like a goof. Let Tancredo say that he won’t support a Rep candidate necessarily. So what, that is a reflection on him more than on the candidates.

    What are the Dems going to do say we are better because Ron Paul isn’t supporting you guys. Big deal. All they show with the kid gloves way in which they treat each other is that their party’s tent is tiny.

    Hillary will come out of the primary almost totally unscathed. Then, Rudy, I believe, will go after her on everything. You will hear the word socialist so much that it will become a part of the lexicon. No one has touched Norman Hsu. You think Rudy will be that careful. You think Rudy won’t hammer Hillary over and over about her constantly changing positions on Iraq. You think he won’t draw deep distinctions between his leadership ability and hers. You think he won’t go after her about her radical social platform. You think he will be quiet about how most of her positions mirror that of George Soros.

    Rudy has been absolutely pulverized not only by his opponents but by their supporters. Go to and see how each of his positions: judges, the border, tax policy, foreign policy, trade policy, 2nd amendment, social policy is hyper analyzed to death. He has been bloodied like crazy and his negatives are barely thirty.

    Hillary has been handled with kid gloves and they approach fifty. What do you think is going to happen when open up again the pandora’s box of scandal du jour: travel gate, whitewater, futures, Monica, etc. What do you think is going to happen when Rudy challenges her directly on each of her shifting positions, big government programs, and ties to such groups as Media Matters? By then it will be too late.

  3. micky2 said,

    I cant wait for that day mike. I ask myself on a daily basis, when is someone going to start nailing Hillary ? Here give aways add up to trillions of dollars.

    401k s at a 1000 dollars a head x 320 million = $3,200,000,000,000
    Man !
    Somebody better say something just to address the stupidity factor, most of us already have our 401k s

  4. tsoldrin said,

    “there is no one political issue that should ban good republicans from supporting other good republicans that bested them” – The key word there is ‘good republican’ and absolutely none of the so-called front runners in the GOP race can claim that title, in fact for the most part they can’t honestly claim republicanism in any shape of the word.

    “This is not about blind loyalty. It is about putting the good of the party above one individual.” – what it SHOULD be about is putting the GOOD OF THE COUNTRY above a political party which has lost its way.

  5. gregdn said,

    Paul is an embarrassing reminder to the Right Wing just how far they’ve strayed from true conservatism. That’s the real reason he bugs people like you.

  6. mike volpe said,

    Micky, the thing is tha Rudy has been nailing her for a while now. It doesn’t get huge media attention however he has been setting up his attacks for a long time. One thing to keep in mind with Rudy is that he navigated an incredibly hostile news media in New York. He knows how to get his message out. Here is some background on Rudy and his attacks on Hillary…

  7. mike volpe said,


    Paul doesn’t bug me. His supporters, you, they bug me. You are a cult. You see him as some sort of messiah.

    I generally agree with him on most domestic issues, however he is all theory. He cannot implement any of the ideas he expouses. He has no plan for the day after he eliminates half the government bureaucracies. Paul is perfect for some new age think tank where he can debate his ideas about small government with other thinkers. He is a thinker not a doer. Rudy is a doer and Presidents need to be doers.

    That said, his foreign policy is downright dangerous. He doesn’t believe that Iran is a danger to anyone. He believes that we should not only remove ourselves from Iraq but Afghanistan as well, because we are now in nation building. By his estimation, we can invade a country and then leave and let that country pick up the pieces on its own, and he sees no unintended consequences there.

    In any case, here is how I see you and your ilk.

  8. Galileo said,

    This article is rubbish and isnt worh the price of the paper its printed on. After Ron Paul wins the nomination, the issue will become moot, because Tancredo will support Paul in the general election.

  9. micky2 said,

    Before I even read your link mike, I’ll agree that the lib media has very much to do with the lack of exposure. Thats a great point that has always been upfront in my mind, untill just now of course

  10. micky2 said,

    Good link mike. On the lib media, I ‘ve only heard Rudy nail Hillary on the “Betrayus” add so far.

  11. tsoldrin said,

    Who is Iran a danger to? That crazy little bearded fonzie might talk big, but in reality Iran is not a danger to anyone but itself. Furthermore, if it weren’t for Bush’s crazy saber rattling, the hard liners in Iran would have already been swept out of office (because they have a democracy and the masses there are both young and progressive) but as long as the U.S. keeps making everything their crazy street prophets say come true then they’ll continue to give them the ability to form crazy policies – kind of like here.

  12. gregdn said,

    I don’t see him at all as a ‘messiah’ He’s more like John the Baptist, hopefully pointing to the day Republicans will stop acting like Democrats.
    Remember when Gingrich & company wanted to abolish the Dept of Education? What happened? Now we get No Child Left Behind, a huge expansion of the Feds role in education.
    Balanced Budgets? We have a Republican president who brags that he’s reduced a deficit which he ran in the first place. We get Medicare part “D”, a tremendous increase in entitlements.
    We once lambasted Clinton for nation building. Now we think it’s a good idea.
    And don’t try to tell me that 9/11 ‘changed everything’. It didn’t.
    As for Iran, it may be a danger to its neighbors, but it’s not much of a threat to us- if we get out of their backyard.
    I don’t know how long you’ve been a Republican, but I was raised one during the Eisenhower administration. GWB is the first Republican president I didn’t vote for.
    The only way I will vote Republican this election would be to prevent Hillary from getting it.
    Have a good evening.

  13. micky2 said,

    tsoldrin said;
    “but as long as the U.S. keeps making everything their crazy street prophets say come true then they’ll continue to give them the ability to form crazy policies – kind of like here.”

    How old are you ?

    On November 4, 1979, Iranian militants stormed the United States Embassy in Tehran and took approximately seventy Americans captive. This terrorist act triggered the most profound crisis of the Carter presidency and began a personal ordeal for Jimmy Carter and the American people that lasted 444 days.

    BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Iraq’s prime minister said Wednesday he’s sure Iran is behind some attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq and he won’t allow his country to be a battleground for the two nations.

    As far back as Rumsfeld we have been finding Iranian weapons in Iraq, on top of killing and arresting Iranian members of their national gaurd just recently.

    This should be enough for me to adequitly state that you dont know what you are talking about.
    Unless you would like me to pull up all the sinster and threatning crap that Amahjinidad has said in the last couple years.

  14. Gayle said,

    I think Micky2 should pull up all the sinister and threatening crap Ahmadinejad has said in the last couple of years! To say that Iran is not a threat to anyone other than it’s nearest neighbors is to either be deaf and wearing blinders, or else just not paying any attention whatsoever!

    Eric, Ron Paul should have already went. Any resemblance between him and a Republican is non-existant. He’s a libertarian and doesn’t belong up there with the rest of them. I didn’t hear the last debate because I won’t watch MSNBC unless they interview JC Himself, but if Tancredo said that, then he should go too.

  15. mike volpe said,

    To anyone that thinks Iran is no danger I present this.

    I don’t want to list again everything that Iran has done and that article lists everything they have done just in the last year. It includes nearly ten separate acts of wars.

  16. micky2 said,

    To tsoldrin,

    Almost every hostage at the embassy hostage crisis has said that Ahmadinijad was there and was a major authority during the whole crisis. Quite a few of these American witnesses were CIA and military operatives and American officials who testified that Ahmdinijad was one of the terrorist.

    He has denied the holcaust. And stated publicly as recently as his visit to Columbia U that the holocaust should be investigated further in order to substantiate it.

    “” Israel should be wiped off the face of the map””

    “”the jews could be moved to Canada or Alaska””

    As they say tsoldrin; PULL IT OUT!

  17. Jim Moore said,

    Losing Ron Paul or Tom Tancredo are the least of the GOP problems. If they can’t present a viable candidate for the citizens to vote for they are going to lose a lot more than 2 candidates that will not give up their beliefs.
    Americans are sick of the 2 party system that gives us a president that the Chamber of Commerce and LaRaza want but costs Americans millions of jobs while giving them millions of illegal aliens to support with their tax dollars.
    AS most Americans see it our leaders are the enemy, why don’t the politicians take care of the citizens rather than sell off everything American for the highest bidder.
    Lets see how Americans react at election time to any treasonous official that has voted against Americans. (Right Lindsey Graham ? Right John McCain?)
    Keep your RINOs, we want defenders of America, not some Auctioneer with a Hispanic last name.

  18. Jersey McJones said,


    You said, “Unlike democrats that eat their own, whether it be Joe Lieberman supporting the war in Iraq or Bob Casey Sr. for being pro-life, republicans truly are a big tent. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe are as welcome in the party as Bob Barr and Newt Gingrich.”

    Actually, like the GOP, Dems take what they can get when they can get it. Snowe and Collins are just moderate enough to win in their respective states and still be Republicans – like Whitwan was in Jersey, or D’Amato, or Romney and Giuliani for that matter, in NY & MA. Lieberman left the Dems because os a state matter that had little to do with the DNC. He caucueses with the Dems to this day – as does a certain NE ex-GOPer who, granted, left on his own. The Dems haven’t exactly eaten Casey, so that’s neither here nor there. The point is that the Dems have just as big a tent (in my opinion: much bigger) as the Reps. Personally, I thinks it’s silly and laughable to think otherwise.

    To the rest of what you said, I mostly agree, and, again personally, I think Tancredo is a living joke. Of the GOP ood-balls, I like Paul. At least, for whatever it’s worth, he’s honestly consisent, pretty bright, and he seems to really care about America, as opposed to just himself. I also like Huckabee, but I think he’s a real contender, as opposed to an odd-ball. He might just make a very good president, especially with a Dem Hill.


  19. Don Wills said,

    Forecast –

    1. Ron Paul is not the Republican nominee.
    2. Ron Paul supporters do not vote for Republicans.
    3. The Republican Party gets massacred in the 2008 general election.
    4. Neocon Republican leaders are swept out of power.

    Then either one of two things happens – the Republican Party finds
    its way back to its limited government, non-interventionist roots,
    or the party disintegrates.

    Oh and yes, the article that started this thread is pure nonsense,
    advocating against basic principles of fairness and democracy.

  20. Maz2331 said,

    Sorry, but this lunacy that the entire party must march in exact lock-step with no dissent permitted is total and complete rubbish. I always thought that our Republican party was the party of individual achievement and the “big tent” that considers the views of many conservative voices.

    I’m a third generation life-long Republican, and personally more conservative than most of the candidates out there. Under no circumstances whatsoever would I ever consider thinking about casting a vote for Guliani, Romney, or McCain. Two of them are liberals, and the third is a flip-flopper who changes positions as quickly as most of us change socks. Totally unacceptable choices, and I am flat-out tired of having to hold my nose when entering the voting booth.

    Circle the wagons around any of those guys? No way, no how, not gonna happen. Deal with it.

  21. greg said,

    Interesting choice of Bob Barr as one for whom the Republican tent is big enough. He left the Republican party a few years ago and is now a Libertarian, I believe, and taking on the Bush Administration in concert with the ACLU.

    I was once a Republican. Now I’m not and I think the main reason I no longer am a Republican is precisely the tone of eric’s post — that loyalty to the Republican party is more important than loyalty to the country.

    And why is that some people (mostly on the right but also on the left) find it so amusing to morph people’s names or other nouns into silly terms like the Nobel Terrorism Prize, Armageddonijad, the Jayson Blair Times, Rupaul, Hitlary, et al.? How juvenile …

  22. Bill said,

    I think Ron Paul’s ideas are closest to the ideals this country was founding on, which is why I’m voting for him. I’m more interested in the future of this country than some political party. We seem to have an unfortunate sports team mentality in politics today. The ‘team’ has to win. Well, you can have your team. I’ll vote for the man and his message, not for the letter beside his name.

  23. micky2 said,

    We even give nicknames to those we love. I guess its some sort of affection that works both ways.
    Maybe because we are subjected to the PC crap that the left has indoctrinated most of the public into we resort to other forms of speach that describe how we think without being too offensive.
    Nobel Terrorism Prize, Armageddonijad, the Jayson Blair Times, Rupaul, Hitlary,
    I myself have names and descriptions for these people and institutions that would make you squint and cringe.
    I guess eric is right when he says that liberals need to get a sense of humor.

    Its OK to call Bush a baby killer and a liar and a Nazi and compare anyone the left doesnt agree with to Hitler. ( eric doesnt use the Hitlary) but we cant use harmless little labels to express our opinions.
    Every president in history has been subjected to humor and parody, lighten up greg.
    At least we wont get our heads whacked off for doing it.

  24. micky2 said,

    Ron Paul is the dingleberry in this race

  25. GregforPaul said,

    Everyone tries to discredit Ron Paul but all it does is tick his supporters off and make them work harder. The GOP has become the party of big government running against the democrats, also the party of big government. Ron Paul is the only canidate who isnt pandering and who would actually do what he says he is. Dr Paul is the ONLY canidate in the GOP who could beat Hilary or any democrat, sadly you people dont realize this. What would you rather have, boarderline communism at the hands of Hilary or Dr Paul who will dismantle the massive federal government and give peoples money back where it belongs, in their hands. You can continue to blast him and make up lies about him but he will continue to gain steam. I cant believe true freedom and liberty scares the hell out of so many people. He strongly resembles some of our founders, were they also loones and dingbats?

  26. Paul Weber said,

    gop “media darlings” are the dingleberries. Ron Paul is the only one who can beat Hillary.

  27. Stephen R. Maloney said,

    Eric, excellent piece. The Republican Party is better off without the Tancredos and Pauls of the world, who scare off many more voters than they attract. As one Republican put it recently, “we need to bring back NORMAL people into the Party.” Well said.

    steve maloney

  28. bob waters said,

    I wouldn’t personally vote for Paul. Or Rudy Giuliani. I have lots of company among my fellow Republicans, too.

  29. Jersey McJones said,

    So, in the end, given only two likely choices, who would you “vote for,” Bob?


  30. micky2 said,

    Gregforpaul said;
    “Everyone tries to discredit Ron Paul but all it does is tick his supporters off and make them work harder.”

    All ten of them

  31. GregforPaul said,

    micky2 if you truely believe that then you arent paying attention. It is a movement and will suprise a lot of people. I guarantee it. He made a whole lot of money from individual supporters (no special interest) at an average of $40 per person.

  32. greg said,

    micky2, I definitely have a sense of humor, and I consider myself pretty lightened up already. It’s not the use of parody that bothers me, and certainly anyone has the right to do it. Quite frankly, I think it damages the credibility of people who constantly use those “nicknames.” But what do I know? I’m a California liberal.

    Curiously, how come no one else has picked up on the Bob Barr story? Here’s a guy who was a rock hard conservative Republican who bolts the party, joins the ACLU and is taking on the Patriot Act and now favors medical marijuana.

  33. micky2 said,

    I’m sorry greg, but I cant take a man seriously who has little hissy fits at adult debates.
    And sounds like a brat who didnt get his way.
    A man with that lack of composure should be allowed anywhere near the white house, never mind the button.
    In three months he’ll be gone. Charles Manson was part of a movement , and so was Timothy Leary.
    And on a more serious note , anyone that wants to blame America for an assortment of things like our middle eastern relations the way Ron Paul does sounds more like the looney left than any conservative I know.
    He has practically come out and said everything that has happened in the last decade is Americas fault.
    Hes an a apologist and a weakling, and would rather kiss ass than fight.
    Typical lib.
    He’s a nuisance. His following is minuscule. He will be old news and a laughing stock in 3 months. I wont guarantee it this the way you would guarantee his success, but I would bet money on it.

  34. James M. said,

    micky2 said

    “He has practically come out and said everything that has happened in the last decade is Americas fault.”

    No, not “America’s” fault. It is people that think like you who will be held accountable by history for what “has happened in the last decades (sic)”. Ron Paul will be remembered as a small man with the courage to speak truth to power. He will be praised. You will be reviled as destroyers. I am sorry for you.

  35. micky2 said,

    James M. said
    “You will be reviled as destroyers. I am sorry for you.”

    By all ten of his supporters

    James M. said;
    “Ron Paul will be remembered as a small man”

    Who looks like Barney Fife.

    James M. said;
    ” It is people that think like you who will be held accountable by history for what “has happened in the last decades ”

    We will be held accountable for keeping your ass in one peice.

  36. micky2 said,

    Greg, James.
    I’m not going to bother trying to make my point against something that doesnt even deserve the time of day anymore.
    You both are way too entrenched to reach any common sense.
    At least have the self esteem to put your energy behind someone that actually stands a chance of winning and making the difference you think this country needs. Vote democratic.
    Good day and good bye.

  37. Jersey McJones said,

    Micky, you are rudely dismissive of everyone who differs with you. I read your last two comments and can’t find anything other than sarcasm and ad hom. Can’t you just argue the point instead of the pointer? Really, we’d all love to hear it.


  38. micky2 said,

    You lost the last two debates, you have no facts, proof or documentation to back up any of your statements. Dont waste my time anymore unless you have a legit point to make.
    Call it rude or whatever you want, I play for keeps. I do not converse with you to be friendly or congenial.
    The first reason would be that you have extended olive branchs before only to be a two headed snake.
    I dont care for you as a person, or your political and personal opinions, all though we are all entitle to our own when we describe them as so, if we put them out there as fact or truth we should be ready to be questioned and approached. Thats the part that makes you look egotistic and insecure. You are VERY dismissive of almost everyone but yourself when you claim to know things that only that person or god could know.
    Its almost senile.
    But I will try to make you look like the fool I think you are every chance I get.
    I can be the nicest guy in the world , but in your case that is not my intention.
    So stop getting upset because you cant figure out the playing field.

    You said;
    Can’t you just argue the point instead of the pointer?

    What on Gods green earth is your point ?
    The debate is over ! You have nothing left to do now but act like a sore looser.

    When another subject comes up it will more than likely be because of another one of your ridculous statements that the whole world is just supposed to believe because you say it is so.
    When that times comes you might actually be able to make your point on an intelligent basis if you do some research and fact finding instead of just insisting everyone believe you because you are supposedly the last word in all knowledge.
    You never have facts or anything relevant or any kind of comparison to prove your point. At least not ever with me.
    Dont you understand any of this at all ?
    You must prove what you claim to be true with truth and not just a bunch of huffy BS.
    Untill then you will always be the loser.

  39. micky2 said,

    Jersey said;
    “Really, we’d all love to hear it.”

    This line cracks me up also.
    Have you had a discussion off the blog with all its vistors?
    What supreme level of telepathy has ebabled you to speak for everyone else, or do you have mice in your pocket ?

  40. Jersey McJones said,

    God, Micky, are you always on? Did you ever hear of the rule of debate that says that a debator doesn’t decide who “wins” or “loses?”

    C’mon man, really. There’s just no way on Earth that you really went to college.


  41. micky2 said,

    Once again the all wonderful and knowledgable JerseyMcJones has spoken.

    He has first hand knowledge that I never went to college.

    As a matter of fact I was 19 years old and had an Associates Science in restaraunt mangement from the University of Hawaii And about 15 culinary certificates. My GPA was 3.5.
    Try reading my blog, my newest story is relevant

    Needles to say I skipped high school except for the first two months.

    By the way, when you fail to make your point or prove it, you lost.
    Although I am the debater , I have to ask , was there ever really a debate ?
    You had no facts or proof. I would like to say “you lost the arguement”

    By the way, I noticed in some of your previous post you seem to be taking my advice and not be so condescending, and are starting to clarify what is suspicion and your opinion.
    Good work grasshopper.

  42. micky2 said,

    Oh, and to answer your question.
    Yes. I am always on.

  43. Jersey McJones said,

    Micky, I read your post about tips. look, if the boss only hires good waiters then pooling wouldn’t be an issue. I worked a restaurant whan I was young. The staff were all good, and they pooled tips. The boss made sure of it. Everyone worked hard, but not every customer tipped the same. You don’t understand socialism.


  44. micky2 said,

    You know nothing about the restaraunt business.

    If the boss only hires good waiters?
    That has nothing to do with the fact that I keep what I earn.
    Your tips are reflected in your service and that should be that.
    I understand it well enough to know that it hurts those that truly work.
    Its not just waiters grasshopper.
    Its Busboys, captains , Runners, Cocktail waitresses, Hostesses and Bartenders.
    Al the best houses do not pool tips because no professional waiter is going to split his difference with anyone.
    And if you had 100% perfect waiters why would anyone need pooling ?
    Everyone gets stiffed or shorted once in a while, such is the nature of the beast.
    You are way out of your league on this one, way out.
    I will shred you on this if you persist.

    You worked a restaraunt when you were young ?
    I have managed 16 kitchens, 8 dining rooms and managed 4 restaraunts and I’m supposed to listen to you ?

    Go away.

  45. Brownback right on DREAM Act — 2008 President election candidates said,

    […] republican Presidential nomination. It is another thing to violate Ronald Reagans 11th source: Rupaul and Tancredo must go, THE TYGRRRR […]

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