Corruption at the BCA, courtesy of PayPerPost

October 23, 2007 at 8:37 pm (POLITICS)

321-332-6830 is the phone number for PayPerPost. Ted Murphy is the President of the company, and Ashley Edwards is his (Ashley is a guy) deputy, or the corporate equivalent thereof.

I have been competing in the Bloggers Choice Awards, and was in the top 3 in the country in the political category. I even passed left wing hate site Daily Kos, who ended up in 4th place.


  1. micky2 said,

    Hey ,
    Theres no doubt that your right on this. First , he wasn’t willing to work within reasonable means to correct it, even though you volunteered the cooperation of your family , co workers and friends to vote again from private computers.
    That put him in the corner.
    Second, My 4 votes were valid within all descriptions of the rules. If my wifes was discounted for coming from the same IP address then my account should of shown 4 votes still. But instead showed 3
    Human or machine, it should be at least acknowledged if not fixed.
    I will call, and obviously I am a very persistent character.
    my whole purpose for blogging is not to write great posts like yours. Its purpose is to expose and shut down the lie, the absurd , the unfair, the deception and the cruel.
    So guess what ? This is right up my alley Eric. And I enjoy shredding these kind of guys. Its better than drugs ever were.

  2. greg said,

    So, eric, did you read the rules before the whole thing started? You have proof that some of your votes were invalidated, but were they invalidated in violation of the rules? And do you have proof that you were treated any different than anyone else? Simply saying you were in 3rd and then in 4th doesn’t really prove anything.

  3. Ted Murphy said,

    I appreciate your passion. First off I would like to state that this has nothing to do with political affiliation or beliefs (I am a registered Republican and a moderate conservative for the record). I recognize that this is a political blog but it is inappropriate to draw any connection between political views and the integrity of these awards.

    I did not state you were correct on this matter, I simply that you -seem to be honest- in your attempt to win this competition. However, whether or not the votes or your effort were honest they clearly violated the terms of the site. There was no corruption and no conspiracy whatsoever as your blog was not singled out in any way. The terms were provided in advance and the IP filtering was applied uniformly across all votes creating a level playing field for all participants.

    What you have requested is that we make a special exception for your blog out of over 15,000 other blogs in the competition. We simply can’t modify the rules for you or anyone else requesting special treatment, doing so would cause actual corruption of the process.

  4. micky2 said,

    Tygrrrr said;
    “I will be in Las Vegas at the convention, and if the Daily Kos is the winner, I will let the media know that Kos hijacked this win with your help, and that I have proof.”

    Did you read the whole post greg ?

    Greg, at least one vote was invalidated for some reason other than the rules, and thats just me and my vote. Eric should have at least 4 valid votes from me with no questions about it at all.
    If they did that one injustice to me, you could bet good money it happened else where.
    My case was just a snatch and grab with no justifiable explanation.
    4 categories, 4 votes I placed for Eric. Cut and dry , plain and simple.
    But my account shows three.
    Take a look closer. Theres BS going on.
    Whether you agree with Erics politics or not its the principle.
    Call these guys and let them know they’re wrong.

  5. adamarchetype said,

    i have inside evidence to prove that PayPerPost is a front for the Communist Party. They hate capitalism. It is Ted Murphy’s sinister design to completely destroy the Right, to make the Left into the Center, and to transform this entire planet into a Socialist State ruled by Hillary Clinton. In dark caverns hidden away from the eyes of city-dwellers, on the occasion of each new moon, they hold strange ceremonies in which they offer sacrifices to an idol, carved out of bronze, made to look like the image of who they refer to as the Holy Cow, Hillary Clinton. But however much I might like to offer up incontrovertible, documentary evidence to support your righteous cause, i would fear for my life in the aftermath of an act so brazen.

  6. mad_adder said,

    I sent the following email in protest of a flawed vote count. I sent the email from my personal email account. However, since I accessed my account through my business internet access…………………………………., well, if you read Eric’s bolg, you’d understanding where I’m going with this.

    Mr. Murphy……….,it seems that your firm’s integrity has been questioned, insofar as the Bloggers Choice Awards balloting is concerned. From what I read at the Tygrrrr Express, your firm’s unwillingness and/or inability to correct a wrong, goes against what most readers would deem reasonable. I say, “Damn the IP filtering, …..full vote-counting ahead

  7. micky2 said,

    Ted, how is my situation relevant to Erics ?

    I’ll tell you how.
    Untill you re-enstate my full four perfectly just votes, your statement is disengenuous.

    What do mean “we make a special exception for your blog” ?

    Just count the appropriate votes !!!

    Adamarchetype, I hope your ducks are in a row, otherwise you wont be helping.

  8. Cassie said,

    The point here is that Eric put a lot of work in to this and frankly Mr. Murphy & co. has no valid reason whatsoever to diss his work.
    My belief is that Eric is too good for Murphy & co.
    I tried to vote for him but couldn’t even get past my e-mial address because it is.
    a Conservative address
    That to me shows how bias this company really is and will go to any length to make sure a liberal blog wins..
    I bet Mr. Murphy was gloating about rules that make no sense whatsoever.
    Eric, give them the heat that they deserve.

  9. micky2 said,

    Yea, I couldnt verify my e-mail address when I tried to register to post a comment on Bloggers choice site. They kept giving me verification codes that wouldnt take, everything else was correct, 3 times over.

  10. greg said,

    Cassie, just out of curiosity, what is a Conservative address?

    The issue as eric has explained it to me has to do with some companies using multiple IP addresses and others filtering everything through one IP address. I have no idea how common that is but it seems that if it was a problem for eric then it was a problem for everyone. So if they fix the problem for eric then they would have to investigate and the fix the problem for everyone else, too, which I suspect would be a logistical nightmare.

    I certainly don’t see any evidence of corruption. At best I see a flawed attempt to prevent fraud that didn’t forsee the IP address problem and an attempt to play fair by applying the same rules to everyone across the board. If they do what eric is asking them to do, then they have to do it for everyone. Or would you disagree with that notion?

    Eric, your comment about revisiting your opinion that the Nobel Peace Prize is the most meaningless award on earth now that you have been denied third place in the blogger award is quite telling. You were plugging this blogger award and trying to get people to vote for you for quite some time. Obviously it wasn’t meaningless then, but now that you didn’t come in third, it suddenly is corrupt and meaningless. If you had won the blogger award I suspect you wouldn’t be complaining but instead celebrating. Awards, be they a corporate promotion like the blogger award or the Nobel Prize shouldn’t rise and fall in integrity just because you don’t like the winner.

  11. Cassie said,

    Greg, all I know is it didn’t take mine when I gave my address.
    And frankly Eric is entitled to his opinion just like Gore is his and some of the other “people”.
    Don’t be stupid Greg you know what I mean by that.

  12. greg said,

    Uh, Cassie, I don’t have a clue what you mean about not being stupid. Please enlighten me.

    Of course eric is entitled to his opinion, just as I am. Not sure why you put quotes around the word people.

    And, Cassie, you’re probably right: all you know is that it didn’t take your address. But you originally stated it didn’t take it “because it is a Conservative address.” So, once again, I ask you, just what is “a Conservative address”?

  13. Groovy said,

    “Unfortunately we have to use unique IP addresses as a measure to protect the voting process against fraud…”

    They are so full of it!! is valid and they work off of e-mail addresses and zip codes to ensure validity. The managers of PayPerPost are lying through their teeth. How many of DailyKos votes were placed through a public IP connection – like a library or coffee shop?

    The bottom line is, at the close of voting Tygrrrr Express was in 3rd and Daily Kos was in 4th. Obviously, it would be bad PR if PayPerPost if Daily Kos didn’t make it into at least the top three. So, apparently, dishonest arrangements have been made to benefit Daily Kos at the expense of lost integrity of PayPerPost. Oh, but wait, that would mean PayPerPost had some integrity to beging with. <~:P~

  14. Groovy said,

    well, it says right on PayPerPost’s web site:

    “Advertisers compensate bloggers to promote their products, services and websites, providing bloggers with a way to monetize their blog and traffic unlike ever before.”

    Guess Tygrrrrrrrr Express didn’t sell out its soul as much as DailyKos did.

  15. snooper said,

    Eric…keep up the good fight. I saw where you had won fair and square.

    I had a run-in with PayPerPost where they had said that my blog did not meet their requirements yet the KOSmonoff’s site did.

    Go friggin’ figure.

    I have removed all traces of the frauds at PayPerPost and this retarded scam contest from my blog.

  16. micky2 said,

    Greg ! Whats up with you and what kind of thinking dooes this comment below represent?
    Greg said.
    “Obviously it wasn’t meaningless then, but now that you didn’t come in third, it suddenly is corrupt and meaningless. If you had won the blogger award I suspect you wouldn’t be complaining but instead celebrating”

    Have you ever gotten excited over a woman you thought was to be honorable and trustworthy, only to find out not so much?

    How the hell can you say something like that when no one was to know the better untill later.
    VOTES WERE SCREWD OFF !! FACT!!!! I lost one perfectly legit vote FACT!!!
    As long as that fact exists why dont you shut your yap already and stop questioning erics absolute right to bitch in the face of an obviously cluster^%&$ of a system ?

  17. Cassie said,

    Don’t start on me.Stupid “people” meaning like Gore, etc. That was for Greg.
    I agreee with what Snooper said.
    It’s a scam. and as I said Eric your too good for them.
    Please knock off the tarts I don’t give out personal info to anyone Greg.
    Eric, like with some of the other stuff out there we must be careful of
    They may look cool at the time but at the end their real motive shows through.
    Remember how the libs work……….

  18. greg said,

    micky2, I have never questioned eric’s absolute right to bitch, just as he has never questioned mine, so I will continue to open my yap whenever I feel like it.

    Maybe the whole voting thing was a scam, maybe it wasn’t. I don’t know. No voting system is perfect as we have all witnessed over the years. I just haven’t seen any evidence that the Republican who runs the blogger award site did anything corrupt. Yes, it seems like they should have dealt with the IP address thing but if they’re going to fix it, they need to fix it for all the contestants, not just eric. I have a hard time believing anyone would have a problem with that.

    eric has told me that even if they did what he asked and fixed the problem and he won the award he would now turn it down because it is tainted. So be it, but my take on the issue still stands.

    And Cassie, nobody asked you to give out personal information and there was no ulterior motive here. I really was just curious what a Conservative address was. I guess I’ll never know …

  19. Cassie said,

    A conservative address means GOP.
    Greg, but one has to wonder why bother if all they’re going to do is delete votes.
    It might be me but I don’t think they’re above board with the facts.

  20. micky2 said,

    Greg, you cant read your own writing.

    You are obviously doubting and questioning his motives and reason for his feeling that he got screwed. Otherwise you would not keep second guessing everything he says.
    We are not stupid greg ! We are adults and know what people say, aside from all the little grammar designs and semantics you play we know what you mean, its evident by your persistance that eric is barking up the wrong tree.
    You should be helping him and all of us get to the bottom of this instead of being a pest,

    Greg said;
    Simply saying you were in 3rd and then in 4th doesn’t really prove anything.

    He didnt simply say it !
    He counted the votes greg !

    Greg said;
    I just haven’t seen any evidence that the Republican who runs the blogger award site did anything corrupt.

    Would you like to see my account greg,? my vote was corrupted because they wont re-enstate a legit vote !!
    That is CORRUPTION!

  21. greg said,

    micky2, chill out! I suspect what happened with your missing vote is that since they filtered out votes from the same IP address in a particular category that ALL of the votes from that IP address in whatever category you and your wife voted in were probably invalidated. As long as they applied that rule evenly across the board it doesn’t add up to anything sinister but a way of resolving a glitch in the system.

    No one is second guessing eric here. All I have done is point out that there’s absolutely no evidence that this was some left-wing conspiracy (perpetrated by a Republican, no less) or that eric was treated any differently than Kos or anyone else.

    Yes, eric was in 3rd place and then he was in 4th place. So what? When votes are being counted, the contestants are always moving around. In statewide elections in California the early returns almost always show the Republican candidates in the lead. Then, as the night goes on, the Democratic candidates generally take the lead and then win. They were in 2nd and then they were in 1st. There’s nothing sinister or suspect about that. It just so happens that the smaller more conservative counties in California count and report their votes faster than the larger more liberal counties.

    So, let’s see, by my count, in the last few posts I have been called stupid, a pest, unable to read, guilty of grammar designs and semantics, and told to shut my yap. Yet no one has offered anything to disprove my point that there’s no evidence that eric was treated any differently than any of the other contestants or that this is all a left-wing conspiracy. There’s an old lawyer adage that is appropriate here: when the law is against you, argue the facts; when the facts are against you, argue the law; and when the law and the facts are against you, attack the other lawyer. I rest my case.

  22. LewWaters said,

    Say what they want, make any excuse they want, this is utterly bogus!

    I stopped in a few days ago and I had one vote under my name, for this blog. This is the only vote I have ever cast here and today, I show no votes, nada, zero.

    Rules, schmules. If they accepted my vote weeks ago, why am I disqualified now?

    All this tells me I want nothing to do with this Blogger Choice Awards.

  23. micky2 said,

    God bless , you know what greg ? You just cant read can you ?
    You mind telling me since you have all the “PROBABLE answers how they come up with 3 instaed of 4 valid votes if they suspectedly did what you said ?
    I’m not the one who needs to chill, its you !
    Youve been banging on this drum all day in order to seemingly challenge erics questioning, and most certainly offer no help in finding out what happened.
    Write Ted and company, thats where the answers are at , not here !

    You were asked to shut your yap, not told.

    And Eric is not harping on the conspiracy theory as he is the unwillingness to look at the problem. He only stated how its strange that all three tops were libs.

    And yes ! You are second guessing him, constantly

    You said;
    As long as they applied that rule evenly across the board it doesn’t add up to anything sinister

    I have proof! that they were not applied evenly.DO YOU UNDERSTAND? HUH?

    You said;
    “Yet no one has offered anything to disprove my point that there’s no evidence that eric was treated any differently ”

    Yes I have !
    But since you dont notice this, it appears you cant read.
    Not being able to read qualifies a certain level of stupidity.

    You said;
    There’s an old lawyer adage that is appropriate here: when the law is against you, argue the facts; when the facts are against you, argue the law; and when the law and the facts are against you, attack the other lawyer. I rest my case.

    Are you a lawyer ?
    Then you should know that these guys are accountable for every vote, valid or discounted. It has to show one way or another. If they cant or wont, crying foul is not only appropriate, its required.
    This is what happens in third world countries, the people contest the vote and they are told its none of their business, it is what it is.
    When you disregard the request for clarity its as good as any conspiracy.

    If you are not a lawyer, dont flatter yourself.

  24. greg said,

    If what happened is what I suspect happened, they came up with three votes instead of four because they discounted your wife’s and they also discounted your vote in the category that your wife voted in. You said that you voted for eric in four categories and your wife voted in only one of them because she thought she could only vote in one category. So you had five original votes. In whatever category your wife voted in, not only was her vote invalidated, so was yours. Therefore you only had three valid votes. It’s also why eric’s own vote was invalidated. More than one person voted at the same IP address and all of the votes at that IP address were invalidated. Not saying it’s the best way to do it, but it seems that’s what they did and they said in the rules that they could.

    You keep saying you have proof eric was treated differently than the other contestants and calling me stupid for not being abe to read it. All you’ve said is that your fourth votes wasn’t counted. Where does that show eric was treated differently than any other contestant? If you had voted for Kos instead of eric do you have any proof that your vote would have counted then?

    No one is saying that eric shouldn’t challenge the vote count. In fact, it seems he did and the appeal didn’t go his way. If he wants to take it further and sue the company, by all means go for it. But you and others seem to want to make wild accusations that just have no basis in truth from what I can see. Show me proof that eric was treated any differently than Kos or any other contestant. Show me proof that this Republican fellow Ted Murphy is lying or is part of some vast left-wing conspiracy.

    Am I a lawyer? Well, yes, actually I am. I’m also pretty smart and a very good reader. Graduated high school at 16 after skipping my senior year. Graduated from college at age 20 and was the youngest graduate in my law school’s history. Passed the bar at age 23, had my own law firm at 26, retired from the practice of law and became an ordained minister at the age of 40. I may be a lot of things but stupid isn’t one of them.

  25. micky2 said,

    Nope your wrong, you cant read or add.
    I went to hagh school for two months at 18 got my assoc in rest manngement and 2 apprenticships and 10 culinary awards.
    You cant buy class or smarts, and anyone can say anything on lone, you dont reprsent your education at all.

    Once again, see if it sinks in.
    I had 4 legit votes in my name and my e mail address.
    My wife had one with her e mail and name.
    two sparate entities on one computer.
    One separate entity was my 4 votes, brought down to three with no explanation after three days. or willingness to explain.
    Let me put it as clearly as I can.
    ITs F*&^% up Period !
    No matter what you say or try to portray it.
    I have my account in front of me , you dont !
    And you could stand to figure out that my beef is not just erics beef !
    not what you or anyone else thinks we should know.

  26. micky2 said,

    All that ,and I didnt proof it, sorry I’m pissed at how you fail to see crap in your face.

  27. micky2 said,

    By the way greg, did you vote for eric?

  28. greg said,

    Sorry, micky2, you just don’t get it.

  29. micky2 said,

    I do now, your not even a part of this , are you?
    What matters to you is to make your point .
    But that is not what its all about, as much as you think it is.

  30. blacktygrrrr said,


    I have been beyond busy the last 24 hours…I met Ann Coulter, disrupted a “peace” rally, and had to do my real job during the day.

    Ted Murphy is not off the hook, I just have less free time than he does. Either Saturday or Tuesday I will deal with him, in terms of a response. I respect his entering the Tygrrrr’s den. That takes guts. However, his answer was unsatisfactory.

    Thank you for your support on this matter, and in general. The furnace will be turned up in the next couple days. Thus roareth the Tygrrrr.

    eric 🙂

  31. micky2 said,

    There are times when it really sucks being 3000 miles out in the middle of the ocean.
    This is one of those times I just want to jump in my car and zip up to Vegas.

    You met Ann Coulter ?!
    Did you talk about her last comment on ” Jews need to be perfected ?”

  32. Salvo said,

    If multiple votes cannot come from one IP address, then why were the votes allowed to be placed? Why didn’t the system let those who voted know right away that their vote did not count because it came from the same IP as another vote?

    Is it proper to run a contest by allowing so called “invalid votes” to register and then wait until the event is just about to end to clear all of them out without proper time to gain them back? Is that fair to the contestants and those who voted for them? No it is not. This was either calculated or it was an honest BOTCHED contest. Both would appear to be too embarrassing for PayPerPost to admit.

  33. Salvo: Affiliate Industry News » Blogger’s Choice Awards: Florida 2000 Revisited? said,

    […] it has exposed a weakness in management and customer relations at that company which has been more | digg story var […]

  34. Bald-Headed Geek said,

    Eric, I wish you good luck in fighting this. Undoubtedly, The Daily Kos will received the award, but now we’ll all know why………


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