NFL 2007–Week 8 Recap

October 28, 2007 at 1:28 pm (SPORTS)



  1. Jersey McJones said,

    My Jets! What the heck happened this year???


  2. Cyber Pastor said,

    Well, my Colts went on the road and beat two teams that have given them problems in the Jags and the Panthers. I was worried that they could get caught up in all the media hype of next week’s game, and when it was 7-3 and almost halftime I thought my fears were coming true. Oh me of little faith. What was I thinking? Dungy was in charge and he told the team not to even talk about the New England game after beating the Panthers, but to enjoy their latest victory and start talking about New England later this week. And Peyton is never going to be guilty of looking ahead, so goofy me – but all the media was talking about next week’s game a week early and I wasn’t giving enough credit to the professionalism of both the Colts and Patriots in taking care of business this week.

    That said, will this week’s game live up to all the hype?????? I will definately be tough to do, as one article I was reading called it one of the biggest regular season games in NFL history. I realize that because of the hype it’s more than just a normal regular season game. but I don’t think it’s a game of historical importance.

    All I can say is “Go Colts”!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Smokin Joe said,

    Your wrap-up of the Pats/Skins game was by far, the funniest wrap-ups I’ve read in a LONG time.

    Man I’m glad to be back.

    Go Patriots!

    While they might get lambasted about going hard until the 60th minute has expired, I bet Jabbar Gaffney is thrilled he gets a chance to get some playing time. And all the 2nd and 3rd stringers get some game-time experience. And I mean real-time, Pro-Football speed experience, none of that dink-dunk that kills the clock and deviates from the original gameplan for the game.


  4. Smokin Joe said,

    And hate to double post but will anyway:

    O/U on references to the phrase “Battle of the Unbeatens” in regards to next weeks matchup to the Colts and Patriots : 13.5

    And I’m taking the Over.


  5. Cyber Pastor said,

    Come on Joe, give my Colts some love man!!!!

  6. Dave the Infidel Sage said,

    I predict the Patriots over the Colts by 14. The Patriots are playing as near perfect football as it gets. Amazing.

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