Nicolas Sarkozy and me

October 30, 2007 at 1:13 pm (POLITICS, SPORTS, WOMEN)

The Chirac Broadcasting System, desperate to boost its own failing ratings due to hostility towards many things Americans support, decided to run a sensationalist promo attacking Nicolas Sarkozy.



  1. Jersey McJones said,

    Sarkozy is an interesting character. He had quite a life. I’d be curious to hear what you have to say about his want to give public funding to Mosques in order to lessen their foreign influence. That’s the kind of outside-the-box thinking of his that has all sorts of implications. And what do you think about his strong stands against deficit spending and the importation of skilled labor?

    I believe that public funding of religious instituions is a bad idea. I think that deficits are a bad thing. I think that importing skilled labor can be a bad thing. So Sarkosy is 1 1/2 to 1 1/2 on those two issues. Surely you realize that a rightist French nationalist is not quite an American conservative. But there is one thing he has in common with modern American conservatives – ____ & spend. He’s cut taxes while increasing spending. Where do you find common ground with Sarkozy? Or Bush, fo that matter?



  2. Jersey McJones said,

    “three Issues”

    Sorry about that!


  3. micky2 said,

    “Everything is fine, and then one day some leftist hate site, in an attempt to destroy a conservative candidate by association, “uncovers” my other “secret” blog where I write about my abnormal fascinations with Bea Arthur and Monique from “Showtime at the Apollo.””

    It could just be another way to prove that the left lacks a sense of humor.
    Yea, they would jump you on any issue that wasnt totally “missionary position”

    At least you wouldnt be runnung around Market St. in a pink thong wearing full Moulen Rouge makeup and a tottooed gerbal hanging out of your ass.

  4. Jonathan Kantor said,

    Hot Republican Jewish brunettes, eh?

    I equate the task to that of Don Quixote tilting at windmills. Finding one is as rare as finding another Hope Diamond.

    The bulk of available, single Jewish women seem to liberal, secular Jews. If you happen to find one that is Republican, chances are she’s Orthodox, so you’ll have to marry her to have hot sex with her, (and then only on Shabbat).

    The choice is clear. Marry a liberal woman and have a spasm every time she wants to watch Brian Williams and the NBC Evening News, or marry an Orthodox woman to be in sync with your political views and give up lobster for the rest of your life!

    Sadly, like the saga of the Magtag repairman, it’s the cost of being a Jewish Republican.

    Good Luck!


  5. Lily said,

    As I understand it, Sarkozy has embraced Israel, which is a plus for the U.S. as well. The French president also made it clear after his election that he wished to open a sincere dialogue towards alliance with President Bush. So it makes sense to me that CBS — or any of the other liberal MSM TV or radio stations — would want to wreak havoc and damage upon a country and their president who appears to want to be an ally to both America and Israel.

    Just grabbin’ at straws here, folks.

  6. Jay said,

    Or a hot republican christian brunette…give her the opportunity to save you…from terminal priapism.

    She must’ve had a religious experience. She kept screaming “Oh God! Oh God!”.

    Can that really be the oldest joke in the world?

  7. hueguenot said,

    “I would rather just be upfront about it. I am a conservative republican with a liberal sexual appetite. I am single, and like getting laid. So what is the problem?”

    No problem here. Unlike with the kiddies in front of the TV, where it requires prodigious effort to lift up the remote and change the channel (or better yet, turn the damnable thing off), in the case of a blog, viewing in the first place requires purposeful action. I know it’s not exactly what you were getting at, but it is the thought that popped into my head. Oh yeah, as a married guy, those days are far behind me, so I can root for you.

    “The problem is it is beneath the “dignity” of serious people. If one is not seen as “serious,” or “respected,” one does not break through to the next level.”

    “Serious people” are too often those who take themselves too seriously. Maybe the whole libidinous aspect can be the thing that grounds you, like Ghandi’s spinning wheel.

    Check me out, I’m comparing you to Ghandi. What a kiss-up.

    “The solution is I am going to be myself.”

    You have found the true path, Grasshopper.

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