Black Friday–Calling Gloria Gaynor

November 23, 2007 at 8:08 pm (POLITICS, Uncategorized)



  1. pixologic said,

    hey, you should get a facebook account.

  2. docattheautopsy said,

    I have reached a decision on whether or not to add you to my list of daily reading. IM or Email me to know what decision I’ve made.

  3. laree said,


    It is possible Pavlov, may or may not have the answer GRIN. Are we hardwired no, this probably has something to do with conditioning– Internet. Some of us are aware we are being conditioned, others are oblvious..lucky dogs.

  4. micky2 said,

    Come on Eric. I cant believe you’re actually trying to get somewhere with instant messaging. You have to be joking , right ?
    FACEBOOK ? Hitting on the chick at the next table is where its at !
    The only person I’ve I M ed is my daughter. Its irritating. Mine and most providers come with free long distance, dont they ?
    My daughter and I will message each other for about a minute and then I just tell her to pick up the phone.

    Black Tygrrrr wrote;
    “Instant messenger may be real time, but it is not real life. You cannot convey feelings, emotions, and facial expressions this way. The potential for misunderstanding is ginormous.”

    If half the debates I’ve had could be done face to face they would not last a fraction of the time they do on line.
    I would also probably go to jail half the time.
    I also learned early in the game that sarcasim does not go over well.

    Glad you made it.

  5. Gayle said,

    When I first got indtroduced to the internet I tried using instant messaging, but gave it up as too annoying. It interrupted my train of thought constantly, and once that happens I get sidetracked.

    As for comment moderation, as I use it too, I understand perfectly where you are coming from. We may live in a free country, but there is no freedom in my home or on my blog. If a person comes into my home and is rude and obnoxious that person would be shown the door and I treat my blog as part of my home. When they come in with rude comments they don’t get published and that is every blogger’s right. I even had comments so obnoxious on my Thanksgiving Post that I can’t even tell you what they were! Also got some comments on a post titled “Snake Hunter” – which had nothing to do with politics – that were so unbelievably filthy that I’m certain those idiots were high on something illegal. There is a world full of idiots out there and it’s not incumbent upon us to tolerate them!

    As for your leaving my comment in moderation for a long time, it doesn’t bother me one little bit.

    Sorry to hear you’re having isp problems. I suffer those myself, which is why I keep dial-up as a backup, but it’s so annoyingly slow that I only use it when I feel I just have to get on the internet to check my mail, or to apologize to readers for not being able to answer their comments.

    I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome! 🙂

    PS: Speaking of isp’s, I went to submit the above comment and my isp was down. Had to go on dial up to post it. Thank goodness I had saved it before I tried to publish. I’ve found it pays to do that.

  6. Lisa Dorsey said,

    Yes i do agree, u can not get to know a person using im. Hitting on the hottie at the next table is the way to go or a dinner It was nice meeting u last night. I to have survived black friday. What is face book?

  7. pixologic said,

    you don’t know what facebook is? man! you must be like 200 years old.

  8. micky2 said,

    Hey Pixologic.
    You’re making Erics guest feel unwelcome, and probably cramping his style.

    Trust me Lisa, as far as facebook goes, you’re not missing anything. Simply put, its for lonely teenagers who wont leave the house due an acne outbreak.

  9. mad_adder said,

    Eric. Use MSN Im with a neat little video camera? You can then REALLY communicate. Then, unlike Cool Hand Luke…………,you won’t have any failure.

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