Godspeed Mr. John Howard

November 24, 2007 at 5:14 pm (POLITICS)




  1. phillip Hoy said,

    I fear folk in the US have got it wrong. Most Australians are pleased to see John Howard go.

    John has been the most conservative PM since Stanley Bruce.
    He was not honest on Iraq, he abused principles of the Australian Federation, he abused the Independence of the Public Service (including Military), He expected aborigines and migrants to conform to his peculiar WASP ‘Australian standards’, he redistributed income towards the rich and he told ‘porky pies’ – that is aussie for fibs.

    He was very like another Australian Prime Minister William Hughes, who went to the the Front in 1917 and drew a comment from a Digger: “too deaf to hear, to loud to ignore and too small to hit!”

    We look forward to a Rudd era: he is not a lawyer, he is smart, he has principals and he has ‘dinkum’ religious values – you know, the ones in the “Our Father…”.

  2. BigT said,

    And yet he is the second longest serving PM in Australian history. That doesn’t sound like a guy the Australians hated.

  3. ZenTiger said,

    Good post.

    I lived in Australia 12 years. I started off disliking him because I paid no heed to matters political and relied on the newspapers and media for my point of view.

    Then I started questioning these opinions I had, and discovered they had been layered on me, unsuspecting whilst I went about by daily business, trying to hold down a job and raise a family.

    If most people didn’t like Howard it was because most people don’t think, they only absorb. They are easily guided by the mis-guided – those ardent socialists that think being fair is chopping every-one down to the same level of mediocrity.

    Rudd may have principals, but once they manage to break out of wherever he has hidden them, they will reveal to the world that he gave away his principles to abduct those principals. You think that’s why the education system is churning out unthinking Gore-ites?

  4. Jersey McJones said,

    It was a complete sweep. Howard barely hung on to his home constituency. People may have “liked” Howard, but after a decade of lies and failures, the Aussies woke up and threw him out – along with a couple dozen other little Howards.

    As a side note, notorious US Senator Trent Lott is resigning. Meanwhile, in France, Sarkozy is rapidly losing support for his his plan to destroy the the country’s support systems. It just goes on and on. You can fool people so much, but eventually they wake up and smell the b.s.. Conservatism is on the popular wain throughout the West.


  5. pixologic said,

    Kevin Rudd is quiet pro-US for a left-winger. And he has called himself a “fiscal conservative”.

  6. Prime Minister Howard and his party crushed at election - Page 2 - Political Forum - US & World Political Discussion Forums said,

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  7. susan gelderstrom said,

    John Howard was a creep. We hated him. We suffered under him. We grew small
    and visionless and mean under him. He left Kirribilii House today and the music is back on the streets again. He killed the spirit of Sydney, the spirit of Australia.
    Good night and Good riddance. I hope he wakes up with the taste of dung in his mouth for the rest of his life.

  8. Michael Holdcroft said,

    Is this article for real. Who was the author? He obviously doesnt live in Australia. John Howard was one of the worst Prime Ministers Australia has ever had! The fiscal position was set up by the Labor party and its deregulation in the 80’s when Howard, as treasurer in a previous Liberal administration, did nothing. He lied to the people of Australia time and time again. He used the hip pocket nerve to buy his way into power at every election. He was supposed to be the leader of Australia so we are not too chuffed when we hear that he was au”unwavering defender of American Values”. He should have defended Australian Values which are very different to American Values. Governing is not just GDP and fiscal goodness, people need to be treated as valued, not just as a slave to get money. Good riddance “honest John”!

  9. My Meeting Prime Minister John Howard « THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS said,

  10. Elizabeth P said,

    I absolutely agree with you eric. John Howard left Australia in excellent shape. Let’s hope the left wing don’t screw it up. Although his critics are outspoken his supporters were the silent majority and re-elected him.
    Good Luck for the future Mr Howard and thank you for being one of the greatest PMs of all time.

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