Hillary Clinton–Patriots Fan

November 26, 2007 at 11:42 am (POLITICS, SPORTS)




  1. micky2 said,

    Black Tygrrrr wrote;
    “Both have been trailed by scandal for years, with Hillary’s scandals taking up too many volumes to discuss,”

    I’ll bet a good amount of money all these little secrets will be brought up no later than few months before the general election.
    Thats the only reason I can think of for not bringing it up yet.
    And I’ll bet at the same time she knows this and is working feverishly to put it all together before the big questions start getting popped.

  2. F.Igwealor said,

    Maybe, but the truth is that Hillary Clinton Campaign’s a sinking ship

    The most recent national polls show that Hillary’s campaign, which until her Philly debate fumble was a poll-dominant inevitability, is currently sinking faster than the Titanic. Below are several of the efforts to save Hillary’s campaign that failed:
    • CNN’s rigged debate and after debate spin
    • Her campaign’s rush to play the gender card
    • Bill complaining of his wife being pilled on
    • Arm-twisting of the NY Gov to help her on immigration
    • Bill’s daily show in Iowa
    • Her accusation of the opponents for mud-slinging
    • Novak’s scandal rumor

    Below are Hillary’s campaign new efforts that will not save it from crashing to the ground:
    • Her current mud-slinging on Obama
    • Racking up thousand and one endorsements
    • Even the endorsement of NH’s Gov’s wife, Dr. Susan Lynch
    • Going to church on Sunday
    • Aggressively attacking Obama
    • New emphasis on her (actually John Edward’s) healthcare
    • Getting all the Senators, Congressmen, and other members of the democratic establishment to endorse her
    • Appearance at Saddleback Church

    With all due respect to the theory of inevitability, which was built on polls, Hillary’s current consistent slide in the polls and her current lack-luster performance in match-up against top 5 Republican nomination candidates is the final straw that broke the Carmel’s back.

    Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign is crumbling faster than Dean’s and do not expect that downside momentum to stop.

  3. Yolo Cowboy said,

    Classic post!

    The thought of Hillary in a hoodie with cutoff sleeves, getting plays on her headset from Bill up in the coaches box is precious.

  4. William said,

    Clintons are undefeated. They and the Pats will remain that way. Chelsea in 2016!

  5. Snerdly said,

    The Patriots have a haughty arrogance that is beyond off putting?

    Compared to what?
    The 1985 ‘Superbowl Shuffling’ Bears?
    Terrell ‘Flap my gums’ Owens?
    Ray ‘Step into my Office’ Lewis?
    The Dallas ‘We’re America’s Team’ Cowboys?

    The Patriots are FAR from haughty, even though they have every damn reason to be.

  6. micky2 said,

    William wrote;

    “Clintons are undefeated. They and the Pats will remain that way. Chelsea in 2016!”

    And George Washington had wooden teeth.

  7. Chuck said,

    To find out how the strike helps Hillary when she deserves none of it, check out this new hit piece on Hillary at http://thirdrailradio.blogspot.com/

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    […] of course, after having decided she’s been a Pats fan her whole life, was quick to jump out in front of the Giants parade as soon as they won. OK, yeah, it’s not […]

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