The Mideast Surrender Process

November 28, 2007 at 12:14 pm (POLITICS)

Although I will not be mailing this letter to the President, I hope that somebody more eloquent than me sends him something similar.

Dear President Bush,


  1. micky2 said,


  2. Jersey McJones said,

    It doesn’t matter. Hamas doesn’t want dialogue. Israel can’t arrange a contiguous Palestine. There is no trust between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Peace is still a long ways off. Bush can’t do a thing. He’s more a lame duck there than he is here. Besides, Bush did nothing of value over there in all his seven years except erode our reputation. Perhaps America should step aside a bit and just let Israel and Palestine work this out for themselves. I just don’t know. The problem seems infinitely intractable. It’s very sad indeed.


  3. micky2 said,

    Our reputation of being their inflatable doll has been eroded.

  4. Jersey McJones said,

    Well, inflatable dolls apparently used to be pretty popular. I guess not so much anymore.


  5. micky2 said,

    This doll gives back.

  6. Jersey McJones said,

    This doll only destroys. It gives nothing of value.


  7. Tim B. said,

    Jersey McJones bridge and tunnel boy – 3/6 comments already … when is he going to get banned?

    (pause … 4/8 is coming)

  8. micky2 said,

    Nothing of value ?
    Values are a large spectrum.
    If your concept of value is stoning a woman for being gang raped by insecure sexually repressed muslims, then you should be happy.
    If your concept of values is to beat and lash people in public for speaking freely, then you should be happy.
    If your concept of value is watching all the children , women or men at Beslam be murdered , raped and disfigured, you should be happy.
    If you concept of value is watching Daniel Pearle being decapitated, you should be happy.
    If you concept of values is taking pride in killing 3000 Americans in less than 1/2 an hour, you should be happy.

    That doll is standing at the gate to our country, and she has been inflated with the blood of men who have given their lives so that you may beat her up and bash her at every opportunity your pessimistic, apologistic, oversensative, delusional whimpy existance can come up with.
    You and your like are becoming increasingly predictive. God forbid anyone do anything with any sincere attempt without you fools automatically resorting to the cynical sarcastic bashing only because they are conservatives.
    Chickens will not take a stand. Beacause this way if they are wrong, they stand to loose nothing but some hot air.
    We on the other hand choose to take the bull by the horns and tackle the problem knowing damn well that if we are wrong we stand to loose a hell of a lot more than chicken little.
    Nothing of value ? Your ass is still in one peice, if it has any value or not is irrelevant in the eyes of “that doll”

  9. Brian said,

    At best, I am apathetic concerning Annapolis. Not being an idealogue, I simply wish peace and prosperity upon our only genuine friend in the region; Israel. The so-called “Palestinians” time and time again choose to embrace terror, hate, ignorance, lies, myths and slogans when basic decency would render them the first Arab/Muslim State in the region ( that’s right, there’s never been a state…) of Palestine.

    I don’t blame the President’s attempt to bring the parties together in hopes of further isolating the radical Iranian regime. I do admonish him and his team for not criticizing any and all hostile actions such as not shaking hands etc…( our wonderful Saudi friends…)

    By the way, Arab/Muslim hate for us as well as the Israelis is one of the major constants still left with in a world of dizzying change. I recall a long article in the New York Times Sunday magazine at the height of Oslo on Egyptian hatred for the Jewish State ( THE HEIGHT OF OSLO!…when the Israelis had effectively left most of the disputed territories, had signed an agreement with the Jordanians and were only demanding the other side abide by their agreements.). The Egyptians interviewed were counting the days for the death of the State of Israel. ( A Nation which has strenuously abided by the less than perfect Peace Treaty made by Sadat and Begin.) Whether it be peacetime or wartime the Arab/Muslim World’s desire for peaceful conciliation is all too uncommon. Blaming Bush for Arab/Muslim antipathy towards the U.S.A. is patently absurd and wreaks of historical ignorance.

    I will say that you can probably not find one high level American who doesn’t believe Sami Fayyad is a legit guy. Abbas is more Arafat sans the Kaffiyeh and fire. His dissertation in graduate school denied the Holocaust.

    I’d love to disagree with Eric on this one…but, it’s difficult to believe genuine peace and conciliation will be achieved…G-d willing I’m wrong…

  10. dajjal said,

    I voted for Shrub exactly once; thereafter I wrote in Jesus Christ for the third time. I don’t support him, I don’t believe him and I don’t respect him.

    My own dissection and refutation of the lies he spewed at the Annapolis Surrender Conference is posted at . I include ayat & ahadith with links to source as evidence.

    My public expression of disgust, sent to Shrub, Rice, my Senators & Representative is in Letters to Leaders at (Michigan)

    Bottom line: peace and Islam can not coexist at anywhere at any time. Islam is permanent war. We must get rid of it. Instead, Shrub is getting rid of Israel. He will discover the hard way that Israel is not the problem, Islam is.

  11. Jersey McJones said,

    Wow. That was disturbing. What does a dajjal presume we should do? Kill all the Muslims? Does dajjal recall that it was the Muslims who brought the sephardin to Europe? Does dajjal recall that while Europe was in the throws of fanatical theocracy it was the muslims who provided peace and haven to the Jewish people? Did it ever occur to dajjal that while religion is a constant theme among the Western and Middle Eastern world for the past millenia or two, it is political and economic turmoil that brings unrest among the people and that religion is simply then used as a means to an end in such times? Does dajjal know that it was the Muslims who preserved the great works of the Greeks and kept up with the progress of science and technology while Europe was mired in regressive cultural stagnation? It wasn’t until just this last century that the Jewish people and the Muslim people have come to conflict, and most of the reason for that has to do with the return of Israel, which again is directly the fault of modern European CHRISTIANS, who brought the worst Holocaust in Jewish history – worse than the Romans or anyone else.

    Peace and Islam HAVE coexisted just fine and will in the future. It’s just a matter of time, and humane persistence. It would help if we truly assisted them for their best interests, as we did in the Balkans, as opposed to making things worse, as we did in Iraq. But if you think murdering them in large numbers will help your cause, then you’re no better than the terrorists whom I assume concern you, dajjal.


  12. micky2 said,

    Yea, they’re just a bunch of unruly children.

  13. micky2 said,

    these are the same people that just now sentenced an english school teacher to 15 days in prison because her “students” named a teddy bear “Mohammed’.
    Had the Muslim society in Britain not put up such a stink she would of gotten whipped 40 times and jailed for a year.
    What is past is past. The Muslims we live and deal with today are for the most part not the same.
    The sephardin is not all you crack it up to be. Jews were dictated to and separated by many means.
    If anything it should be a lesson that your idea of governing eventually collapses as it has so many times in history and barely exists today.

  14. charly martel said,


    The Sephardim were allowed to survive as dhimmis if they paid a heavy tax to be allowed to exist. In Iberia (there was no Spain yet) they were tolerated (barely, as everywhere else) because the ruling class needed them as moneylenders They allowed them to survive for exploitation, and it was no fault of theirs that the Jews developed a rich culture that survived beyond their expulsion in 1492.

    As for the preservation of the great works of the Greeks, the Moslems cut Europe off from the near east by conquering Constantinople and most of the Greek civilization of Ionia (Turkey.) Without that conquest the dark ages in Europe would have been 200-300 years less backward.

    You are right about one thing. The muslims haven’t come into conflict with the Jews until this century. That is because of two things. After the holocaust the Zionists have stopped lying down, and the arabs have some oil. When the Zionists started trying to return to their land (promised by G-d) they bought (you know, with money) desert land from the Ottomans. The land of milk and honey in the Bible had been changed into desert by the bedouin and their goats. The Zionists started farming and irrigating and grew oranges, and the arabs came to pick the oranges – and stayed. When WWII started, the arabs joined in on the side of Hitler and the Nazis. The Jews tried to get in on the British side, but had to beg the Brits to allow it. The nazi-fied arabs screamed and yelled, but the Jews finally got their own state (barely.) The arabs have been having the same violent tantrum ever since.

    I’m afraid Dajjal is right about Islam being permanent war. If we have to get rid of Isreal or islam I know who I’d rather see gone. Guess whose name means “submission.”


  15. charly martel said,


    Send your letter.

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