The Belly of the Beast

December 10, 2007 at 1:38 pm (POLITICS)


  1. Jersey McJones said,

    Sheesh. man, someone really doesn’t like San Francisco.

    Let’s take a look at some of San Fran’s stats…

    Safety: #8 safest in America — — note the lop-sided difference between saftey in “liberal” cities vs more “conservative” cities.

    Quality of life: Second best American city — — San Fran ranks second only to Honululu among all American cities compared globally.

    Here’s some more interesting info…

    Ranks in top 25% nationally for number of colleges & universities in area
    Fourth largest city in California
    Public high school dropout rate is declining
    Even ratio of males to females (50:50)
    Area has student-teacher ratio of 17:1
    Population 25 or older who’ve achieved a high school education or higher is 81.2%
    36.5 years is the average age of the city’s citizens
    Great number of artistic, cultural, and recreational events around the area
    Population is 36.87% foreign born, making it very ethnically and racially diverse
    Home to nearly 30% of the worldwide biotechnology labor force

    When conservative bash San Fran they make themselves look pretty foolish. Not only are they not destroying themselves, but they are leading the way in how to optimally run an American city. Meanwhile, the more conservatively run the city, the lousier a place to live that it is. More proof of the liberal bias of reality.


  2. steveegg said,

    Sorry about having to contribute to the bad, though that’s more of a matter of perspective. We have a first-round bye to get.

  3. micky2 said,

    I like Frisco ! I f you want a good sandwich !
    Its full of moonbats Jersey !
    Of course we bash it ! jeez.
    But lets put it in perspective here.
    DOWNTOWN FRISCO is freeking scary and dangerous !
    The surrounding areas such as Mill Valley, Sausalito and Corte Madera are sweet !
    Even as close as the pier.
    Cross the bgidge to Oakland ? No way !

    The whole country speaks alot louder than one three ring circus.

  4. Lisa C. said,

    Safest city ? Are you kidding? In 2007, 98 murders and climbing -not just in the “bad” areas because it is all a bad area; when my kids go up there, I make them carry pepper spray. I will say that the Prager,Charen,Medved,Podhoretz event was a breath of fresh air as was the delightful company at the reception!

  5. Jersey McJones said,

    I know Eric is cool about Frisco. You were right to remind me. I should’ve written a better comment. But at least it had some good info.

    And yeah, from what I hear now and have heard before, Oakland is a tough town. I’ve hung out in some pretty tough towns, but I hear Oakland is tough. Gotta love them Raiders, though! From what I imagine, Oakland is like the Newark of Caifornia. The ports, the tough neighborhoods, the ethnic mixes. Unfortunately, like Newark, it can be a bit of a no-mans-land, right? I know Newark can be that way.

    Good point too, Micky. It’s not-so-funny how those successful “liberal” cities tend to be adjacent to very, very poor, tough sattelite cities. It makes you wonder about the geography of those demos. It does seem like the wealthy “liberals” (and wealthy conservatives too) sure know how to take advantage of the service workersI Perfect little Utopian cities surrounded by poor neighborhoods, or barrios, or ghettos, or whatever – it’s all tyhe same everywhere. I Southern California, Hat’s off to people like our host here. They wouldn’t exist today had they not survived the ghettos — in the classic European sense, of course. Tough people.

    I remember when NYC cleaned up, and with it went Jersey City, Newark and Elizabeth (to some extent), etc… but not Paterson. I recall Paterson remaining roughly the same, if not worse. I heard about the same sorts of thing happening all over the NYC area. The knock on Giuliani, back then, was that he was just pushing crime that still operated from NYC into the Burroughs, Jersey, Upstate, and CT – and even PA for some time now. It’s a fair argument.


  6. micky2 said,

    I like San Fransisco. I used to go every summer untill I was 17.
    My uncle was an attorney for the feds. Had a house up in Mill Valley (Melaleuca St. )
    Big beautiful redwood and smoked glass house. Green with fog and deer every morning.
    I would catch the ferry from Sausalito to town everyday and just cruise around and take in all the sights and eat like a pig. We have alot of culture in Hawaii, but its not the same. Right now I can just imagine going to the wharf for some fresh sourdough and some baked Clams Casino, Oysters Rockefeller, Damn !
    My first love , a French Vietnamese girl had moved from Hawaii to Corte Madera when I was 12. I made it out there every summer to be with her. We would have little pinics at the Presidio, hike to Stinson beach.
    Its definatley a cool place…
    TO VISIT !
    As politically aware as I am now I would have to bring a barf bag with me everwhere I went !

  7. Medical Billing Outsourcing Services said,

    I have just been in SanFran two months ago to visit my relatives. And so far I didn’t have any bad experiences when we went to bar to hang out. Actually, I won lot of friends in there who are medical billers like me as well.

    As far as my visit is concerned, I have observed that Frisco is a cool place.

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