Waterboard Palestinians and the LA Times Editors

December 26, 2007 at 10:13 am (POLITICS)

Somebody please waterboard the LA Times editors. I am tired of them. Decent human beings everywhere should be.





  1. micky2 said,

    Perfect !
    Its not often enough that someone puts out the truth as far as what the Palestinians really are.

    Black Tygrr wrote;
    “So what? The only reason Hamas ever seeks any kind of truce is when they are getting destroyed militarily. They then use the truce to regroup, and rearm themselves.”

    Yep ! And they’ve done it before. How many times do they expect Israel to pull its finger ?

  2. Rudy Carrera said,

    Eh, you may want to remember that of those Arabs, a fair number are Christian and Druze – in other words, people who are mainly on our side, though they’re being crushed out of existence by Hamas. So not all Arabs are evil.

  3. micky2 said,

    I’m quite sure the author realizes that not every single Arab is bad.
    But you make his point when you say the good ones are being crushed out of existance.
    Not all Americans are good. But the overwhelming majority of Americans are good.
    I wish I could say that for the Arabs.

  4. Jenn said,

    Yup.. “palestinians” are nothing but cast off A-Rabs… the scourge of their society. The bottom of the barrel.

    They share the bottom of the barrel with the MSM. There are at least 10 stories a day like the one above…..”Retailers say season is off, shoppers stay home!”(*)

    *(And order online so our sales rose 3.6 percent. )

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