Dead Week

January 27, 2008 at 12:40 pm (MUSIC, POLITICS, SPORTS, Uncategorized, WOMEN)



  1. Football » Dead Week said,

    […] blacktygrrrr wrote a fantastic post today on “Dead Week”Here’s ONLY a quick extractIt is a reminder that while the Pro Bowl is in 2 weeks, in 3 weeks there will be no football. I will have nothing to do. Every offseason gets tougher for me. I have no other hobbies, nor do I care to develop them. … […]

  2. Jersey McJones said,

    You wrote songs? I wanna see some lyrics! I’ll show you mine if you show me yours… (with apologies to Larry Craig…)


  3. micky2 said,

    Dont do it Eric, he’ll try to sing them

  4. micky2 said,

    1) I have written 70 songs in my lifetime. I could just post song lyrics from one song each Sunday, with the story or inspiration for the song.

    2) Jdate horror stories. Jdate is a Jewish dating website, and while most of my experiences have been positive, train wrecks do make for good writing.

    3) Links to other articles…a complete copout.

    4) I did a radio show for 15 years where I played rock music. I could transcribe my comments from one show per week, or perhaps play the clips if I can figure out how to transfer them from cassettes and cds to internet files. The show was called “Hard as a rock.”

    5) I could have people submit me articles from their blogs, and the very best article would be published on my site, with me only providing bookend comments.

    6) I could provide links to You Tube videos I like, but then I would have to actually go on You Tube. I suppose I could. In the meantime, here is a hysterically funny clip somebody sent me.

    I could just play a video clip of me holding a remote control and sobbing uncontrollably, knowing that no matter how furiously I change the channels, there is no football.

  5. micky2 said,

    You might want to think about rotating all the choices you mentioned.

  6. Skul said,

    Ho boy, that’s a hard one.
    How about a short (or long) blurb about past Super Bowls?
    Starting with number one of course.

  7. Douglas V. Gibbs said,

    How about talking about the upcoming draft? You could do a post after post after post of the upcoming draft picks, and then after the draft do posts about how those players may or may not impact the NFL. For example, Darren McFadden looks to be the Raiders first pick (fourth overall) and the Arkansas Razorback star is definately a jack of all trades. Some would say that he would be a great fit with fellow SEC star Jamarcus Russell (of LSU). But is it enough to make the Raiders competitive? What about rumors that Al Davis wants Kiffin to resign already? Doesn’t Kiffin show shades of Gruden?

  8. Miss Beth said,

    I like all of your ideas–rotating them would be good.

    I just sent out a mass email (you should have gotten it) shamelessly plugging the very rudimentary website for my daughter on gifts and such. We have a special thing for soldiers on there (I haven’t set up paypal yet, getting to it) where if you pay DOUBLE for something the “second price” is used as a donation for welcome home baskets and the fillers therein for soldiers–so they can have a nice welcome home and no one has to pay for it. I’m still designing some jewelry for it; one of my friends works with Project Linus making quilts for needy/abused children, my daughter’s “mother-in-law” has beautiful hand crafted items, kind of a conglomeration. We’re eventually going to expand to jar recipes, specialty candles, homemade soaps, lotions and bath salts, and all that kind of stuff.

    You could plug that (like I said in the email, SHAMELESS plug, TOTALLY shameless).

    I also have my professional organization and just put badges up for those as well to hopefully drive potential members to us (as VP/Membership chair for local and on the National Membership committee, this is REALLY SHAMELESS).

    But I wanna see your lyrics and re-capping old superbowls and such could be a LOT of fun, too. I promise I won’t try to sing the songs–my voice scares children and small animals anyway. How about all the changes in superbowls, past and present? From the relatively small half-time shows to the major extravaganzas they are now?

  9. tom b said,


  10. No Compromises said,

    I suggest you post great articles from other’s blogs. If course, you can find some of those on my blog! ;>)

  11. Mike's America said,

    Tyygrrr: The playoffs for the BIG GAME started in the first week of this year. Frankly, it’s a lot more important and interesting to me than football.

  12. deaconblue said,

    Things you can do during the “off season:”
    1. Apply for the Raider’s head coaching position. It should be open by Wednesday.
    2. Post pictures of you doing your best Al Davis impersonation. Yes, White Track suit is required.
    3. Replay the entire 07-08 season on Madden as the Raiders and see if you do any better.
    4. Go on tour like the Dead Heads and follow Guiliani’s campaign around the country. But that may only last one week.

    But if it must come from the provided list, I’d have to say dating horror stories. I always enjoy being able to laught at these, even when I cringe in sympathy.

  13. Verlin Martin said,

    If I was to vote, I’d say to take the day off. Unless you just HAVE to post something, why try to rush it?

    and deconblue’s suggestion #3 is very good too

  14. Bald-Headed Geek said,

    Hi, Eric, thanks for contacting me. To answer your question, I generally take Sundays off, but when I do choose to post, it is often a “sports compendium” type of posting, where I touch on numerous topics in the sporting world. It could be NFL Football, NHL Hockey, Baseball and Steroids, you name it. I also throw in some personal stuff, though since I post under a pseudonym, I can’t be TOO specific……….


  15. Cyber Pastor said,

    Since you love football, you could do a “State of the Franchise” for one NFL team each week. What they need, who/what positions should they concentrate on in the draft, what free agents should they go after, etc.

    Plus I like the rotation of all of your list.

    God Bless,


  16. Aurora said,

    Personally out of all those, I like the idea of JDate horror stories…
    I have to admit I got a chuckle out of your no-football angst…(not being any kind of a TV sports fiend myself…I’d rather a walk in the woods, or a climb to the Everest base camp if I’m getting serious)
    Maybe you need to find someone on that site who can make your sunlit hours a bit more interesting… 😉
    I’m sure that whatever you come up with, it will be entertaining.

  17. rightwingdog said,

    I think as long as you feel the day is wasted and you offhandedly dismissed yesterday’s South Carolina Democratic Primary so easily, you may want to post a piece I put on my blog about the event. It’s is not the norm so you may be interested .
    Eic, I will send it to you and YOPU decide.


    ps. thanx for the opportunity even IF I am turned down!

  18. Father Lankester Merrin said,

    Well, I want to be as objective as possible here. I don’t want to suggest anything that might come off as self-serving in any way. I want to suggest something that I think serves mankind to its fullest measure and need. Something the entire free world might benefit from.

    I suggest you post whatever The Exorcist’s latest blog might be.

    Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea, just know that I already know what you might be thinking: “Doesn’t The Exorcist leave the same blog up for a couple of weeks at a time?”

    A fair question and one in which I think I have a reasonable answer.

    In the event The Exorcist has the same blog up on two consecutive Sunday’s, just post the same one twice. After all, anything that’s worth doing right once, is probably worth doing right twice.

    Of course, this is just ,my humble and modest suggestion and shouldn’t be interpreted in any way as anything other than the purest definition of philanthropy and goodwill to all of mankind. Well, all of mankind except radical Islamists. But other than than, all of mankind.

    May the power of Right continue to compel you!

    Lankester Merrin

  19. Will Malven said,

    Oh, c’mon man, you know the second best sport after football is politics…I’m looking forward to 10 straight months of full contact politics. If the rest of the year is anything like this month, it’s gonna be more entertaining than the NFL.

    Grab your popcorn and enjoy it.

    “Hey now baby, get into my big black car.
    Hey now baby, get into my big black car.
    I want to just show you what my politics are.

    I’m a political man and I practice what I preach.
    I’m a political man and I practice what I preach.
    So dont deny me baby, not while youre in my reach.

    I support the left, though Im leaning, leaning to the right.
    I support the left, though Im leaning to the right.
    But Im just not there when its coming to a fight.

    Hey now baby, get into my big black car.
    Hey now baby, get into my big black car.
    I want to just show you what my politics are.

    Jack Bruce/Pete Brown…Cream-Politician

  20. DirtCrashr said,

    Hell it aint dead, I bought a (used) truck!! I really couldn’t give a fig about stick-and-ball-sport elitists and their overpaid hegemony – really, I don’t watch tat crap anymore. I ride dirtbikes and shoot guns and nobody has ANY of those activities on any broadcast channel – and that’s all I get – no cable, no dish – screw them and their money.
    I freaking worked on and invented some of the systems they ues today – On-Screen Guide? Interactivity? – Five patents among my group with my name too. Screw them.
    Go your own way.

  21. The Pissed Off Tree Rat said,

    I’m allready looking at Draft prospects myself. I’m on the road this week, but will probably focus my NFL down week on the draft. Or on the absurd coverage on who the Kenndey kids or clan are endorsing this week………….

    Go Lions and Raiders in 08-09!

  22. Damian G. said,

    Well, I AM a link whore, so whaddaya think about this:


  23. Sara said,

    JDate horror stories…definitely!

  24. charly martel said,

    I lean in favor about dating disasters. Possibly others besides your own, if you hear about any from your single friends. Maybe Micky and Jersey have some contributions too?

    Politics is always good for material. They can’t seem to keep feet out of mouths. Ron Paul is not the only satirist’s dream.

    Some of your old columns about your family were fantastic. Are there further adventures?

  25. Resources - 1.28.2008 « Samnite Gladiator’s Weblog said,

    […] also have to plug my buddy, Eric (Black Tygerrrr) who invited me to WordPress and is also a very good writer. Make sure to check his site […]

  26. Keith said,

    It looks like your life makes up more than sports – so why think it is a “Dead Week”?
    And, your list …
    1) Your song lyrics might be an interesting plug for a day set aside from political postings.
    2) Jdate Horror Stories: An interesting, and I am sure with your sense of humor, humorous look at the personal side of the Black Tyger.
    3) Your suggestions, 1 & 2, are better.
    4) The rock music suggestion is great, however displaying the words “Hard as a rock” may develop into humorous sexual comments.
    5) This would be different.
    6) YouTube is popular, making this a viable suggestion

    Why don’t you alternate or incorporate “all the above” – I think it would be interesting.
    Best Regards …

  27. arnie draiman said,

    ok, be bold. do something about tzedakah and philanthropy. i will help you with ideas. give back to the world. go for it. and it might even help you on jdate….


  28. Ivo Vegter said,

    I’m a colonial imperialist who watches cricket and English football instead of baseball, hockey and American football (a game character of mine once got brutally murdered by some thug from Arizona because he said cricket was “like baseball for intelligent people”).

    In that sense, a day off would beat NFL coverage in my books. Besides which, I’ve been taking at least one day a week off blogging, and I can recommend it. It provides some relief from the manic pressure that interferes with both Real Work(TM) and the quality of blog posts.

    Reposting posts from other blogs would work quite nicely, given permission from the original writer, of course. I can’t see anyone declining if it’s not all that often. I certainly would thank you for the free promo.

    Song lyrics are a good idea, but may not appeal to those who follow this blog for political reading (or NFL reading). Jdate is a great idea if you’re funny enough, and you certainly can be funny.

  29. Amy P. said,

    Personally, I like the idea of JDate…there’s no story like a bad date story…

  30. Evan Sayet said,

    I’m for the

    1) Lyrics.
    2) Someone’s suggestion to recap (with personal notes) Super Bowls past. That should take you all the way to next season.

    Hope you’re doing well (otherwise).


  31. Sal Auditore "Augsal" said,

    I like the linking to other articles- purely selfish on my part- trying to promote my blog: For God and Country.

    Also like the YouTube idea!!

  32. Rodrigo Fonseca said,

    I believe the article idea would fit you like a glove, though I don’t expect an article by me to be chosen as the only one worthy being published.

  33. micky2 said,

    Charley M;
    “Maybe Micky and Jersey have some contributions too? ”

    I think everyone sees enough of us as it is Charley. I have a feeling that no matter what choice Eric makes Jersey and I will be right there regardless.
    But thanks for the nod.
    My writings next to Erics would be like teaming up Courtney Love and Pavarotti .
    I still think rotation would be good. Eric would not have to adhere to a strict order.
    Whatever is at the top of the news could maybe br tied into one of his categories.
    He has a good way of relating politcal stories to other events.
    I’m sure radio has changed a bit since his last broadcast and maybe he could find some parallels there.
    I wish I could help on the tech thing with getting cassetes to CD. I,m know it can be done but most of us dont have that equipment in our living room.
    Once the season is done he might want to use his DJ stint as an entrance to the new weekend format.

  34. Jonathan Kantor said,

    How about this idea:

    Each day, provide a list of the newspaper headlines that would appear in the first year if each of the current candidates are elected President. (Hillary’s would be the best, courtesy of Bill as First “Gentleman”).

  35. JOEL GOODMAN said,


  36. Jay said,

    If you’re totally bummed about the lack of football, take in an Avengers game this season. The season starts next month and it’s played in Staples. After the games, the players actually come out on the field and sign autographs for the fans. We’ve got a new kicker this year; a local kid from USC, David Davis.

    Or let me know and you can come along…I’ve got four seats pretty much at field level. Last year we caught two balls, which we get to keep. My wife has been a die-hard NCAA football fan (not so much NFL) but she goes absolutely wild at the AFL games.

  37. infidel308 said,

    1. There should be plenty of ideas at conservative columnist Katherine Kersten’s blog who writes for the Minneapolis (red)Star-Tribune. I like the site because it starts out intelligent and civil, and then turns into a brawl. It is here

    2. This site,
    I don’t even know what to say. Even Jersey McJones would be like WTF?

    3. Anything that has to do with M.K. Ham. Include pictures.

  38. Tim B said,

    May I submit a write-in suggestion?
    This year at least in the off-season you could do a recap of the campaign activities for each of the leading candidiates.
    Or just do a once a week recap of the Mets.

  39. sarabrady said,

    I cast my vote for your Sunday-subject-matter already, but there is another point you made above which I failed to reply too – your reference to presidential debate recaps as “filler” blogs.
    I live on the other side of the globe, as a defense department employee stationed overseas, and in this timezone it is downright impossible to catch these debates live on television. The best I can do is watch the out-of-context sound-bites which are later replayed on Fox and CNN. Subsequently, I’m going cross-eyed trying to settle on a candidate. Therefore, I can assure you, your play-by-play debate reviews are most certainly not mere “filler”, they are an essential part of my – and many others – ability to form an educated opinion about who’s best suited to lead our country for the next 4-8 years. Have no doubt, your blogs are most certainly making a profound difference in ensuring the success of our great nation.
    As always – you’re awesome,

  40. Debbie said,

    Hey, maybe SHOW TIME will use some of your songs? They need some original music.

  41. Miche said,

    I vote J Date but Micky2 (as suggested in the comment thread) is a very close 2nd.

    My writings next to Erics would be like teaming up Courtney Love and Pavarotti .

    I have a sneaky feeling that you’re being self-deprecating and comparing yourself to Love, but some people find both of your examples talented beyond belief. I think Eric should have you on now and again and I think your first post should be on which of the examples your writing would represent. Then, to really get into the matter, you could maybe discuss why you formed your opinion, the differences between the two substance abusers and their legacies.

  42. RTaylor551 said,

    Song lyrics could be fun!!!

    If I had to choose between Jewish dating train wreck stories and the train wreck we call the Presidential primaries, give us the Jewish dating train wrecks.

    Then again, you could do what I do sometimes – just write what pops in your head at the moment 🙂

  43. Roberta said,

    I am in hull defilade mode this evening because I was a little too un-PC about socialized/universal healthcare on another site. Still missing chunks out of my ta-ta and have teeth marks for all my efforts. So, that being said, why not rotate all of your suggestions. If everyone gets their “fair share” of a topic, we can all play. Sorry, didn’t mean to sound so snarky

  44. Susan Bunts said,

    Hey Tygrrrr…I’d like to see you talk about your faith…”From Football to Faith”. I love talking politics and I’m a passionate conservative…but I love talking about faith too. How has your faith helped shape you into who you are today? What do you struggle with…what do you doubt, hope, fear or believe with unwavering faith.

  45. Slavic Mike said,

    I write the Slav Blog, but have been in such a funk since the Colts beat the Ravens in last years playoffs, I have sort of semi-retired. I like the Jdate train wreck scenario. Also, the Hard Rock radio show items could be interesting if they become a window to our current time. Trying to find the inspiration to post again,
    Slavic Mike

  46. micky2 said,

    Thanks Miche.
    Maybe the comparison I layed down between Eric an I was a little off. I didnt mean to depreciate myself. It was meant more as a comparison of talent between the two, and not to relate me to Courtney. But we do have some aspects of insanity in common.
    I’m a much better yard dog than a writer.
    Any of my writings would bring a different element to Erics blog that he would probably not get off on to say the least.
    I can defend almost every position Eric takes. I would not expect him to do that for some of my positions.
    Thanks, your confidence is truly appreciated.

  47. stjarna said,

    Hmmmm…..What can you do for dead week?

    I can say that doing any other rehash of ANYTHING would automatically be in a bad light. The SAG/Writers’ strike has already forced way too much rehashing already. Reruns are bad enough.

    I would automatically nix any thoughts of Superbowl highlights either. How many times do we need to see them bust out the video clip of a slow-motion Dallas Cowboys-clad Roger Staubach throw a football to the music of Mason William’s ‘Classical Gas?’ It’s been done. The “Where Are They Now?” thing has also been done. There’s no point in doing those anymore. Chances are ex-football stars end up sportscasting, doing annoying commercials or defending themselves against murder charges.

    The dating horror stories sound like a great idea. I have participated in a variety of dating scenarios with high nightmarish potential (blind dates, dating services, created/responded to singles ads) It might even resonate with visitors enough to share their own accounts of the ancient ritual we call dating. Or in JData circles, I’d speculate it’s simply meshugana.

    Avoiding politics would probably be a good idea. It would probably be in the Clinton’s best interest to get Bill out the spotlight. He should probably rest up before he does the next round of damage. Hillary can then also practice her selective disconnecting statements as she qualifies the “two for the price of one” thing. Mitt can practice appearing human….and Guiliani and Huckabee can try to hold campaigns that aren’t overshadowed by the NKOTB reunion tour rumors.

  48. micky2 said,

    Wow !
    Evan Sayet came by. Cool.

  49. Patrick Sperry said,

    Please! No Jdate! After being married to a Jewish American Princess for half my life I really don’t want to hear about any of that! ( She passed away 12/99) The better postings from other blogs with added commentary of your own is a classic idea. I would suggest taking up fly fishing, and then reporting back about your experiences, but you are not up for any new hobbys…

    I suppose we could send you off to Front Sight for a course or two, and you could report back here…

  50. Smokin Joe said,

    Oooooh, choices are great, but good ones make the decision that much harder.

    I say, go through the all, and the people will leave their opinions, perhaps there is no solid replacement for something you love to write about so much, but through some modification, you can find a great offseason column idea.

    And I gotta say, thanks for the email, when I first started visiting this site, I have to frankly admit, I brushed it off. But you really are putting in some great dedication towards the quality of your ‘stuff.’

    Kudos, keep up the good work, and whichever idea you choose, I’m confident it will be popular (if not, you will find something that works). You’ve got a great drive and great readers.

    Personally, if you could start some Football Addicts Anonymous groups I know I’d greatly appreciate it. We can simulate games all day and argue over who’s the best at whichever position without actually coming to any sort of agreement.

    At least today was media day, holy hilarity.

  51. Faultline USA said,

    There’s always something to make everyone mad at

  52. snooper said,

    Take your song writing skills and your guit-fiddle abilities and write political parodies!

    That will be a change of pace and there is a HERD of political fodder out and about!

    It took a while but I think that is an original concept seeing that it wasn’t on the list and I didn’t see it anywhere in the comments.

  53. Wolf Pangloss said,

    Republican History Sundays. Start with the anti-Slavery foundations of the Republican party.

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