Copacabana–From Hawaii to Havana

February 20, 2008 at 10:09 am (MUSIC, POLITICS)



  1. Mr. Fabulous said,

    Dude, next time you write a parody, you gotta commit! 🙂

  2. micky said,

    Paradise is nice. No doubt its one of the most beautiful places on earth.
    But I’ve always complained about how backasswards things are done here.
    Basic infrastructure, commerce, government, etc. Its embaressing sometimes.
    But last night took the cake.
    After seeing how large voter turn outs have been during all the other primaries you would think these guys would of gotten the heads up, or even a clue.
    Instead we had thousands of people standing in line .

    Heres the local stations take on this mess.

    “HONOLULU (KHNL) – It was definitely a night of mixed reactions. While thousands voted in Tuesday night’s Democratic caucus, the long lines and confusion forced many others to turn around and head home.

    It can only be described as an event. Thousands across the state turning out in droves to vote for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

    At Manoa Elementary, a capacity crowd came out to share their presidential pick.

    It was definitely a chaotic night, but people who called our KHNL newsroom reported that things were even crazier at other precincts.

    In fact, we were told that in Heeia, a fist fight broke out amongst frustrated voters.

    And many other caucus sites reportedly ran out of materials for caucus goers.

    We had many people tell us they simply gave up, after waiting in line for hours.

    And at Jefferson Elementary School in Waikiki it was the same story: a huge amount of people turned out and the line snaked around the school.

    Many Hawaii caucus goers definitely had their patience tested, as they waited for hours just to participate.

    Go to the link and see the pic.

    What they dont report in this story is that the voters had to use SCRATCH PAPER BALLOTS !!!

  3. deaconblue said,

    A fist fight at a Democrat’s polling place? Aren’t they supposed to be the party of peace, love, and non-violence? Too funny.

  4. micky said,

    Its O.K. deacon.
    It was for the greater good.

  5. deaconblue said,

    Ahhh, I see. It was a “heated discussion” about hope versus change. So who won? And will there be a rematch? Vegas odds?

  6. micky said,

    Whats really funny ( maybe scary) is that around 9:30 pm Hawaii time I looked at my screen and it showed the results at 10% of precincts in.
    It said Hillary 666
    Obama 2538

  7. Bald-Headed Geek said,

    ROTFLMAO! That was priceless.



  8. micky said,

    they both got locked up.

  9. deaconblue said,

    So, much like their candidates, no clear resolution then. What was Tip O’Niell’s adage? All politics is local politics?

    Someone should do a YouTube video where they boil down the entire Obama-Clinton race into this fist fight.

    Was it at least an entertaining fight?

  10. Jersey McJones said,

    I’m eagerly waiting for Eric to get on this new NYT/McCain story…


  11. micky said,

    Its all BS jersey.

  12. Jersey McJones said,

    Yeah, ya’ know, I haven’t been able to wrap my head around it. Either there was some kind of illicit quid pro quo or there wasn’t. I don’t understand why they ran the story without having that figured out.

    I know it was looked into in the past, and no provable qiud pro quo was apparent then. The closest reference we have is the Keating Five scandal. The common take on this was that Keating went to McCain and John Glenn because they were up-and-coming new political stars in the Senate – and American heroes – to use them for the appearance of propriety. Both McCain and Glenn basically admitted to being innocent patsies, but their reputations still carry an understandable tarnish. It was a bipartisan scandal, and so my take has always been that they were all let off a little easy because the scandal involved was bigger than Lincoln S&L, touching so many people that it was quashed: It was a reputational M.A.D. scenario, so no one acted.

    So, I don’t know what to make of this, and I still don’t understand why they ran the story without the quid pro quo allegation, or something – anything! – of more substance. I don’t care about the sex angle. I just want to know if Mr Clean is really clean.


  13. micky said,

    Well, I think the Keating thing is separate from this thin and unsubstantiated sensationlism being driven by the times. The story was ready in Dec, But no one could really make anything definate of it , including the republic rag. It was a race of sorts. If it didnt get published there would of been heat from the left. If it did get published there would be heat from the right.
    I think the times pacified the left on this one. Just as McCain starts to get a lead, this happens.
    Things that make you go hmmm.

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