My Interview With Dr. Walter Williams

February 21, 2008 at 10:10 am (POLITICS)



  1. Jersey McJones said,


    I wish the good professor would expand on what he thinks “liberty” is. To most it means “the freedom to do as I choose.” I wonder what the professor thinks government is for. Is it for being “limited.” Is that even a thing to be for? Government exists to govern – to direct the flow of our expressions of liberty so as to maintain our ability to express. I do not believe the good professor shares my meanings of liberty or government.


  2. micky said,

    The government exists to “protect” our liberties. To protect our “right ” to direct our flow of expressions of liberty without intevention. not “govern” them.
    No body “directs” the flow of my expression. Anything else is called legislating morals and ethics.

  3. Jersey McJones said,

    Protect? Direct? Govern? I think governence has more to do with direction than protection. What, do you want a mommy state?


  4. micky said,

    I was saying that the governments responsabilty should be limited to protecting our rights. Not directing them or governing them.
    I don’t want a nanny or mommy state. I said that ” NOBODY” directs the flow of my expression.
    I’m about as politically correct as Sam Kinison.
    It all is determined by the perception of whos interest is best. Does the government have the right to determine whats in the best interest of the people ?
    Or does the government make sure that we are able to determine by our own free will whats in our best interest ?

    #3 in Erics interview explains a good part of my feelings on governments and how their interventions have usually been failures in domestic issues. Education etc…

    Also #10;
    “my goal is to sell Americans on the moral superiority of personal liberty, whose main ingredient is limited government”

    Mr Williams hit it on the nail.
    When government gets too big as in communist countries or socialist countries you lose liberties.
    Any form of governing whether its political or mechanical or instructional has always constricted liberty.

  5. Jersey McJones said,

    When you have a bunch of different people doing a bunch of different things, and all these bunches have to somehow get along and do as they please as much as possible – that’s when you need a government. Freedom REQUIRES government. Liberty REQUIRES constraint on government.

    Its all about balance.


  6. micky2 said,

    Good enough, but not so much in all areas.
    Safety and zoning , public infrastructure, and such yea.
    The market and peoples personal lives they should leave alone.

  7. Jersey McJones said,

    “The market”??? Which market? Should we just have uninspected food? Uninspected toys for kids? Unisured banking? What regulations would you do away with? What constraints would you remove?

    I always hear this “small gov’t” argument from conservatives, but I rarely get any details about what exactly they would shrink, other than getting rid of entitlements so that we’d be a thrid world cess pool.


  8. micky said,

    Dont take this personally. I’m just notin the mood to argue the same thing all over again.
    I’ll give it to you briefly.
    The government imposes taxs on the market that are not condusive to growth.
    We have global warming initiatives being pushed on the market by the government.
    Npo smoking bans are a small but good example of government confusing private property with the “greater good’
    Entitlements create cess pools by fostering low work initiatives and stagnate the economy. Any country without a decent market could not afford to give out entitlements. And as a result of a decent economy would not need them.
    What have entitlements done to get this country any further in the last 50 years ? I needed to know.
    More people with population growth considerd are using entitlements now than ever before. They only create a paradox of dependancy. And are a magnet for lethargy.
    Wealth redistribution never did any good for any system except drive it broke. Just look at the countries that use it. It doesnt work and its very expensive for those who dont need or use it.
    The free market is what has caused this country to thrive. Not government regulations.

    God bless man , pay attention. I said above that government should be applied most definatly in areas of zoning , safety and public infrastructure.

    ZONING so we dont have acid plants next to schools

    SAFTEY would be the inspected food you mentioned, drugs and the infrastructure , our highways and electric grids our sewers and water transport. And protecting American lives from any threat

    I just dont want to be told what I should have to do with my money because some slob wont get off his rump. Or what to eat , or how to dicipline my children. Or what words I can and cant use, or what to do with my property. Or which hospital or doctor to see.
    Of course there needs to be balance. But ones perception of what even balance is, is what the problem is.
    Our government is bigger now than its ever been. More new and various types of entitlements are being dished out than ever before.
    Dont tell me that you dont think big government isnt responsable for our biggest defacit ever ?
    Too many cooks spoil the soup.
    Plus, someone has to pay them.

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