The ZOA and the Jerusalem Post

February 26, 2008 at 10:07 am (POLITICS)





  1. chris naron said,

    Obama will style himself a peace-maker in foreign policy. That’s something to fear greatly. Don’t let his inexperience fool you.

    But I think the main reason to be suspicious of him is not what he would do to Israel but what he would do for Israel’s enemies.

  2. SC&A said,

    Great post. Zionism, as you say is a ‘charged subject’ to say the least.

    Also, both Hillary and Obama might very well be willing to ‘rock the boat’ if for no other reason than to display their commitment to ‘change,’ no matter the end result. The ramifications are huge, fro many reasons.

    That said, Zionism is a complex subject. You might appreciate this primer, an ‘Idiot’s Guide To Zionism: What it is and why it matters:

  3. micky2 said,

    Putting any paranoia aside. I still got very lit uup when I heard that Farrakhan had endorsed Obama.
    Obama has rejected almost all of Farrakhans positions.
    But still. What does it say when you have a guy like Farrakhan backing Obama who has been linked to a lot of pro black positions and movements. ?
    Why would Farrakhan think Obama be good for the country ?

  4. Jersey McJones said,

    I’m not touching any of this.


  5. Gayle said,

    I also posted yesterday about Farrakhan endorsing Obama, Eric, and another post about four kids badly beating up a Jew outside of Temple University in Pensylvania. The college hasn’t decided whether to expel them or not! Sheesh! They should be charged with assault and battery! I hate these type of crimes and completely detest those who practice Anti-Simitism in any form whatsoever!

  6. Tom Autry said,

    Obama and Clinton are to be feared. Also the majority of the Dem party and their supporters are to be feared. The Dems will say or do anything to gain power and control over the American People. This is their agenda and they will do what ever is necessary to achieve it. What is most terrifing is that about 50% of the American People don’t see the danger and unfortunately actually believe in this agenda.

    Has any one ever noticed that our enemies support the Dems? Pay Attention!!

    Don’t be fooled, the Dems will harm Israel if not by their action then by their enaction. I consider Israel our (America’s) best hope. If Israel is successful against its enemies then perhaps we will be successful against ours. Which by the way are one and the same.

    I can’t trust a person who can’t see the danger. But I’ll pray for you and our Nation.

    Tom Autry,
    Watonga, OK

  7. jweaver said,

    Good post, but Zionism is actually the belief in the need for a Jewish homeland in biblical Israel. There is not a requirement to move there, thereby allowing many non-Jewish Zionists to exist.

  8. Gayle said,

  9. Christopher said,

    President Bush as much as I love him has been too weak in supporting Israel and too friendly with Saudi Arabia. Until we completly erraticate every single muslim theocracy posing as goverment, Israel, the UK, and the US will not be safe. Iraq was a good start but let’s get to work.

  10. micky2 said,

    By the time we get the middle east handled Europe will be were its at.

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