The Next Dick Cheney

March 27, 2008 at 9:14 am (POLITICS)



  1. micky2 said,

    You cant have Linda Lingle.
    Shes the best thing thats happened here in more than 40 years.
    We finally have a counter the decades of Dem dominated politics.
    Our unemployment rate is less than 2% and we maintain one of the highest standards of living in the country even though we are one of the three most expensive states to live in. And have one of the lowest crime rates also.
    We had an ole boy system for decades that was systematically draining our state and rampant corruption in all parts of the hierarchy untill Linda came along.
    She would be a great VP.
    But thank God she is not well known on the mainland.

  2. Jersey McJones said,

    I’ve heard some Lieberman rumors flying around for McCain. I’m not sure how much Joe Lieberman would help or Hurt McCain. Pawlenty would be a smart political choice. McCain shouldn’t have to worry much about the South, or the Red West, but the Midwest and Northeast will be in play. That puts Pawlenty, Christ, Giuliani, Lieberman, and oddly enough, Huckabee in serious play. Anyone too far to the perceived “Right” will only hurt McCain in the Midwest and Northeast. Christ would help in Florida and California, and the Northeast.

    It’s an interesting question. After all, McCain is no spring chicken. His VP could well become president one day. Voters will consider that. That’s why some older choices may not fly – like a John Warner or a Fred Thompson type.

    For the Dems, the choices are less stark. Richarson just signed his preemptive letter of resignation from any future with Clinton, but he’d be a good choice for Obama. Cleland would be a good choice for either. Bob Graham too. I think Jim Webb would be a fantastic choice, regardless of what Republicans think – swing voters like him. If he seems abrasive, it’s only because he’s rightly infuriated with the administration and its abuse of the military. TN’s new Gov would be a good pick too. But until the Dems can finally pick a candidate, this all remains wide open. Given the damage the Dems are doing to each other right now, whoever gets the nod had better make a really good choice for veep. It may be the only shot they have left in the end.


  3. greg said,

    Max Cleland would be an interesting choice. Not sure I’m there yet, but would certainly take a look. Kathleen Sibelius, governor of Kansas, is another one I’d take a hard look at. As for the Repubs, I don’t have a clue. I do think McCain should not pick one of the prior candidates. He needs something fresh if he is to have a chance. I suspect it’s going to be Charlie Crist but that’s just a gut reaction. And while maybe there will be a Clinton/Obama ticket (and I have serious doubts it would ever happen), there will never be an Obama/Clinton ticket.

    On a personal note, I am having spinal fusion back surgery tomorrow so I will be on the DL for awhile. It’s those damn environmentalists’ fault. If there were more toxic pesticides polluting our air and water, maybe the bug that was crawling on the woman who got distracted, rear-ended me, totalled our car, and messed up my back, would never had been there. Rat bastards …

    At least she’s got good insurance.

  4. micky2 said,

    News flash.
    Mitt Romney just started cruising fund raisers with McCain.
    Go figure.

  5. Jersey McJones said,

    Well, Micky, Reagan picked Bush Sr and no one ever thought that would happen. Politics has made stranger bedfellows. But Reagan was a cool cookie. I wonder if McCain has the temperment to run on a ticket with a guy he so plainly dislikes.

    Good luck and best health, Greg. Hope all goes well for ya’,


  6. micky2 said,

    Maybe it was some moonbat taking a dung beetle to an insect shelter. ๐Ÿ™‚
    My dad had the same surgery. but that was in the 60s.
    They’re much better at it now, you should be fine.
    But yea, the process is a bitch.
    I’ll put a note in Gods box for ya.

  7. Tim B. said,

    I always chuckled when liberals compared Cheney to Darth Vader … like we thought that was a bad thing.

  8. greg said,

    Thanks, all of you.

    Well it was a moonbat, but no dung beetles. Sounds like your dad didn’t fare all that well. They do 135,000 a year now, and supposedly the guy I’ve got is pretty good. Not sure how I’ll do going through metal detectors but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

  9. micky2 said,

    Wow Greg.
    If its your lower lumbars the TSA might want to do a cavity search.
    Better carry a doctors note.
    We got Romney teaming up with McCain and now Al Gore is supposedly gonna play Dudley Doo right and pull the Dems off the tracks.
    I’m sooooo glad I dont gamble

  10. Neocon News ยป Daily Quick Hits 3/27/08 said,

    […] The Next Dick Cheney […]

  11. silverfox863 said,

    Intersting choices. If I recollect correctly, Max Cleland was not technically a war hero. He lost his limbs by accident when handling hand granade. Also as a Georgia politician, he had a couple of eithics issues. However, former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn would be formidable, but probably too conservative for Democrat liberals. If Obama is the nominee, I agree with your assessment that he needs an experienced wqar veteran on the ticket. If Hillary is the nominee, I also agree that she will need an African-American on the ticket, such as John Lewis, to generate the black vote in November.

    McCain should pick a governor with a strong backgrounhd in economic policy. I agree that Pawlenty is the most logical and strongest choice. I hear the name of Haley Barbour, who may help generate conservative votes, but he had one or two financial ethics issues in the past. I think that Mitt Romney is being floated around now as a trial baloon for vice-president. If Hillary is the nominee, McCain could counter with a female vice president nominee, such as Kay Bailey Hutchinson or Elizabeth Dole, or someone younger. A surpirse, long shot vice preseidental pick would be the last black republican in Congress, J.C. Watts. But McCain needs a governor with executive skills and strong with economics.

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