Sensory Overload!

April 23, 2008 at 5:18 am (POLITICS, SPORTS, Uncategorized)



  1. Snooper said,

    HA! You forgot the vanishing penises in the Congo! What about those?

  2. micky2 said,

    Alright Grandma !
    You go lady ! 🙂

    Dijon dressing, a steak and a Shirley Temple ?
    Dude, you’re asking for it.

  3. jonrossi2044 said,

    100 years old and she still is funny at passover seders – and can still eat more than I do! (i don’t know if that’s embarrassing or something to be proud of, for me…)

    And as for Obama… sure, he’s got Mellencamp, but ya can’t forget Springsteen! haha
    (even if he’s not the right choice (or an absolutely wrong choice), you’re right – he’s still an altogether class-act, and that’s definitely something respectable)

    and the sports coverage… well I’m just loving that the Sharks won their quarterfinal. Can you say Rangers/Sharks Stanley Cup Finals?

  4. The Pissed Off Tree Rat said,

    Have a great time at the Draft. I’d be joining you (NJ based now) there, but I have to fly to Austin this weekend. Keep an eye out for the ever important #15 pick! My post schedule release prediction has the Lions going 9-7. But honestly that may be the beer talking.

  5. Jersey McJones said,

    100 years. Wow! What does she eat? My wife’s grandmother, whom the wife and I are now care-taking, is 94 (or 96 – nobody really knows, but her SS card says so…). She eats chocolate cake, donuts, pudding, chocolate ice cream, endless kielbasa, and Ensure – and drank her whole life until about 15-20 years ago. So, if you want to live forever, forget everything you’ve ever been told about a proper healthy diet.

    Hillary’s victory in PA was very important, regardless of what the pundits think. The fact of the matter is that Hillary wins the states that the Dems have to win in November if they want the White House and her voters are more likely to stick with the Dems if she’s the nominee. The one thing she has going for her is that the popular vote is very close. If she can garner enough popular votes, then she can get the SD’s to swing her way and the Dems will stand a better chance of winning the White House. Obama CAN NOT win in November. Period. It’s not that he’s too liberal (he’s not), it’s not that he lacks experience (it’s really a non-issue) – it’s that he’s a black man named Obama. Racism trumps misogyny. And while Obama can count on the black vote, a small voting minority, Hillary can count on the womens and hispanic vote, huge voting blocks – women alone could put her over the top. If the Dems nominate Obama, they will lose. If it’s Hillary, they stand a chance. Indiana will be a key race.


  6. micky2 said,

    “It’s not that he’s too liberal (he’s not), it’s not that he lacks experience (it’s really a non-issue) – it’s that he’s a black man named Obama. Racism trumps misogyny. ”

    Typical lib BS.
    Its either racism or misogyny.
    God forbid they just suck in the merit dept.

  7. Jersey McJones said,

    Hey, did you guys hear? Karl Rove just got caught up in the Resko scandal! LOL!!! Ya’ just can’t make this stuff up.


    I wish merit mattered more, but aparently it doesn’t. Americans have proved that time and time again. After all, our current resident was barely qualified to run a gas station and he’s been elected president almost twice!


  8. micky2 said,

    Thats besides the point.
    The point is that when someone doesnt get elected on merit its automatically racism or sexist or some other terribly predictable and weak reason.
    The merit that people do see lacking is the abilty to clearly still define himself and also his lack of connection to the real world.
    And the biggest issue the public has with Hillary is her trustworthiness
    Do some investigating and see what people say instead of blabbing out your race bait every chance you get.
    You accusations are terribly predictable and make for boring conversation.
    You would rather concern yourself with your pre concieved notions of the publics sentiments as opposed to what people actually think.
    Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot.
    You know what everyone thinks without having to look

  9. Jersey McJones said,

    When I look at the poll numbers and how white dems would vote should Obama be the nominee, it strikes me plainly as racism. Strangely enough, if the black nominee were Republican, he or she would probably stand a pretty good chance. What a world.


  10. micky2 said,

    Maybe, just maybe Jersey its the black community that is exercising a little racism and favortism here and not looking at the merits.
    Also alot of the kids are voting just out the pie eyed wish for diversity ?

    “Ohh! Wow ! We could have a black man in office for the first time !
    Who cares if he dont know his butt from a hole in the ground.? We must break barriers”

    Anyway. The polls also show what I said to be true. One has no experience, hasnt defined him and his positions or plans well enough( along with some unexplained skeletons) and the other cant be trusted.

  11. micky2 said,

    Here Jersey.
    The poll fronted by the Washington Post today contains some really interesting results. But you wouldn’t know that by reading the article written about it, which focused almost exclusively on the less-that-breaking news that Democrats have what you might call a “trust issue” with Hillary. Here’s how it’s framed: “Most See Dishonesty: Poll Shows Erosion Of Trust in Clinton.”
    Only 25 percent of voters gave Clinton high marks for trustworthiness, compared with 54 percent for McCain and 48 percent for Obama. Even Democrats ranked Clinton lower.

    These opinions are well established by most people on reasonable blogs and are supported by the polls out there also.
    Your assertions of racism and mysogyny are just cry baby liberal tactics used when you cant handle the truth.
    Most likely to be found at the daily Kos or some other radical smear site.

    You country and its people alot smarter and are not as evil as you would like to think they are

  12. Jersey McJones said,

    “Maybe, just maybe Jersey its the black community that is exercising a little racism and favortism here and not looking at the merits.”

    Oh, I agree. There’s racism of varying sorts flying around all over the place here – as with irony. Heck, I’m more African American than him! Kidding aside, Obama is not a product of the Civil Rights Movement, in almost any way, and does not eminate from the mainstream Black political class in America. So, the blacks that support him because he is black are just as delluded as the whites who vote against him for the same reason – and all vice versa between.

    “Also alot of the kids are voting just out the pie eyed wish for diversity?”

    Well, I don’t really care much about the kids because they vote in small numbers. Baby Boomers are the key to this election, and to be honest, Gen X’ers and Y’ers are more realistic and cynical than the Baby Boomers. It’s those Baby Boomers who are all pie-eyed and unrealistic, always choosing to see the best in the American people, always convinced that we’re turned one corner or another and can “Move On.” Sure, some young people by into this myth of Progressive Populism, but again, they’re are negligible minority of the electorate as plenty of their age group vote GOP.

    Really, Americans are not as sophisticated as the Democratic Baby Boomers seem to believe. My mother is convinced the Dems will win no matter what and we’ll have big changes in the near future, and she’s no fool (you try getting degrees in the study of French and Russian literature!). Yet I do not share her optimism – not in the possibility or what it could bring. For Baby Boomers, every election is the next big thing, the great change, “everythings going to be better now,” kinda stuff. It’s propagated by the popular media – another sector run by Baby Boomers.

    As for “experience” or “trust,” I don’t think people really deeep down distrust Hillary or Obama to be competent presidents. After what we’ve been through in recent years, I don’t think people care about that stuff. They know that the GOP or the Democrats, howeverso arranged, will be running things and personality and all won’t play into this. Not enough to swing the election, anyway. But RACE could, yes. Race still inspires the worst in Americans and is just as pervasive, incidious and ubiquitous as ever. If you don’t see that then you are perfect example of a pie-eyed Baby Boomer.


  13. Jersey McJones said,

    Oops. I shouldn’t have said “you” in that last sentence, but rather “one,” as you pointed out an example of race-driven politics above. Remember this though, African American are a small part of te electorate, and getting smaller all the time. Another thing for the Dems to consider. This could be giving Hillary votes that may go to McCain in the end. I still can’t call this election by a looooooooooong shot!


  14. micky2 said,

    “Well, I don’t really care much about the kids because they vote in small numbers. ”

    This election has seen the greatest young voter turn out ever yet.
    And the majority of them are voting for Obama. On all three cable networks the polls all reflect this.

    “and she’s no fool (you try getting degrees in the study of French and Russian literature!). ”

    What does the study of two languages have to with insight to American politics ?

    Not pie eyed babyboomer. I was born just a little after that sublime sexual revolution.

    I just give people more credit than you.
    And I brought up reliable statistics to prove my point.

    You are wrong.
    Money has and always will inspire the worst in people.

    And race is not just as pervasive, incidious and ubiquitous as ever.
    If I remember correctly neither women or blacks could not vote not too long ago and we’ve had major advances in equal rights for both in the last 50 years.
    So no, you are absolutley 100% wrong to say “as ever”

  15. micky2 said,

    A while back I told this thread that I thought Hillary would take the primary and that this was a good thing.
    Because I believe McCain will mop the floor with her.

  16. Jersey McJones said,

    Yeah, yeah, every primary brings out the “youth vote” but name me an election in 47 years where it made a difference.

    “Money has and always will inspire the worst in people.”


    “And race is not just as pervasive, incidious and ubiquitous as ever.”

    Yeah, right…

    If Obama gets the nom, and it looks like he will, you guys could be in trouble. You could win the presidential election but lose almost every other race for years afterwards. McCain will pull a Reagan, IMHO, and give the Dems everything they want in return for robust military spending and we’ll all wind up even further down the toilet than we are now. Like I said, race and irony are flyin’ around all over the place these days.


  17. micky2 said,

    Climb out of the looney bin dude.

    If you think racism is as bad as its ever been you got stuck in a time warp about 60 years ago.
    You really ought to rethink that statement.

    The youth vote makes more and more of a difference at every election, progressivly.
    Just like civil rights for women and blacks. It progressed in stages. It did not just popcorn fart its way her like you see it now.

    Besides that no matter how many youth vote the issue was where his support lies.
    Any section of the voting community can make a difference in the end.

    Are you an ageist ?

  18. Jersey McJones said,

    Well, the “youth vote” (18-25 year olds, mostly college students and grads) may or may not come out in November, it’s hard to tell. Either way, the sheer numbers of Baby Boomers, the majority of voters, is difficult to override. The war is certainly on the “youth voters” minds, as with college costs. Most of them will go to the Dems. If Obama is the nominee, they may well come out in force. If Hillary is the nominee, it’s harder to tell. There have to be issues on their minds to get them motivated. The war is a pretty big issue, but with no draft and only a tiny percentage of Americans in any way engaged in the war, again it’s hard to tell.

    It’s not that I’m an ageist (LOL!), but rather that Baby Boomers are the largest age group in America and they are worried about entitlements, healthcare and such, but also a lot of them are “conservative” and pro-war. Again, it’s hard to tell what they will do as well. I think it would be just the opposite of the youth in the sense that if Obama is the nominee, or so the polls say, they will be less likely to vote Dem, whereas if Hillary is the nominee, they will more remain with the Dems. So in a way, this is a partisan tug-of-war between the Boomers and the X’ers and Y’ers. IMHO, the Boomers win this one by sheer force of numbers.


  19. Jersey McJones said,

    Oh, and I am quite convinced that racism looms as large as ever, it’s just that common, polite, public conversation dictates a certain a-racial discourse. In other words, people keep their feelings to themselves and their immediate circles of friends and family. But if you get out there in “Middle America” and talk to people, boy o’ boy, you’ll find out quick just how racist we still are.


  20. Rigg said,

    The sensory overload is something I am quite familiar with.
    In fact I am quite comfortable in that mode as it is so common in out world.

    My counseling credentials give me the right to suggest to you a remedy:

    I want you to think of one thing, one song, one message.

    Concentrate hard and tunnel vision into this thought only:

    “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

  21. micky2 said,

    “But if you get out there in “Middle America” and talk to people, boy o’ boy, you’ll find out quick just how racist we still are.”

    Only if you take every stinking phrase or comment out of context.
    Because as it seems in your case and a lot of other liberals you look for excuses to call everyday language and respectable positions racist.

    How many times have those who just want illegal immigration brought under control been labeled racist when its really a security and fed expense issue ?

    In Obamas case you have a lot of people who are not racist that are simply concerned with what looks like racial preferance on his part. So if we see him pandering to blacks and we feel his policies would be disadvatnageous to other minorities or regular whites and speak against those policies we are somehow racist because we dont want to see an overwhelming amount of support from his policies go to one minority in particular.
    To say we are as racist as ever is totally innacurate.
    Especially coming from a history buff as yourself you should know better.
    You might take into consideration that I was raised in Florida untill I was 7 and saw first hand what it was like before MLK made his calling. I remember seeing blacks who were simply selling tomatoes door to door chased off our property with guns and neighbors screaming ni88er at them. The lynchings and the rampant KKK.
    The civil rights movement along with the hippie and free love , love your brother movement in the 60s and 70s took a lot of wind out of racisms sails.
    So no, you are wrong, we are not as racist as ever

  22. micky2 said,

    Still the fact remains that the youth turn out is greater than ever.
    Point being. Do you remember the difference it made with Clintons first election ?
    How can you forget the youth pandering right up till the very end with boxers or briefs, saxophones and the MTV rock the vote Fleetwood Mac etc…
    They new that the youth was an untapped resource that had never been approached seriously before and so they did, and they(he ) won. Most other voting stats remained the same but they knew that if they could bring in the youth vote , that is what would make a difference.
    Just like today, most adults will remain loyal and tend to vote they way they always do. But the youth is a little more naive and impressionable and harvestable.
    Obama is new to them and Hillary is no longer a part of what appeared to be a hip young couple so for her to pander to Americas youth will not play as well as it did back then

  23. Jersey McJones said,

    Clinton only won in 92 because of Perot and Perot got quite a bit of the youth vote as well. It had nothing to do with the youth vote in and of itself.

    As for racism, you are a classic Baby Boomer, all pie-eyed and convinced of our American perfection. I stand by what I said and would bet my left arm on it.


  24. micky2 said,

    Cool, now you’ll be a righty cuz even the most basic of elementary history proves you wrong.
    Get some one to cut that steak for you.
    Because basically what you are saying is that we have not come anywhere since the 1800s.
    And that is just plain and simple unadulterated Bu**sh**

  25. Jersey McJones said,

    Micky, enough with the semantics. All I’m saying, and it should be strikingly obvious to all, is that racism remains a standard of American society, it’s just not spoken of in polite society any more. So, you think if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, it doesn’t make a sound. Good for you.


  26. micky2 said,

    You can call it semantics all you want.
    And no it was not “all ” you were saying because you defended the “as ever ” remark 4 times now. So its hardly sematics on my part as much as it is you defending a ridiculous and unfouned statement which I only took in the proper context that you yourself put it in.
    And now you choose to re title it as “a standard of american society “. “AS ever” and ” a standard of American society ” are really the same thing. Both mean to keep things at a consistant level.
    Now whos playing semantics ? HUH ?
    Take your foot outta your mouth and give it up.

  27. Jersey McJones said,

    Whatever. Racism is a big deal, I think it is. Such is life.


  28. micky2 said,

    True, relevant, and factual history are far better sources to draw from than from what you think.
    Would you like to debate the progression of civil rights in this country ?
    If you seriously believe that we have not progressed in that department then the left has been absolutly useless in its push for the last 50 years to do anything for minorities.
    All the movements and laws passed and civil liberties triumphs have amounted to nothing ?

    But of course why would expect any other opinion from a group of people who seek out and label injustices that are not present.

    It just happened to me at a Mensa website 5 minutes ago.
    We had a list of names up and it was a game to decide if we could tell the difference between physical symptoms and some of the strange names Blacks give to their daughters and sons.
    Cyiarra etc…
    It was all in good fun as we quickly moved on to the stupid redneck “billy bob” names whites give to their kids also.
    One gentleman protested that we were being racist and bla bla bla.
    I quickly informed him that we were an equal opportunity offender website.

    Need a boost in your life ?
    Find out what it is about you that makes you unique and then use that uniqueness to qualify you as some kind of minority and promptly cry injustice and bigotry in order to get some special treatment

  29. Jersey McJones said,

    Micky, I’m talking about the way people feel. There’s no poll, no statistic, not much to cite. All we can go by is inference from data and personal anecdotes. I think most whites are still scared and disdainful of black people. Polls showing the way Obama’s supporters would vote if he lost the nomination as opposed to how Hillary’s supporters would vote if she lost do back up my suspicion. Look at the immigration debate. Look at the callousness of our dealings with Arabs, or Third World trading partners.

    You don’t believe it, fine. Enjoy your bliss. I don’t care.


  30. political forums said,

    There is an enormous amount of analysis on the race everyday. Everyday I check out Chuck Todd’s First Look, Real Clear Politics and I also check out the polls section on RCP everyday. I think the best thing is just to wait and see what happens in Indiana. It’s been called the last battleground state. After that, all the other states are pretty predictable.

    – Ned

  31. micky2 said,

    Hah! You’re a riot.
    Now you know how the country feels.
    What are you ? Some giant Vulcan who did a mind melt on the whole country ?

    I’m talking factual history against you and your feelings.
    Get over yourself already, jeez.

    If you think for one second that you can actually make a case that racism is as prevalent in our society as it ever was I will be here waiting with a treasure trove of facts that surley deem you certifiable.

    “All we can go by is inference from data and personal anecdotes”

    By the way , since when are polls and concrete facts of history not data ?

  32. Jersey McJones said,

    Micky, people don’t answer poll questions with, “Yes, I am a bigotted, racist, misogynist, xenophobe, homophobe, abusive, lying slobbola.”


  33. micky2 said,

    get real and stop playing games with me.
    It all depends on the polls.

    And even without polls and their margin of error we still have documented history in just about every grade school history book that shuts you up.

    Now give it up.

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