Remembering My Grandma Sylvia

April 30, 2008 at 9:05 am (Uncategorized)



  1. micky2 said,

    I envy you Eric.
    I wish the relationship with my either of my grandmothers was one bit as pleasurable and rewarding as yours.
    As opposed to my memories you have some great ones to hold and cherish.
    I come from a mostly disfunctional family and would like to reflect on what Eric said yesterday.
    Hug your loved ones.
    And you are very fortunate Eric as you seem to of always had good reason to dish out a lot of hugs.

  2. jonrossi2044 said,

    simply beautiful, Eric… she was a wonderful woman and we were lucky to have her.

    (and shame on you – 4:20? i don’t stay out that late… i’m 4:09, the latest… haha)

  3. Eagle 6 said,

    Thanks for sharing such great memories! My maternal grandmother was great – she had quite a wild past and although Catholic, remarried and never again took communion. She always had a German Shepard. My step-grandfather was a mean Czeck and trained the dogs accordingly. His idea of affection was to slug me in the arm, causing it to bruise, The dogs often bit me when I visited or rode my bike past their house.. most times broke skin. In her later years when I was older, wiser, and braver (actually, beer gives courage), I broke the code with her last dog – I would show up at 0300 hrs with coney dogs. Her biggest and meanest Shepard , Mitzi, and I became fast friends, and she only bit me once – the time I forgot to bring coney dogs…

  4. BT in SA said,

    You were, indeed, Eric, one lucky Grandson – and your Grandmother – a lucky woman to have you for a Grandson. May she rest in peace – sitting at the table next to my Great Grandmother – also 99 11/2 – and learn to slip the green beans to my Father – who WILL eat them. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Eric. With sympathy and hugs, BT in SA

  5. Janet Maday said,

    I also had a Grandma Sylvia who was my best friend too. She passed away at 90 in 1993. I miss her everyday. Isn’t it wonderful to have these memories. To this day, if I cry, I pull out HER hankerchief which is in peices, but hers. I have her picture on my desk at work. To have grandmothers that make such a huge impact in our lives, that add so much love and laughter is the gift of all gifts. I’m a grandma now too, and I want to be to him what Grandma Sylvia was to me and what YOUR grandma Sylvia was to you.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Janet Shapiro Maday

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