Lady Macbeth, Camelot, and the Wizard of Oz

May 24, 2008 at 11:42 am (POLITICS)



  1. micky2 said,

    I got the impression she was implying that Kennedys tenacity is what put him in that predicament. And due to that aspect it might be better for Obama to look at Kennedys plight and take heed
    The only problem is that I see her being a lot more tenacious and at a lot more risk of sticking her neck out too far.

    Then again, people around her and her husband have been know to drop dead mysteriously.

  2. ztormtra said,

    Nonsense & you know it.

  3. The Lizard said,


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  4. Jersey McJones said,

    While Hillary should never have said that, many people do fear for Obama’s safety. There very well may be people out there that would rather spend the rest of their days in prison rather than see a black man elected president. I hope he stays safe.


  5. micky2 said,

    This is what I mean about liberals.
    While I was stressing that it would be tenacity that would be the element for Obama and was so for Kennedy.
    The moonbats come in and play the race card by saying there would be race as an element in any similar scenario.

    How bout this for a thought ?
    God forbid, If anyone did take a shot at Obama do ya think it could be just because he has some lousy policies ?
    Nooooooo, the moonbats will cry; ” its cuz he’s black !”

  6. Jersey McJones said,

    Well, Micky, I’m sure there are probably some deranged persons out there who might try to kill him because of some perceived “lousy policies.” All I was saying is that any sane American who knows anything about his country and doesn’t live under a rock would fear somewhat for the safety of America’s potentially first black president.


  7. micky2 said,

    Or for any president for a number of reasons.
    As history has proven, most assasinations had nothing to do with race.

  8. parrothead said,

    I could also see some fanatical Hillary fan killing him because he is a man, since he is “standing in the way of a woman president.” That would be similar to Monica Seles getting stabbed by a Steffi Graf fan so she would not take away the number 1 ranking. Or the end of The World According to Garp. Hopefully nothing like that happens, but if it did it could be for a myriad of reasons. The point is by Hillary saying what she did, God forbid something does happen there will always be the question did her comments put the thought in the person’s mind (whether she did or not).

    Just a side note, assuming George W. Bush survives to the end of his term, he will be only the second president since 1820 elected in year ending in 0 not to die in office. Reagan was the first but even he got shot. So presidents have been shot for many different reasons, many we don’t even understand to this day.

  9. J.Rock said,

    Olbermann gets it right, for once. Opening the door to Hillary’s soul reveals something frightening.

    Pt 1:

    Pt 2:

    At 1:50 into Part 2, Olbermann nails her in the best chronological summary of her campaign to date. His last sentence… wow… I could not have said it better myself.

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