Memorial Day–Silence remains appropriate

May 26, 2008 at 1:43 am (POLITICS)



  1. memorial day activities said,

    […] a year later remain unchanged. While people have the freedom to protest on memorial Day, having the Day observances set for today Stevens Point JournalHere is a schedule of local events for […]

  2. foutsc said,

    Thoughtful and well written. I agree completely.

  3. micky2 said,

    I am humbled in the precense of these great warriors.
    No matter what anyone says or thinks there is no denying that a man who is willing to lay his life on the line for his country or the better of others deserves at least one day a year if not 365 to be honored, and everything else but honor should be put aside.

    God bless you all gentlemen.
    Rest in peace.

  4. Jersey McJones said,

    Memorial Day (a personal favorite of mine for personal reasons), is a day of remembrance (that’s why “Memorial”). When we remember things, we should try to remember them as clearly and accurately as possible and what we don’t remember we shouldn’t pretend to know without first trying to find out. We have to remember why we fought and for what we fought and why we should or shouldn’t have fought. When we forget what we are fighting for, we simply fight for the sake of fighting. Not by a long ways was every war fought in our name essential to the survival of our nation and “freedom.”

    Remember, it was not war that brought us America or maintained it all these years: it was the great ideas of great men and women. Without them, we’d just have been fighting for nothing if we were fighting, or could fight, at all.

    Happy Memorial Day. It’s a good holiday.


  5. Eagle 6 said,

    Memorial Day is not for remembering why we went to war…doing so simply creates different levels of honor for servicemen and women depending on whether they fought in wWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Mogadishu, Iraq, Afghanistan, or New Orleans… or didn’t fight at all! It is a day to remember Soldiers, active and reserve, who when they enlisted, wrote a blank check to US citizens – a check payable with their lives. I spent a great day with hundreds of US Soldiers in Baghdad Monday – Eric’s point is simple – silence is golden on this particular day should one disagree with US policies – because contrary to your final statement, this nation was founded on war – we beat up the English, Spanish, Indians, Russians and everyone else who impeded Manifest Destiny, and our freedoms, and those of our allies, have been maintained by war, not appeasement.

  6. The Pissed Off Tree Rat said,

    I can happily say that on Memorial Day, at the post I drive by on a daily basis, the persistant weekend protesters at the front gate stayed home. For that I am thankful. On Memorial Day I think of my fallen friends, and those I never knew, and like to leave politics completely out of it. It was a good day.

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