The Senate Slumber Party–Time to make Smores

July 17, 2007 at 1:29 pm (POLITICS)


  1. Carole said,

    Mandatory? My GOD! This reminds me of required teacher inservice…only without the cots! If I was a senator I would be A.) insulted to be treated this way, B.) p***ed off that my time is being wasted and C.) resigning!

    Nope…nope. I changed my mind. I’d bring the sleeping pills, my woobie, my ipod, my feetie pajamas, and settle in for a nice nap.

    My version of a filibuster.

  2. blandly said,

    “So he is going to schedule an all night talking session, but has no idea what will be talked about. Is this organizational planning at its finest, or what?”

    What? You want him to actually do something? This is doing something, if he can pull this off it will be the most he has done. Just more games. Odd that when a report comes in that could be looked upon as positive these idiots come up with all sorts of horror stories.

    “Workmen will set up cots…” Want to impress me even slightly? Set up your own cots!!!

    “How is this different from any other senate session?” They may actually be there.


  3. Evrviglnt said,

    The senators are pulling an all nighter? Their wives certainly won’t know the difference, since I’m sure most of them have cots in their offices for strategy sessions with their favorite intern!

    What a joke. What a sad, pathetic joke.

  4. micky2 said,

    Anyone ever seen The Breakfast Club ?
    The outcome is seemingly very predictable. I’m placing my bets on our guys.
    Seeing as how the majority of this Congress has already proven that they can’t do six things in six months, I’m not too worried.

  5. mammalicious said,

    The whole thing is just stupid — except I’ll bet it has more to do with Dem fundraising than anything else. These sorts of stunts are designed to make the Liberal Cash Cow Contributors think they are actually getting something for their money.

    In fact, I’d be willing to bet the whole idea was born from some huge lib contributor who just likes to watch his puppets perform.

    They are idiots.

  6. micky2 said,

    I would love to be a fly on the wall of that room with all the cots in it.
    With my little cell cam.

  7. dakotaranger said,

    To bad the Senate doesn’t just close down until everyone can just get along.

    If it wasn’t hurting our National Security, I’d be happy to see the Senate not do anything meaningful.

  8. J.G. Rivers said,

    “Now as for this slumber party, picture former prisoner of war John McCain going to Harry Reid and saying, “You know, I was held in captivity, beaten and tortured for six years, but I have never been treated this roughly. I cannot handle staying up this late. I will vote however you want.””

    This line had me laughing out loud! Brilliant! Thanks blacktygrrr!

    p.s. As far as that link exchange goes, let’s do it. Your already listed on mine!

    J.G. Rivers

  9. biffmagma said,

    “We are in a global War on Terror. That war has taken us to Iraq.”

    This is simply not true. The facts do not support this assertion. The invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with the war on terror. If it does now it is because the Administration has just about finished completing a failed state where, as in Afghanistan, all sorts of bad actors can move about freely.

    “Although the soldiers and their commanders keep telling us that we are succeeding, liberals in the media insist we are failing. Successful missions do not sell newspapers.”

    This is also not true. If you pay attention, opinions among the troops vary quite widely. As for what the commanders say, well, when they’ve said things in the past that W didn’t like, they were canned. That accounts for any portrayals of “success.”

  10. micky2 said,

    So now it appears that the Dems didnt get there way.
    So what they do ? they pull the whole defense bill.
    Its like “Chucky” problem child.
    And these babies throwing tantrums are going to be there for 3 1/2 more years ?

  11. micky2 said,

    We went to Iraq with the mindset that we were not going to wait to have our ass’s handed to us again.
    911 lead us to stop being so complacent. And to approach percieved threats before they blossom.
    So was the case with Saddam.

    As far as the media goes, I am in contact daily with Marines that have been on 2 or 3 tours already , and most of them tell me to MY FACE that the media only gets it right 20% of the time. We are progressing. But its like 3 steps forward and 2 back. And each one of them tells me how full of crap the media is.
    I have been hearing pretty much the same thing from our boy’s for the last year.

  12. biffmagma said,

    micky2 says:

    “We went to Iraq with the mindset that we were not going to wait to have our ass’s handed to us again.
    911 lead us to stop being so complacent. And to approach percieved threats before they blossom.
    So was the case with Saddam.”

    This is delusional. The facts simply do not bear this out. Saddam was no threat to the US. There were no WMD. His military was broken. Every rationale the Administration gave (I lost count) has blown up in their faces and been proven wrong.

  13. biffmagma said,

    “As far as the media goes…”

    My sister-in-law was part of the CPA. The contrast between when she arrived and left was striking. And the comparison was not positive.

  14. Let’s Not Forget Other Costs in the Recent Democrat Off-Broadway Production « DeMediacratic Nation at WordPress said,

    […] the sleepover took place and the theatrics were going full bore sans fireworks, while the Democrats or Reid’s […]

  15. micky2 said,

    You’re basing your arguement after the fact. Anyone can do that.
    Understand me if you can; We went there on a percieved threat.
    Saddam was hiding his cards, so we came to the conclusion that he had something to hide. What would you do if your opponent wouldnt take his hands out of his pockets and then empty them ? Our actions were justified based on his relyctance to co operate
    What is delusional, is the people that keep saying what you say.
    If these people could count past 3 it would put them at peace.

  16. micky2 said,

    I feel like Abbot trying to explain to Costello ” Who’s on first “

  17. mdvp said,

    Hey, eric, haven’t checked in in a while, looks like the blog is coming very nicely. I liked Lieberman the best during the whole thing.

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