Michael Vick–When heroes fall

July 26, 2007 at 5:10 pm (POLITICS, SPORTS)

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has been indicted on federal charges of dogfighting and conspiracy. It is my hope that while this case is attracting passion from many people, that those same people will take deep breaths, step back, and let the process work itself out.




  1. micky2 said,

    Maybe those are so quick to judge could learn something from the Kobe case.
    What he went through was horrible, lets not see that happen again.

  2. Marquis said,

    A fallen hero indeed.

  3. connie grace said,

    I am horrified by the fact that humans do such things to animals who trust us. I think Michael Vick should me subject to the same brutalilty. He’s a pig!!!

  4. connie grace said,

    I cannot beleive you idiots who idolize creeps for the sake of sports. To say that Michael Vick is still a ‘hero’ is so… well…’not right’! How can you justify 2 dogs (who otherwise would probably like each other) being shoved to fight! I think Michael Vick as a ‘small man problem’ as does every…JOCK who agrees with him. The operative word is “Cialis”. You have 36 hours. Go Figure!!

  5. micky2 said,

    connie grace.
    Please tell me how you know that Michael Vicks has commited the crime he is accused of when the trial has not even started ?
    Why such venom when you dont know any more of the facts than the rest of the world ?
    People like you are the reason he will be tried in the media and found guilty before he sets foot in court.
    You are just as disgusting as the claims you make against Vicks.
    Would you just as soon execute someone before he is found guilty of murder ?
    I wiil wait. And if Vicks is found guilty, I will be one of the first ones on this planet to wish he gets everything he deserves.

  6. Manny_Calavera said,

    [quote]Now his multimillion dollar salary, his football career, and perhaps even his freedom, might be gone for good. If he is guilty, he deserves to lose it all. However, the process must play itself out.[/quote]

    I agree with most of your post but in fairness he has received $61,910,630 in salary and bonuses that cannot be reclaimed by the team. The whopping $350,000 fine represents 12 days worth of wages. This does not include any endorsements as I was too lazy to look them up. So, he won’t be broke.

    His career may be over but that’s just too bad. If he did the crime I have no sympathy for his lost career. If I commit a felony I could lose my job too. He’ll just have to find other work like any other poor schlub. Or maybe spend his days counting the interest on his millions.

    If he is exonerated he will be on the field again next year and may even be paid the $6 million he is supposed to be given this year. So shed no tears for him on that account.

    Prison may take up to 6 years of his life (one year on the dogfighting and five on the gambling). Time off for behavior puts him out in four years at the ripe old age of 31. If there IS anyone higher in the chain then he can strike a deal to get them and therefore his sentence will be reduced.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that the Feds have a 95% conviction rate. That makes me think that, after a 6-week investigation, they have him dead to rights. But we’ll see. I say let justice run it’s course and lets keep the cameras out of the courtroom. No OJ circus for me, thanks.

  7. connie grace said,

    Mickey2: Do you honestly think Michael Vick would be in the trouble he is today if there was not strong evidence he committed (or at least knew of the crimes against these defenseless animals? I didn’t fall off the banana boat yesterday … and yes…I would execute someone if I found him holding a ‘smoking gun’ over a dead body and all the evidence pointed to ‘guilty’.. He is after all an NFL star, do you really think anyone…would pursue a case against him if not faced with overwhelming evidence?

    People like me are not the reason celebs like him are found guiltly before they go to court. No… you are wrong…people like me are tired of hearing about those celebs with obvious problems. I’m tired of the Lindsey Lohan’s, the Brittany’s, the Paris Hiltons, the Michael Vicks…I’m ready to hear about the real heroes…the Tom Hanks …the Meg Ryans…the for God sake, people who are in the public eye and live good lifes…(at least those who don’t drink and drive drunk and encourage dogs to kill each other). Those who deserve ‘air time’.

    As for Vicks…I hope to God he is not being falsely accused…and I am with you. I do not trust the media, however, I’m tired of the dysfunction of those we hold to high esteem. I am tired of those who assume innocence because the accused is a ‘star’.

    Take solice in the fact you’ll probably never have to step up to the plate ’cause his NFL team of attorney’s will prevail. Isn’t it comfortable to wait?

  8. micky2 said,

    regretfully I will reply to connie grace { no connection to nancy ? }

    You are pre judgemental, period. Plain and simple.
    You are entitle to your beliefs, as we all are.
    But if your mentallity prevailed in this country threre would be no reason for a court system.
    Hows this for an example?;
    I think that that you are an insecure woman who has never had a man, or hates the few that she has ever met. You are an evil , mean and nasty incompassionate and frigide excuse for a woman.
    Now , I dont know much about you other than the example by the post you left.
    Is it fair for me to say those things about you ?
    I am a dog owner and lover. Dog fighting is popular here in Hawaii. And I hate the bastards that have anything to do with it. And when I see them often with there dogs that have the scars from battle. I would love more than anything to sick my 135 pound Great Dane on his ass.
    But if I did that, I would be no better than you for assuming that just because he had the dog with him, he was guilty.

    If were to perform guilt by association what should you be associated with ?
    Do really think you can justify your comments wthout a shred of evidence ?
    You know nothing about Brittany, Linsey, Paris or Michael Vicks other than what you hear on the tube.
    I hope you can realize that.

  9. arclightzero said,

    Sadly, I err on the side of assuming guilt here. I know it is certainly wrong of me, but then again, I think that trials these days are more of an excuse to hire very expensive lawyers who are good at finding technicalities and loopholes with which to exploit and get guilty people off the hook. I have very little faith in the criminal justice system these days, namely because so many people involved – from judges to prosecutors to lawyers – are activists who would rather shrug off the law than do the right thing.

    Does Vick deserve a fair trial? Of course he does, but so long as it is fair. I’m sorry, with the evidence they have against this guy, a 3-year old prosecutor and a jury of chimpanzees could find this guy guilty, despite his “not guilty” plea. In a case like this the court’s job should be to determine “how” guilty he actually is, but I fear that this will be a big money, game-show smoke and mirror case where the million dollar lawyers come in and work to convince the jury that Vick was secretly working for NASA and was actually on Mars during the time at which the crime was supposed to have taken place.

    Is there a chance that Vick is innocent? Sure, of course there is. It’s possible but not probable. It’s what happens when you’re caught red handed, which it certainly seems that he was…

  10. arclightzero said,

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the reason my faith is so diminished is because I have spent too much time recently posting on the needless deaths of people at the hands of criminals who were on the streets due to errors or just plain incompetence of the justice system.

  11. connie grace said,

    I am sorry it was distasteful for you to reply to me. (There, it was a real stretch for me to apologize.)

    I was surprised to learn dog fighting is popular in Hawaii. News to me. You accused me of being pre-judgmental..you are right!!! My vision of Hawaii is of beautiful people dressed in flowered clothing sipping on fruitty drinks adorned with paper umbrellas, snacking on pineapples while roasting whole pigs in holes in the ground, swaying to the island music while watching sunsets over the Pacific. Oh God…I can’t believe this! How did you attain this knowledge that dog fighting is popular? Surely it can’t be so!!! Have you witnessed a staged dog fight, is your knowledge based on heresay or intelligent observation of the evidence such things occur? Since I myself have never visited Hawaii (but would love to) forgive me for choosing to ‘stick my head in a distasteful place’ and hold onto my wonderful visions of Hawaii and its people. AND since I have never been there, I confess I am pre-judgemental.

    As for your other judgements of me, you’re almost ‘right on the money’!

    I will assume your statement ‘never had a man’ is referring to an intimate relationship, marriage or a similar experience. You are correct…I have never ‘had a man’.

    As for the other adjectives, i.e. evil, mean, nasty, incompassionate etc..YEP.
    I confess:

    Once at a party (when I was a teenager) I placed a condom over the exhaust pipe on my best friends Volkswagon.
    It was an evil, nasty, WICKED (I’ll throw that word in) thing to do. I showed absolutely no compassion when everyone at the party laughed when he started the engine.
    Thank goodness I avoided prosecution, public ridicule, tremendous attorney fees not to speak of a lifetime of humiliation for my crime. No one thought to disassemble the vending machine in the mens room of a truck stop and take my fingerprint from the quarter I used to purchase the condom. Lucky for me.

    Wow…I feel better. Confessions free the soul.

    As for the woman part…well currently I am not a woman. I suppose with a pile of money and the right surgeon that could be a true statement. I am happy with my gender.

    I am pleased to hear you curse dog fighting. We’re not fair apart in our opinions and I hope Michael Vick (an icon to alot of fans and children) is innocent of these serious allegations. You are a good person Mickey2.

  12. connie grace said,

    To ArcLightZero:
    Kudos to you.

  13. micky2 said,

    Connie my assumptions of you were only meant as an example.

    In Hawaii we have just as many problems as any of the other 49 states.
    We have cultural blend here that requires a lot more tolerance than would be required any place else. We are 2nd or 3rd when it comes to crystal meth use, we have chicken fighting, dog fighting.Plenty of traffic and crime.
    Part of the filipino community still eats dogs as part of their culture. Last week I reported what was suspected to be a dog being raised for this purpose. The preferable dog to dine on is the black dog. This dog is black { beautiful labrador } and had been in a Filipino mans back yard , tied up to a small hut for almost a couple years. I asked the neighbor if she thougt that was any way to treat a pet. The neighbor said; ” I dont think its a pet “. { I knew what that meant } So I called the SPCA , today I will be checking back.
    As far as my knowledge of dog fighting goes. I have first hand knowledge of and personal contact with gangsta wanna be punks who raise pitt bulls with the purpose of fighting them for money. Its every where, and probably more prevalent than it is on the mainland. I think we have more pitt bulls here than any other state. It’s like a status symbol of some sort. And yes, I have walked in on two dog fights in my life. But choose to say nothing because I have a family and the community here is small, you dont know who to trust.
    The case against Vicks does not look good. The evidence stacked up so far is probably not going to help him at all.
    But we seem to living in a world where its O.K. to throw out accusations without being able to prove them. Especially within our goverment. Jumping to conclusions, name calling and false accusations are beggining to wear me thin.
    So excuse if I get a little worked up when people come out off the line saying a bunch of things that really have no merit, yet.
    I too am guilty of contempt prior to investigation. I forgot that a man can actually go by the name of Connie.
    See what happens when we open our yaps without having all the facts ?

  14. connie grace said,

    Mickey2: I stand corrected. Normally, I don’t make such venomous statements. I applaud you for your courage to remain neutral when angry. I am not such a tough guy. Believe it or not, I do ‘small kindnesses’ for animals and people.

    Small Story: I am totally allergic to pets (the hair, the dander, dogs, cats). I had a pit bull puppy show up at my door on a stormy night. I feed him, gave him water…I tried to resist. I tried to ignore him. I wanted him to go away! Bottom line…the best friend I ever had. I only showed him love and affection and amazingly he returned the courtesy. Unfortunately and most regrettably, when I was on vacation, the ‘come once a day and feed to dog’ caregiver let him out. He was killed on the street. He was a good and loving pet.

    Now I have 2 feral cats and a possum (they live outside of course). I’ve taken the cats to the vet for shots , neutering and checkups. Still working on the possum. Go figure. I apologize for venom of my previous statements. I’m not an animal activist, a tree hugger or left winger… however, I would help anyone or anything. Thanks for your patience with me. I was wrong in venting.

  15. micky2 said,

    Its cool,
    You have never experienced me in the past. But I am constantly apologizing for jumping the gun. I believe we are passionate people who mean well and get frustrated when we are not understood or heard.
    Take care my friend.
    { Aloha !}

  16. connie grace said,

    Aloha! We can be friends! I’ll be quite from now on…

  17. connie grace said,

    sorry not ‘quite’ but ‘guiet’.

  18. micky2 said,

    Hope to hear from you again

  19. The Crawfish said,

    Mike Vick, while an outstanding running back (and an average at best quarterback), has been, like his brother Marcus, a punk beeotch from the get-go. He’s a thug like the rest of his homies from Va Tech and Atlanta. I was not surprised in the least when these allegations came out. Many of the Falcon players have 5 or more pit bulls, and there’s only one reason for that. Looks like Va Tech is the new U of Miami when it comes to producing criminals and those who have no clue about sportsmanship.

    Goodell has been doing a great job to reign in the outta control jungle rules attitude present in many of today’s athletes. I wish he’d go a bit farther. How about enforcing some safety rules in the league. It used to be mandatory to have hip pads, thigh pads, knee pads, and pants that extended below the knees. Now the wideouts and DBs wear helmets, shoulder pads, jerseys, socks, cleats, and long shorts. I’d like to see a rule that hair is not to protrude more than 1.5 inches from the helmet. I’m surprised that the clothing retailers haven’t screamed for this already, since the long braids cover the name on some jerseys. I’m just waiting for one of those longhair freaks to be running down the sidelines when some lineman reached out and grabs him by the hair and causes a serious neck injury.

  20. Robe said,

    Hmm, always thought your site was logical, insightful and particularly thought provoking. Good that you can be non-judgemental when it comes to that piece of trash by the name of Vick. All because he is such a great football player. Tacky to even compare Vick with Bryant. Waaay different situation. Sorry you are so willing to give a pass on such overwhelming evidence. I am taking my reading elsewhere. I need a long shower to wash away your logic.

  21. Manny_Calavera said,

    Robe: I believe he means “Wait and see.”

    Duke Lacross team
    Michael Irvin
    Kobe Bryant
    Richard Jewell (Olympic Park bombing suspect)

    All tried and convicted before the trial due to “overwhelming evidence”. All had charges dropped, not plea bargained down (Ray Lewis) or found responsible (OJ in the civil suit).

    If Vick commited these crimes, and I think he did, we should still let the law run it’s course. There are many people out there who would have gladly put Kobe or the Dukies away for 20 years. People wanted Richard Jewell to be strung-up immediately. “The Oxbow Incident” comes to mind.

    Saying “Everybody step back, and let the process work.” is NOT giving a pass.

  22. leftistmoon said,

    Oh for crying out loud, there is NO such word as “prejudgemental.” You either are or are not judgmental, meaning have prejudged. Judgmental denotes prejudgment.

    Interesting, interesting – Eric. Even though I’m not a fan of football, I have heard of Michael Vick and his apparently godlike qualities in football. I have nephews!

  23. leftistmoon said,

    Oh for crying out loud, there is NO such word as “prejudgemental.” You either are or are not judgmental, meaning having prejudged. Judgmental denotes prejudgment.

    Interesting, interesting – Eric. Even though I’m not a fan of football, I have heard of Michael Vick and his apparently godlike qualities in football. I have nephews!

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